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Pitching Your Old Products!

Pitching Your Old Products

It’s never too early to start your spring cleaning. As much as we may dread the task, we can’t deny the feeling of accomplishment is intoxicating.  So let’s not put it off any longer!

This year, don’t stop your cleaning assault before you reach your bathroom! Do your beauty routine a favor and check in your shower, bathroom drawers, and makeup bag for your old and expired products.

Did you know every product you buy has an expiration date, just like food? It’s true! And your first two lines of defense against expired products are sight and smell. Give your products the visual check to make sure their consistencies remain unchanged. If they seem intact, than take a quick whiff to be sure the smell is what you remember it to be.

If you find a product passed its prime, it’s time to pitch it and clear some space in your bathroom!

Quick Tip: Next time (and every time) you buy a new product take a pen and write the date, including the year, on the package. This way, you’ll know exactly how long each product has been living in your cabinet.

You might be asking yourself, “How bad can using an expired product be?” That’s a great question!

When products pass their “best if used by” date there is probably no immediate risk. It all depends on what you’ve exposed the product to and how you use it.

Here’s a great example: You find an expired bottle to olive oil in your kitchen. If you
decide to rub it on your skin you probably won’t have any adverse effects, other than an unwanted smell.

But, if you have a product like mascara, bacteria is being introduced through repeated applications. The passage of the expiration date will signal the breakdown in the preservatives protecting the formula from the possible growth of unsavory organisms.

You’ll also find expired products are ineffective as they pass their prime. And why would you want to spend time applying a product that won’t live up to your expectations?

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