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The Best Foundation for Oily Skin

The Best Foundation for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you know what a challenge it can be to keep your face from shining throughout the day. What’s worse, many traditional foundations “slip off” your skin or break down after a couple of hours of wear, leaving you with a very unpleasant, patchy look. There are, however, some excellent foundation choices out there that actually perform the way you need them to, keeping your complexion picture perfect all day long.

Why Foundations Fail Oily Skin

It’s easy to understand why most basic foundations fail with your specific type of oily skin and why they are not really the foundations for oily skin. You don’t get good results by adding oil on top of oil! Many top foundation brands are liquid and often oil-based, so the moisture compounds over time and breaks down the coverage on your face. You’ll notice the telltale signs of foundation breakdown asyour natural skin’s sebum overtakes your failing foundation and you see tiny openings above your pores.

Ironically, if you go in the other direction with your foundation choices you may experience another common problem as certain foundations strip the oils off your face. Contrary to what you might think, removing all the moisture from your foundation will make your skin even oilier over time as your skin attempts to over compensate for the lack of moisture. Your pores will compensate for the dryness by producing more oil, leading to faster degradation of your makeup and potentially a ruined day.

A third reason foundations fail actually has more to do with your skin’s sensitivity to cosmetic ingredients. Cosmetic ingredient sensitivity can also lead to oiliness. Many traditional foundations include potentially irritating ingredients. Your skin’s response is, naturally, to try to self-protect and react. As a result, you’ll see more oil, breakouts, redness, and irritation.

 The Infused Mineral Foundation Difference

Afterglow Infused mineral foundation is truly the perfect answer if you have oily skin. Natural mineral foundation is formulated with minimal natural ingredients that offer color, coverage and SPF protection without the myriad of additional ingredients found in traditional foundation your skin may react to. You’re not adding to the problem, which means your skin can breathe more easily instead of exacerbating oil production.

Another benefit of infused mineral foundation for oily skin is that natural mineral foundations won’t strip your face of your skin’s own moisture. The minerals rest on your face more gently and the additional botanicals infused into the minerals offer the right amount of moisture and nourishment to keep your complexion fresh. Your skin won’t need to produce extra moisture to compensate for a complicated traditional cosmetic formula, so over time you may actually see a more visibly balanced complexion. Instead of a mid-day oil slick, you get flawless coverage.

The biggest advantage of infused mineral foundation is that it’s entirely synthetic chemical free. You’re not taking any risks with what you’re putting on your face or dabbling in the unknown ingredients in traditional foundation formulas. Using a simple mineral foundation instead of acomplex traditional foundation formula could help prevent breakouts, redness, and other skin issues. With continued use you’ll likely experience healthier skin overall.

 The Best Foundation for Oily, Acne Prone Skin

Acne is a side effect of oily skin. Sebum and debris build up in your pores, creating irritations and blemishes. Adding more oils or irritating synthetic chemicals can plug up your skin even faster. Infused mineral foundations are gentle and natural, so you don’t have to worry about adding to your acne. Many women report their significant clearing when they rely on these vegan mineral foundations instead of traditional liquid foundation brands.

Application Tips

In the past, primers and cleansers were fairly limited in what they could do. Now, there are plenty of products designed to smooth and prep your skin, even if you have an oily complexion. It’s important to look for specially-tailored versions of natural cleansers and silicone-free primers so they can remove excess oil, and balance your skin’s pH without stripping your skin completely and smooth your appearance without adding extra oils.

Another important part of using an infused mineral foundation for oily skin is applying it with the right brush. Even if your face is prepped, you won’t see the best results if you don’t apply the mineral foundation fully and evenly. The best brush for applying infused mineral foundation is a vegan kabuki brush. The soft, dense bristles will pick up just the right amount of powder and apply it in light, even layers for the most natural look.

Don’t let your oily or acne prone skin keep you from getting the beautiful, flawless results you want. Infused mineral foundation is a great way to naturally look and feel fantastic all day, every day.

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