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Kristin’s Saturday 7 – 19 Nov 16

Kristin's Saturday 7 - Fall

Hey Beautiful!

Here’s my list of little treasures I’ve uncovered recently that are making me happy, healthy, and more beautiful inside and out this week. Enjoy!

1. Plotting My Thanksgiving Outfit – Stylish, comfortable and cozy are the three things I look for in a Thanksgiving day outfit. That’s why I’ll be wearing my Vegan Black Suede Leggings by Lysse. If you love leggings and like to dress them up, I highly recommend Lysee’s collection of grown-up, stylish leggings.  

2. Volunteering – For years my family has spent part of the holidays volunteering at the local dog shelter.  If you have a desire to volunteer during your holidays and don’t know where to start, check out for a list of local volunteer opportunities.

3. Quote I’m integrating – “Enough is a feast.” – Buddhist proverb

4. On Mindful Eating – November marks a month that reminds us of all the ways our food traditions influence our lives, culture and our health. In addition to Thanksgiving, November’s also World Vegan Month and National Diabetes Month.

5. Radical Idea Worth Trying – At 109 years old, this Holocaust Survivor just might have unlocked the ultimate anti-aging secret… would you be willing to do this all the time for a long, more beautiful life?

6. Planning Pays During the Holidays – Both Afterglow and our sister skin care company, Exuberance Beauty, hold our largest sales of the year this Black Friday through Cyber Monday. If you need to restock or want to expand your color collection… now’s the time! Be sure to mark your calendars and check your email for the details Thanksgiving weekend!

7. Natural Beauty Hack I Love – I always get the last drop of my natural face cream out of the bottle. How? Easy. When I’m down to the last drop and can’t scrape anymore from the inside of the bottle, I add a few drops of my non-alcohol based natural toner (I use Exuberance Beauty’s Indian Rose & Aloe Calming Facial Tonic) to my almost spent bottle and give it a little shake. This allows me to easily pump out the remaining cream with a little toner twist.

Thanks for staying present! Enjoy your weekend!

Love & Light,


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