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H&M Adopts Sustainability

H&M Adopts Sustainability

Organic clothing has recently reached a new level of style with H&M’s new Conscious Collection, constructed of environmentally adapted and green materials.

It seems sustainability has been a long-term goal with H&M and with the use of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel, they have made strides past the normal standards of the natural lifestyle.

Unfamiliar with Tencel? It’s a fairly new brand of biodegradable fabric made of wood pulp cellulose that feels very similar to rayon.

The pieces in this new line include stylish and comfy clothes ranging from tiered dresses to Grecian-style gowns in the natural and purity-implying shade of white. If the Conscious Collection has its way we’ll breeze through summer in long flowing skirts or cute cut-off shorts.

Luckily, this clothing incentive to the natural lifestyle isn’t just geared towards weekend living and specialty events. It extends throughout the week with neatly tailored white blazers and trousers for a crisp and cool look.

Not only were we amazed to discover this collection goes beyond organic cotton with the inclusion of Tencel, but also that the prices are extremely affordable.

Shop consciously beauties!

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