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How to Apply: Natural Eye Shadow

In this video, I’m going to show you how I apply our organic, botanical Infused Eco Eye Shadow for a go-to, natural look.

Eyes truly are the windows of the soul. The right natural eye shadow can accentuate your beautiful eyes and make them sparkle.  

This look is fairly easy. With a little practice and an understanding the principles of a 3 shade eye application….you’ll quickly be a pro.

Our Afterglow Infused Eco Eye Shadows are rich in pigment, supernatural and are formulated with  65% certified organic botanicals like super anti-oxidant organic Acai and organic Goji Berry.  

I’m going to use three Infused Eco Eye Shadow Shades:

  1. A light shade. I’m using the shade “Feather” but our matte cream color shade “Vellum” also works well here.  
  2. A medium shade. I’m using the shade “Stencil”.
  3. A deep shade. I’m using the deep matte chocolate shade “Still Life”.

I chose a neutral palette today with shades that look great on virtually everyone.

One of the big takeaways here is the underlying principle of the application. Once you nail this, you’ll be able to replicate this look with the trio of your choice!

To get the dimension we’re looking for you’ll want to choose a light neutral shade that’s a cream, or light pink.

A medium shade of the color of your choice that falls in that medium shade range.

And a deep shade that is complementary to the medium shade. Don’t be afraid of the deep shade!

In another video, I’ll go more in-depth on eye shadow shade selections and recommendations.

Before you dive into your makeup application…

The act of applying makeup can be the perfect moment for mindfulness, self-love, and gratitude.

Studies say that you can fall in love with someone if you stare into their eyes for only a few minutes.

Now is a great opportunity for you to fall deeper in love with yourself.

While applying your eye shadow, really look into your eyes…

And fill your body with the awareness of your magnetic, beautiful being…

When you are blending your eye shadow with your one eye closed… envision that you are sending this same message of love and gratitude to everyone you know.

Ok – let’s get started!

Right now, I already have all the makeup on that I’m going to wear today except for eyes and lips makeup.

I generally apply my eye makeup second to last and my lips last.

I like to adjust my lip color to whatever creatively happened on my lids.

Prep your eyelids:

I’ve already applied my Perfecting Under Eye Concealer to my entire eye area to brighten my eyelid.

Then I applied our organic botanical Infused Total Cover Concealer in Canvas to set the stage with a creamy matte.

I’ve also set this area with my Infused Setting Powder in Translucent.

First, I’m going to apply my eye shadow shades lightest to darkest starting with the shade “Feather”.

  • Using our Vegan Oval Eye Shadow brush, sweep your lightest shade all over lid upward towards the brow bone using the shade “Feather
  • Tap the color onto your lid and blend with your brush.
  • You’ll notice that your special eyelid shape will reveal or hide certain colors.
  • Play around with your own application technique to customize it to your eyelid shape.
  • Respect the borders – the corners of the eyes to the eyebrow.
  • Blend, blend, blend to achieve an even application.

Now for the medium shade. I’ve chosen “Stencil” which is a neutral, taupe brown shade with a very subtle shimmer. I’ll be applying this shade with a round blending brush.

  • Apply your medium shade along the lash line to the lower outside lid in a triangle blending towards the middle of your eyelid.
  • You’ll be taking this shade two-thirds of the way up your eyelid and you’ll add this medium shade to the middle eyelid crease.
  • Ultimately this is a gradation. You shouldn’t see any hard lines.
  • Blending is key here.

Finally, your deepest shade which will give your eyes intensity and depth. I’m using the deep chocolate shade called “Still Life” and my round blending brush again.

  • Dip the brush into this deepest shade and blend into the outer ⅓ of your eyelid into the crease. 
  • Using our Vegan Angled Liner Brush, line your lashes with this same deep shade to really make your eyes to POP. We’re using this tightlining technique in lieu of using a pencil liner.
  • Line the upper lash line with your deepest shade.
  • Hit the lower lash line with a pop of this same shade lightly on the outer third of the lashes as well.

Want more intensity? To bump up the intensity of this look, simply use more of your deepest shade.

Want more subtlety? To dial it back for a more subtle look, simply use less of the deepest shade.

Want to be happy? Don’t take this eye shadow stuff so seriously! Makeup is play. If you make a mistake you can wipe it off!

So now you know the basics of applying an everyday natural eye shadow look!  

Applying our Pure Soul Mascara will be your follow-up step!

Thanks for watching!

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