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7 Ways to Get Brighter Eyes

7 Ways to Get Brighter Eyes

Bright eyes indicate health and natural beauty. No matter the color, bright, vibrant eyes are striking on anyone. Many people strive to make their eyes stand out with every outfit that they pick, or specifically apply makeup to accentuate their eyes. Luckily, there are some easy tricks to make your eyes look brighter. Here are 7 ways to get brighter eyes for yourself.

Curl Your Eyelashes

One easy way to achieve more noticeable, brighter eyes every day is to curl your lashes consistently. It opens up your eyes and makes them look larger. Curling your upper lashes for a more wide-eyed appearance is a super simple two-step process. Make sure to curl your clean eyelashes before you apply any eye makeup, including mascara.

  1. Slip your upper lashes between the soft bumpers of the eyelash curler so the bumpers of the curler rest at the lash line just slightly away from your eyelid. The goal here is to create a bend in the middle of your lashes so they curl upward. This upward curler of your lashes visually opens up your eye and gives a clearer view of your beautiful irises.
  2. Once you have the curler in place, give the handle a few quick squeezes. Remember, your eyelashes are delicate. Don’t pull outward on the lashes while curling them! No death grips or severe pumps allowed, or you may lose lashes in the process! Be one with your lashes and observe how a few light pumps of your eyelash curler is generally sufficient to create a beautiful upward curl.

Once you’ve achieved that gorgeous curl it’s time to apply mascara. To make your eyes pop, even more, you can put mascara on your top and bottom lashes. Again, make sure to curl your lashes before you apply mascara. If you curl your lashes after you apply your mascara you risk the very uncomfortable possibility that you will yank out your eyelashes with the eyelash curler as mascara-coated lashes can easily stick to the curler bumpers.

We offer a lovely eyelash curler in our Complete Brush & Tool Set here.

Apply Natural Mascara

It may sound odd that applying natural mascara could help you achieve brighter eyes. However, consider how color contrast frames and object and makes the object in the frame pop. Your lash line and lashes are the frame of your eyes and darkening them will create a more intense frame to draw attention to your eyes and eye color. Even if you wear very little makeup, adorning your lashes with a few coats of mascara can make a dramatic difference in your appearance.

Sweep three coats of our Pure Soul Mascara on your upper eyelashes in a zig-zag motion starting from the base of the lashes. Move from eye to eye between coats of mascara to give each coat a moment to dry. This prevents clumping. Very lightly hit your lower lash line once as well if you desire.

Define Your Eyebrows

Though not directly associated with your eyes, eyebrows definitely play a part in how your eyes look. Weak, thin eyebrows can take some of the impact away from your eyes. Define and fill out your eyebrows with a powder to give you brighter eyes that are the most striking part of your face through beautiful framing. Using a powder to fill in your brows generally looks more natural. Choose a matte eyeshadow or eyebrow powder that is the same shade as your eyebrows or very subtly darker. Use an angled liner cosmetic brush to gently fill in the thin spots in your brows. We offer an amazing Brow Kit bundle.

Use Natural Under Eye Concealer

Unfortunately, many of us develop dark circles under our eyes, especially after long nights. Dark circles will make your eyes look tired. Achieve brighter eyes with the sweep on your finger. Use some creamy concealer to cover up the dark circles and your eyes will seem brighter and more vivid. Try a creamy, light-reflecting concealer for the most effective coverage. Choose a shade that is as close to your skin tone or slightly lighter. Experiment with both shades to see which works best for you. We suggest our Perfecting Under Eye Concealer to fake it ‘till ya make it!

Naturally and Thoroughly Remove Makeup

To have brighter eyes, you must maintain your eyelashes. Leaving heavy makeup on can do damage to your lashes, making them dry and brittle. Gently and thoroughly clean your eyelashes. Remove eye makeup before washing your face in the evening. Mascara is generally best dissolved with an oil based eye makeup remover. The easiest, cheapest and most natural way to remove makeup is with a natural oil like coconut oil or olive oil.

It’s simple. Just put a quarter size amount of natural oil in the palm of your hand, dip your fingers into the oil and massage your fingers into your closed eye area. This message will loosen up your eye makeup. Now, take a cotton ball, cosmetic pad or soft toilet paper and wipe away the oily makeup mess. Now wash your face. Washing your face should whisk away any remaining residue around your eyes. If you still notice some lingering eye makeup, simply dip a cotton swab into the oil and gently sweep it away.

While you are removing your makeup, always be gentle. It can be difficult to completely wash off eye makeup and people often get impatient and aggressively rub their eyes to remove the makeup. This can do serious damage to your lashes, the very delicate skin around your eyes and your eyes themselves. It is important to have a light touch whenever you are caring for areas around your eyes.

Apply a Natural Eye Mask

Apply an eye mask every week for brighter eyes. It deeply nourishes, rejuvenates, and protects the area around your eyes. You can purchase natural eye masks or create your own from natural ingredients. Many DIY eye mask recipes consist of simple ingredients you have around the house such as cucumber, which cools and calms the skin. These are often the healthiest, most natural options for eye masks.

For most masks, leave it on for only five to ten minutes before gently wiping it away with a damp cloth. Eye masks will prevent wrinkling and dry, red skin, making you look younger and your eyes look brighter. We love the fun DIY natural eye mask suggestions in this video (just use something to set them on other than tinfoil!).

Use Eye-Specific Makeup Strategies

Makeup can accentuate many different parts of the face. One of our favorite makeup strategies for brighter eyes is highlighting two specific eye areas. Using light pink or cream color eyeshadow to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of your eyes will make your eyes look larger, brighter and more awake. We recommend you experiment highlighting right under your brow with our Infused Eco Eye Shadow in the cream shade Vellum and the corners of your eyes in the same Vellum shade or the light pink shade Feather.



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