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Four Tips for Fab Summer Makeup

What can you sometimes get when you mix summer’s heat and makeup? A runny and unflattering mess! When the summer sun starts to sizzle our looks may start to fizzle. So what can you do? Luckily there are summer makeup products available to help you look your best, even when that heat starts bearing down….Read More »

Congratulations to our Earth Day Evolution winner!

Congratulations to Bebe, the winner of Afterglow Cosmetics’ Earth Day Evolution Contest! Read Bebe’s personal Evolution below. I bring my own tea and water from home, and have started using baking soda for cleaning pots, pans, and the sinks. I also use baking soda as a facial scrub and it really helps to shrink and…Read More »

The Devil You Know…

When I speak with people about my cosmetic line for the first time I am quick to point out exactly what makes Afterglow Cosmetics so unique. I generally talk about how we specifically formulate all our products to be as natural as possible, with an emphasis on the inclusion of certified organic botanicals. You’d think…Read More »

Happy Earth Week, Beauties!

If you’re anything like us, as April 22nd rolls around you start making a mental list of all the practices you plan on putting in place during your day, aimed at helping the Earth. Sadly, like New Year’s resolution, some of us tend to reach too high with grand visions of creating a more sustainable…Read More »


We get it, because we’ve been where you are today. You’re sitting thinking to yourself, what can I do to live a greener life? Where can you find truly natural products, what organic foods are best to eat, what sustainable practices should you start in your home? And most importantly, how can you do this…Read More »