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Easy Beauty! DIY Summer Toner

In Easy Beauty DIY posts our team will share our favorite organic and natural skin care concoctions you can create in your own kitchen! Today’s toner recipe comes from our favorite book, Organic Body Care Recipes written by Stephanie Tourles and is the perfect orange and rose summer toner, especially if you get a little…Read More »

Creative Sustainable DIY

Do you ever say to yourself “What Would Martha Stewart Do?” You might find this hard to believe, but I ask myself this question quite frequently. As a woman who loves to host themed parties and entertain house guest. I’m always looking for new and exciting craft ideas to spice up my home décor while…Read More »

Easy Option for Recycling Afterglow Containers!

Did you know you can recycle your empty Afterglow powder containers and lipstick tubes? Well you can! We uses #5 plastic in our loose powder and lipstick containers, which can now be recycled at participating Whole Foods as part of their Gimme5 Recycling Program. Find out today if your local Whole Foods is participating and…Read More »

H&M Adopts Sustainability

Organic clothing has recently reached a new level of style with H&M’s new Conscious Collection, constructed of environmentally adapted and green materials. It seems sustainability has been a long-term goal with H&M and with the use of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel, they have made strides past the normal standards of the natural lifestyle….Read More »

Sustainable Fashion in North Carolina

For the past three years Raleigh has turned a spotlight on sustainable fashion, bringing eco-friendly designers together for a weekend of sustainable events commencing with the signature Redress Raleigh Fashion Show. Since this sustainable event aims at exhibiting stylish clothing collections by designers who use recycled and remanufactured materials the Afterglow Team was thrilled to…Read More »

Congratulations to our Earth Day Evolution winner!

Congratulations to Bebe, the winner of Afterglow Cosmetics’ Earth Day Evolution Contest! Read Bebe’s personal Evolution below. I bring my own tea and water from home, and have started using baking soda for cleaning pots, pans, and the sinks. I also use baking soda as a facial scrub and it really helps to shrink and…Read More »

Happy Earth Week, Beauties!

If you’re anything like us, as April 22nd rolls around you start making a mental list of all the practices you plan on putting in place during your day, aimed at helping the Earth. Sadly, like New Year’s resolution, some of us tend to reach too high with grand visions of creating a more sustainable…Read More »


We get it, because we’ve been where you are today. You’re sitting thinking to yourself, what can I do to live a greener life? Where can you find truly natural products, what organic foods are best to eat, what sustainable practices should you start in your home? And most importantly, how can you do this…Read More »