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Color Crash Course

Color Crash Course

The temperature has risen and there are bold, inspirational colors everywhere. The trees have gained their gorgeous green hue; the flowers are blossoming in brilliant shades of orange, magenta, and yellow, while the birds are gliding by gracing us with vivid shades of royal blue and crimson.

What do you do when there are dazzling colors awakening your surroundings everywhere except your face? How do you know which shades are compatible for your skin tone?

  • Start small – If you are typically a person who doesn’t usually wear bold colors, start with the bare minimum and focus on one area of you face where you’d like
    to add color.
  • Find colors that work for you – Lots of people tend to shy away from the more brilliant shades because they feel they don’t work well on them. Our advice is to start with lighter and brighter colors like Mineral Eye Shadow in Sublime or Organic Satin Eye Shadow in Oasis. This will help you find what shades work well with your skin tone, without drawing too much attention.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with new shades – Once you have discovered what colors look good on you, try a few new ones in the same color family. If purple suits your complexion try magenta or fuchsia.
  • Highlight one area – When using bold colors focus on one area at a time. If you’re trying a bold pink lip with our Organic Lip Love Lipstick in Wink, downplay your eyes with a sheer layer of Mineral Eye Shadow in Whisper or Bare.
    If you want to try a bold eye, stick with a subtle lip using Organic Lip Love Lipstick in Afterglow.
  • Have fun – This is the most important tip to remember because your exterior is an extension of your personality. Do what feels good to you and don’t be afraid to express your individuality, after all, that’s where style is born.

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