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Kristin’s Saturday 7 – 1 April 17

Kristin's Saturday 7

Hey Beautiful!

Here’s my list of little treasures I’ve uncovered recently that are making me happy, healthy, and more beautiful inside and out this week. Please note that some of the links below may randomly be affiliates. Enjoy!

1. The Wonder of Learning – Learning something new is all about mindset. When I took my first salsa lesson seven years ago, my instructor gave me the oddest homework assignment before my next lesson; read The Inner Game of Tennis. I now listen to it on audible every year to remind me how to learn something new, even when there’s resistance and fear of failure…

2. Moving into a More Beautiful Connection  Most of us live completely in our heads and rarely connect in an integrated, safe way with our bodies on a level that is sacred, free of competition and judgment. Ecstatic dance is an experience that will allow you to reconnect with your body and soul through movement and music. It’s generally a 90 minute happening offered throughout the world that creates a safe space where you can free-form dance, express and heal within the container of community through music. All ages and body types are welcome. This could be your moment to dance like no one’s watching and fall in love with yourself on a whole new level.

3. Quote I’m Integrating – To define is to limit.” – Oscar Wilde

4. Feeling Loved – I received three of these as a gift from my amazing Afterglow team. <3

5. Radical Thought I’m Having Nothing matters more than my mood and attitude.

6. Spring Natural Makeup Must for Pale Skin – There’s a point in the spring when my skin tone is not at its palest but certainly not tan enough to move to the next deepest foundation shade. Our Infused Glow Bronzer’s the perfect transition product to extend the use of my winzeter foundation through the beginning of summer.

7. Love Letter Winner #4 – 

Dear Beloved Tropical Infused Glow Bronzer,

You light up my life and my face.  Before I knew you my face was pale and bland, but when you arrived on the scene of my life a golden horizon opened up before me and shimmered in the sun.  In Minnesota there isn’t much “color” for a good portion of the year and you help to bring out the bronzed beauty that hidden underneath a pale exterior.  I love the color and life that you bring to my cheeks and definitely do not feel as confident without you by my side.  Sometimes you are the only one I need.  It seems too much to mention my ex, but he just didn’t take care of my skin the way you do.  You are healthy and non-irritating which was more than I ever dared to hope for until I met you!  Thank you for teaching me about true love, true color, and what it means to really glow with love.  I hope that your Valentine’s day is as special as you are to me.  

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Bronzer is gold, my love,

and healthy too.

Love Always,

Your Valentine, Lyssa Bremseth

Check out the Eco Eye Shadow Shade (Lustre) of Lyssa’s affection here.


Thank you for being!

Love & Light,

CEO & Founder | Afterglow Cosmetics

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