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How to Apply: Natural Mineral Blush

Mineral Blush Makeup Application Tutorial Video

Today I’m going to show you the basics of applying our Infused Mineral Blush for a natural look.

I’m a big fan of blush and subtle rosy cheeks.

The color lifts the face and gives it dimension.

When you apply foundation you do even out your skin tone, but you also cover up your skin’s natural flush of vitality.

Reintroduce that goodness to your cheeks by applying natural mineral blush. Just a little… not too much.

This natural pressed natural mineral blush is formulated with some amazing certified organic botanical ingredients like calendula, rose petal and thyme to soothe and nurture the skin.

Make sure you choose the right shade of blush for your skin tone. We have a color profile shade finder on our website, that will help you find the right blush shade for your skin tone.

Today, I’ll be applying a natural blush shade called Tickle.

I have my Vegan Blush Brush here and the blush shade Tickle.

The correct cosmetic brush is important because it picks up and applies the powder in the right concentration and applies it to the right area of your face.

The beauty of our natural mineral blushes is that they are supernatural shades with buildable color.

You’ll want to start subtly and gradually build that intensity you’re looking for.

Don’t take this blush stuff so seriously, if you make a mistake you can always wipe it off.

Let’s do this!

First, find your cheekbones. Place your thumb right above your ear and your pinky finger below your nostril.

That line is your cheekbone line and we’re going to follow it when applying blush.

We are going to be applying the blush to the temple area in circular motions, towards the outside area of your iris along that line.

Now, gently pick up your blush with that blush brush and start applying it in circular motions starting at the temple along the cheekbone line.

Do not stripe or apply directly on that line.

Blush should be blended in circular motions.

Again, on the other side, bring the natural mineral blush powder into the temple and no further than the outside of your iris.

If you have a very narrow face and want to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, find the apples of your cheeks without smiling and apply.

Now you know the basics of applying blush!

I love to finish off my mineral foundation application with a sweep of our Infused Mineral Setting Powder for a soft, candle-lit finish.

Check out how I apply our Infused Mineral Setting Powder in this video!

Thanks for watching!

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