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Foundation for Sensitive Skin: Natural Mineral Foundation

Foundation for Sensitive Skin - Natural Mineral Foundation

Are you still on the quest for the best foundation for your sensitive skin? Finding the right foundation for sensitive skin can be quite a challenge. Many traditional foundations include so many ingredients it can be difficult to narrow down the root cause of your irritation and truly know what to eliminate from your beauty routine. Many women with sensitive skin simply give up using foundation all together out of pure frustration. If you have sensitive skin, continuously using the wrong foundation can result in cyclical breakouts, dryness, redness, itching, and other problems. The good news is that there are some wonderful options that will provide you beautiful coverage throughout the day without harming or irritating your unique skin.

Sensitive Skin Issues

 Traditional makeup presents a lot of problems for people with sensitive skin. The best foundations for sensitive skin are formulated with the less is more philosophy and focus on the most gentle natural and mineral based ingredients.

 If you’ve ever used a foundation and experienced acne, burning, itching, or dryness, you know how much it can ruin your day. If you have extra-sensitive skin, you also know that you can have problems with products even if they’re fine for your family and friends.

 Often traditional foundations are oil based, use specific petrochemical derived ingredients or synthetic chemicals and metals such as Silicone, Dimethicone and Bismuth oxychloride which can exacerbate skin irritations. Sensitive skin may react strongly to the presence of these ingredients.

 Having sensitive skin can also lead to wasting a lot of money on foundations that don’t work for you as you go through the process of elimination towards the best foundation for your skin. You’ve probably been through countless bottles of “hypoallergenic” or “gentle” formulas only to find that you’re still intolerant. The more brands you try to use the more of your hard-earned dollars you’re wasting.

 Why Natural Mineral Foundation is the Best Foundation for Sensitive Skin

 Infused mineral foundations are the answer you’ve been searching for to give you the finish, color and coverage you desire with minimal, gentle ingredients. Infused mineral foundation also gives you the secondary nourishing and skin conditioning benefit of gentle, non-comedogenic botanicals that will help reduce the appearance of redness, oil and irritation. Synthetic preservatives found in cosmetics often irritate people with sensitive skin. Infused mineral foundation is a loose powder which means that is doesn’t need to be as heavily preserved as it’s liquid foundation counterpart. This translates into less ingredient exposure for you and likely less irritation as well!

 When you choose infused mineral foundation you don’t have to worry about those unexpected reactions from mystery makeup ingredients. Your skin will be able to breathe easily without sacrificing coverage. In fact, mineral foundation can actually improve the appearance of your skin over time. Consistent use can calm the appearance of dry, angry, red, burning, or itching skin as your face adjusts to the safe and natural ingredients.

 Mineral foundations are great for oil control, too. Heavier liquid and cream foundations can suffocate your skin with their own oils. Infused botanicals work with the foundation’s minerals sit on top of the skin without plugging or irritating pores and absorb excess oil without drying the skin.

 There’s another benefit to natural mineral foundation for sensitive skin: savings. You can dramatically scale back your makeup costs by sticking with one foundation. Infused mineral foundation lasts a very long time. The coverage is excellent and buildable, so you only use what you need. You also don’t have to worry about them drying out or smelling bad. You’ll stop wasting money on foundations that don’t suit your skin. Instead of trying brand after brand, you can finally have consistent, calm results every day.

Other Considerations

 It’s important to keep other skin products in mind that may be irritating your sensitive skin, not just foundations. Every makeup product, cleanser, primer, moisturizer, and makeup remover you use will have an effect on your face. Consider choosing more natural, synthetic chemical-free products to achieve the best results and reduce the stress on your skin and body. There’s no reason to let sensitivity keep you from achieving a beautiful look. Try infused mineral foundation for sensitive skin, and let a more confident you show through each and every day!

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