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Afterglow founder and blog author Kristin Adams is passionate about sharing products and services that she loves. She feels inspired to further natural lifestyle choices through product and service recommendations she believes in.

The United States FTC requires disclosure every time this site recommends a product for which we may receive an affiliate commission. This page serves as the disclosure that participates in a number of affiliate programs including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliate sites.

This site would never promote or recommend any product that Kristin wouldn’t personally use, endorse or believe in without an affiliate relationship. In the interest of keeping emails and blog posts short and clean, please assume that all product and service recommendations are compensated affiliate and partnership links. Please additionally assume that Kristin was treated to lodging, dinner, or a glass of wine for any interview or experience she recounts!

A link to this FTC Affiliate Disclosure will appear at the beginning of all our blog posts that include any external link to recommended products or services with which we may be affiliated and compensated.

Purchasing through these compensated affiliate and partnership links is at no additional cost to you and supports Kristin to continue to further her mission of bringing healthy lifestyle ideas, products, and services to wonderful, open-minded people like you.

Last Updated: 27 MAY 2020

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