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Kristin’s Saturday 7 – 18 Jun 16

Kristin's Saturday 7

Hey Beautiful!

Here’s my list of little treasures I have uncovered recently that are making me happy, healthy, and more beautiful inside and out this week. Enjoy!

1. Inside-out beauty supplements I’m loving – I put the same amount of obsessiveness, research and experimentation into my own internal beauty routine as I do my cosmetic creations for Afterglow Cosmetics and Exuberance Beauty.  I go into detail about my current beauty supplement routine on my recent blog post: 8 Great Vitamins for Glowing Skin.

2. Podcast I’m Digging – The poignant, delightful, wonderfully thoughtful and compassionate life advice podcast, ‘Dear Sugar’, hosted by Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild) and Steve Almond. Listen to it on iTunes or here.

3. Quote I’m integrating – “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank

4. This week’s adventure I’m cherishing –  Brunch with like-minded women business owner friends.  Years ago, in the early days of starting Afterglow, I was so heads-down and focused on making Afterglow a success, I rarely ventured out to “network”. Now, some of my most cherished friends are those who came from my women in business networking events. The understanding, love, and support at these gatherings is priceless. If I could go back and do one thing differently at the inception of my company, it would be to join women entrepreneurial groups earlier.

5. Radical question I’m embracing –  What would it take for us to have all the awareness that comes out of a painful experience without going through the actual pain to get there?

6. Project I’m working on –  Videos! I’m going to be filming a video series about the insiders view of making and applying natural makeup. I would love your input on what video topics you would like to see from me! Please just respond to this email with your thoughts. (A big thanks to all of you who already have responded!)

7. Afterglow product I’m reaching for –  The humidity is rising, and I’m reaching for my Afterglow Organic Infused Setting Powder in Translucent. I apply it to my face with a clean blush brush, after my foundation and before my blush. Not only does it minimize the appearance of pores, it also keeps my look in place as the humidity effects my face. Check out my latest blog post here on Four Ways to Shrink Pores Naturally.

Thanks for staying present! Enjoy your weekend!

Love & Light,


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