Have any of your products ever been tested on animals?
Afterglow’s products have never been and will never be tested on animals. We also do not purchase ingredients for our products that have been tested on animals. We are Leaping Bunny Approved by the The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) and PETA.

Is mineral makeup hard to apply?
Afterglow minerals are very easy to apply with our Professional Vegan Kabuki Brush. Simply tap a small amount of powder in the lid of your container, swirl it up with the brush and sweep it on your face. It’s that easy!

What brushes do I need to apply Afterglow Cosmetics?
We suggest that you apply our Organic Infused Foundation with a dense soft bristle brush like our Professional Vegan Kabuki Brush. For application information on our other products, please visit the product information pages.

Why don’t you offer your products with one of those brushes attached?
While novel, mineral cosmetics that come with the brush attached make it impossible to actually clean your cosmetic brush effectively. We truly believe that you must keep your cosmetic brushes clean and free of bacteria and germs that it may pick up on your bathroom counter, in a cosmetic bag, or by being dropped on the floor. We highly recommend you clean your brushes twice a month to ensure that your tools are clean. This will help keep your complexion clean and your cosmetics from being contaminated.

Do your minerals have that unnatural ‘glowy’ sheen the other “bare mineral” brands do?
Absolutely not! A few popular mineral cosmetic lines mix a chemical called bismuth oxychloride into their products. Bismuth oxychloride leaves the products with a highly silky look and feel. Unfortunately, this chemical leaves a strange, undesirable “glowy” look to the skin. For more information about bismuth oxychloride and why we don’t use this ingredient in our products, click here.

I’ve tried a few other mineral brands and they made my skin itch! Why?
The majority of mineral cosmetics use the natural ingredient mentioned above, bismuth oxychloride, in their formulas. Though natural, it is known to make the skin itch. We do not use this ingredient in any of our products to ensure we eliminate this potential reaction.

Are your foundations heavy?
Afterglow foundations offer superior weightless coverage with a natural look and feel that is extremely light. Using our cosmetic brushes, our foundations apply without the heaviness normally associated with slathering on conventional full-coverage makeup. For spot coverage, use our Professional Vegan Concealer Brush and either our Organic Infused Aloe Concealer or Organic Infused Total Cover Concealer.

How easily do your powders blend?
We suggest you apply all of our makeup with high quality makeup brushes. All Afterglow Cosmetics are made with pharmaceutical grade minerals and pigments, which blend with incredible ease. You will be surprised at how quickly and effortlessly you’ll be able to flawlessly apply your makeup without the makeup lines or unevenness you are used to with traditional cosmetics.

How long do your products last after applied?
When applied correctly, our products last all day. They will not crease, smear, or settle in lines or blemishes as traditional liquid foundations do.

Does your makeup contain irritants or chemicals that may cause a reaction?
All of our cosmetics are made of the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade, pure mineral and organic ingredients. Our cosmetics do not contain irritating ingredients like bismuth oxychloride, talc, cheap fillers, mineral oil, petrochemicals, synthetic humectants, FD&C or Lake dyes, or paraben preservatives that generally cause sensitive people to react to standard cosmetics. The likelihood of a reaction to mineral cosmetics is extremely rare. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Are your cosmetics non-comodegenic and hypoallergenic?
Customers who have skin issues and have had bad experiences with other cosmetics in the past LOVE our mineral makeup. They actually notice their problem skin improving with the use of our foundations because the certified organic botanicals soothe inflamed skin while the minerals offer superior oil control. The likelihood of a reaction is extremely rare since our products do not contain irritating ingredients like bismuth oxychloride, talc, dye, and perfume, which are found in almost all standard cosmetics. We also urge our customers to clean their cosmetic brushes on a very regular basis to ensure that they are not harboring bacteria, which could contribute to a breakout.

What kind of sunscreen protection does your makeup offer?
Due to the percentage of titanium dioxide in our Organic Infused Foundation, it serves as a natural sunscreen which is rated SPF 20. We recommend that you always use an additional sunscreen before applying your makeup on your neck and décolleté (upper chest) to ensure you are well protected. Dermatologists strongly recommend you wear a high SPF during the day to reduce your risk of deadly melanoma cancers and premature aging.

How does your makeup respond to different kinds of skin types?
The ingredients in our mineral cosmetics contain natural anti-drying agents which seal in moisture, yet won’t clog pores. Regardless of your skin condition, age, or complexion, you will notice an improved look and feel of your skin with the use of Afterglow Cosmetics.

Will your products match my skin tone?
Afterglow Cosmetics understands you want and need natural looking foundation in YOUR shade. Our formulations have been expressly created on real women to create the most natural tones possible. You will notice our line is very broad and offers many different shades and undertones. If you are still unsure after reading the description, we suggest you email us describing what brand and shades you currently use. We will help you match the shade. If you find you are unhappy with your selection, you can return it, and we will refund your money (click here for details).

How long will a container of your foundation last me?
If you use our products every day, they will last you six months to a year. However, we generally suggest that you refresh all your cosmetics every 6 months to ensure that you are using fresh cosmetics. We also recommend this regardless of what cosmetic brand you are using. Our Organic Infused Foundation lasts up to six months and acts as a foundation, powder, and sunscreen, all in one. When it comes down to it, nothing compares to the quality and purity of Afterglow Cosmetics.

Can I sleep in Afterglow Cosmetics?
Afterglow Cosmetics are incredibly gentle and ideal for the most sensitive skin. However, we do not recommend you sleep in any makeup, regardless of manufacturer claims.

Are your products gluten-free?
Yes, we only use gluten-free ingredients. Click here for more information about our manufacturing process and our gluten-free ingredients.