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How to Apply: Natural Under Eye Concealer

Natural Under Eye Concealer Makeup Application Tutorial Video

In this video, I show you all the ways you can use our best-selling natural under eye concealer, our organic infused Perfecting Under Eye Concealer.

It easily conceals dark under eye circles and brightens up your entire eye area.

This amazing, naturally creamy concealer has great coverage. It’s also formulated with delish organic ingredients like organic coconut oil and organic cocoa butter, that multitask to moisturize those peepers all day long.

As an under eye treatment, this unique formula includes our proprietary blend of certified organic botanicals, like organic marshmallow extract and white tea extract.

These natural ingredients are known for their ability to brighten the appearance of the under eye area and reduce the appearance of puffiness…

Let’s begin!


Select the shade that’s closest to your skin tone. In this video, I’m using the shade SHORTCAKE.

If you don’t find an exact match, select the next lightest shade.

Before you dive into your makeup application…

Pause for a moment.

The act of applying makeup can be the perfect moment for mindfulness, self-love, and gratitude.

The skin around your eyes is especially delicate…and should be treated with care.

Use this moment as you’re applying your concealer to thank those beautiful eyes that have witnessed and felt so much…

and send yourself a burst of love and gratitude for your resilient, beautiful body.

Ok – let’s get started!

It’s hard to mess this one up… even if you’re technically still asleep.

Just make sure to avoid your eyelashes… this concealer contains oils and can make your mascara difficult to adhere to and might cause your mascara to smudge.

This natural under eye concealer is made with a base of organic oils and butters, so you’ll want to first warm it up with your finger.

Swirl your ring finger in the concealer.

Lightly pat it onto the dark areas under your eyes. Continue to dab to gently blend out.

Less is more.

There’s no need to apply this to areas under your eye that aren’t dark.

If you have crepiness or bags under your eyes but no discoloration, do not apply to those areas.

Now take it to another level.

Pop a bit of concealer on your upper eyelid to brighten your lid to the brow bone. This will serve as a wonderful base in preparation for your eyeshadow application.

Those with dry, mature skin may also use this product also double-times as an overall face concealer. If you’re acne prone, you’ll want to stick to the eye area on with this one as the cream oils and butters may be too emollient to use as an all over face concealer. 

Using a brush to touch up around the nose, touch up redness, spot conceal and brighten up the corners of your mouth.  

With a clean vegan concealer brush, gently set this natural under eye concealer with a very, very small amount of our organic Infused Setting Powder in Translucent.

Now you know how to look like a well rested human being! Thanks for watching!

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