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How to Apply: Natural Bronzer

Natural Bronzer Makeup Application Tutorial Video In this video, I’m going to show you what I like to call my “Perfect Day Bronzer Look” using our natural Infused Glow Bronzer. I love our bronzer because it gives my skin a healthy glow and luminescent dimension any time of the year. Anyone can use bronzer to boost…Read More »

How to Apply: Natural Calm Cover Concealer

Natural Calm Cover Concealer Makeup Application Tutorial Video In this video, I’m going to show you how to use our very special redness color corrector concealer, our Infused Calm Cover: Balancing Redness Solution. This concealer is a highly concentrated loose powder, with a special yellow tint that literally cancels out the appearance of redness caused…Read More »

How to Apply: Natural Under Eye Concealer

Natural Under Eye Concealer Makeup Application Tutorial Video In this video, I show you all the ways you can use our best-selling natural under eye concealer, our organic infused Perfecting Under Eye Concealer. It easily conceals dark under eye circles and brightens up your entire eye area. This amazing, naturally creamy concealer has great coverage….Read More »

Hypoallergenic Mineral Makeup: Allergy-Free and Beautiful

Are you still on the search for the best hypoallergenic makeup for your sensitive skin? Having sensitive, allergy-prone skin is hard. You must always be careful about the products you’re using on your skin to prevent painful and embarrassing reactions. You’ve probably also spent hours staring at labels trying to decode the long list of…Read More »

The Best Foundation for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you know what a challenge it can be to keep your face from shining throughout the day. What’s worse, many traditional foundations “slip off” your skin or break down after a couple of hours of wear, leaving you with a very unpleasant, patchy look. There are, however, some excellent foundation…Read More »

Foundation for Sensitive Skin: Natural Mineral Foundation

Are you still on the quest for the best foundation for your sensitive skin? Finding the right foundation for sensitive skin can be quite a challenge. Many traditional foundations include so many ingredients it can be difficult to narrow down the root cause of your irritation and truly know what to eliminate from your beauty…Read More »

Tips and Tricks from Top Makeup Artists

Concealing Acne: Tips and Tricks from Top Makeup Artists   If you’re like many women, you probably thought your skin problems would go away with your subscription to Teen Beat. Unfortunately, as we grow older we realize that issues like pimples, acne and breakouts continue to affect us well into our 20s, 30s, and beyond….Read More »

The 80-20 Rule for Beauty

Beauty and Pareto’s Principle While the words “economic theory” and “beauty products” aren’t often used in the same sentence, we’re getting academic today here at Afterglow. Read on to learn more about Pareto’s Principle, along with how applying it to your daily beauty routine can transform your skin, body, and entire beauty regimen. Examples of…Read More »

The Truth About Organic Beauty Brands

The Truth About Organic Beauty Brands   If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wondered at some point or another, “Is it really worth it to buy organic?” This is a common question when it comes to beauty products: after all, it’s not like you actually ingest your foundation or lip gloss. So does organic…Read More »

Are These Common Chemicals Hiding in Your Makeup Bag?

One of Shakespeare’s most memorable quotes involve Hamlet telling Horatio, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio/Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”  Sub out the word “things” for the word “chemicals,” and you’ve got the current state of conventional beauty products. Let’s count down three of the most troubling contaminants, where they’re…Read More »