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Easy Option for Recycling Afterglow Containers!

Easy Option for Recycling Afterglow Containers!

Did you know you can recycle your empty Afterglow powder containers and lipstick tubes? Well you can!

We uses #5 plastic in our loose powder and lipstick containers, which can now be recycled at participating Whole Foods as part of their Gimme5 Recycling Program. Find out today if your local Whole Foods is participating and start recycling! Click here for locations.

Naturally you’re wondering what the Gimme5 program is and how your containers will make a difference. Well, here’s how it works. Once you drop your Afterglow containers off at Whole Foods, they send the plastic to Preserve, an organization which makes recycled household products including toothbrushes, razors, tableware and kitchen products. Click here for more information on Preserve.

Happy recycling beauties!

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