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The Eco Expert’s Picks!

The Eco Experts Picks

Fabulous products approved by the strict standards of Afterglow’s CEO and Founder Kristin Adams, and her team of Eco Experts.

Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry Scrub from Pangea OrganicsIt may smell yummy and be natural, but we wouldn’t suggest eating it. However, this product is wonderful when applied to the skin. Suitable for all skin types, we love this formula for gently exfoliating and cleansing our skin. An added bonus, the geranium helps to regenerate cells in the skin. Who wouldn’t love that?$32

Take A Whiff DeodorantIt’s a natural deodorant that actually works! The natural formula has a lovely creamsicle scent and includes white sage and a European odor fighting ingredient, which also fights perspiration. Here at Afterglow we’re ladies and NEVER talk about our underarms… but if we did we’d say they love this product.$22

IngenuiTEAAn easy tea pot to use at work or home. No need to create extra waste by tossing your numerous tea bags. Simply fill the ingenuiTEA with loose tea leaves (did we mention these are compostable?) and watch as crystal clear tea pours into your mug. No floating tea bits, we promise! Additional tip: try using high quality full leaf tea for more steeps each day!$19

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