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5 Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

5 Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

For “women of a certain age,” makeup can be a powerful beauty enhancer or a dead giveaway of age-related skin issues. These five tips can help you maximize your makeup, offering living proof that 50 is indeed the new 30.

  1. Choose the Right Foundation and Concealer

While you might have skipped concealer and foundation in your 20s and into your 30s, it’s a valuable tool as you grow older. Concealer serves as a your most important tool to even out skin tone, brighten up your under eye area and camouflage general discoloration and sun spots. Go for a shade that’s closest to your natural skintone shade. We recommend our Organic Infused Perfecting Under Eye Concealer to brighten up under eye areas. This amazingly emollient concealer can also double as a spot concealer when applied with our Professional Vegan Concealer Brush.

Using the right foundation for your skin tone is the ideal next step after spot applying concealer. The right foundation can further brighten and even out your skin tone without looking cakey or heavy., Unfortunately, not all foundation is created equally. Heavy, synthetic chemical-laden foundation can weigh down skin and actually put on years as opposed to taking them away. For the most natural results, choose a product that blends well, along with the right tools for a flawless application. Our Organic Infused Mineral Foundation was specifically formulated to offer buildable coverage. It’s infused with certified organic botanicals which offer all day moisture to hydrate dry skin.

  1. Stick with SPF

Today’s beauty products are marvelously multitasking. One essential component for women looking to safeguard their skin from future damage? Sun protection. We recommend our own Organic Infused Foundation, which offers everything you need in a foundation, including chemical-free SPF 20.

  1. Open Up Your Eyes

While eyeliner is one of the most effective ways to brighten up your face, you’re not realizing its full benefits if you’re only lining the bottom of your eyes. Makeup artists swear by lining both top and bottom for an automatic, non-surgical “eyelift.” Apply as close to your lash line as possible, beginning at the outer corner and working inward. For an elegant look we recommend the eyeliner technique called ‘tightlining’ which simply entails applying a deeper eyeshadow shade to the lash line with a brush. Simply dip our Professional Vegan Angled Liner Brush in a deep eye shadow shade such as our Organic Infused Eco Eye Shadow in the graphite grey shade ‘Etch’.  

  1. Get a Blush Boost

While potential beauty blunders abound when it comes to blush, its beautifying benefits far outweigh the negatives. Select the right shade by matching the color to your natural blush. (Our trick? Pinch your cheeks for an automatic flush.) And while many women mistakenly apply blush below the cheekbones in an attempt to contour, a higher placement — beginning at the top of the “apple,” of your cheek and blending upward and back — delivers an age-defying “lift.”

  1. Brow Power

Whether your eyebrows have naturally thinned with age or just succumbed to years of plucking, sparse brows can wash out your features. For full brows, choose a matte brow powder in the same shade as your hair, then gently fill in, following the natural line of your brow with an Angled Liner Brush. In fact, you might already have a product in your cosmetic bag that could easily double as a brow filler. Our two matte Organic Infused Eco Eye Shadow shades in Horizon and Still Life also double as a great natural brow filler.

And remember: plenty of cosmetics companies make claims about their products, but don’t stand behind them. Afterglow’s certified organic, natural anti-aging products are backed by our commitment to helping women of all ages look and feel their youthful best.

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