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Kristin’s Saturday 7 – 2 Dec 17

Afterglow Saturday 7 - Winter

Hey Beautiful!

I hope you are happy and healthy! Here’s my latest Saturday 7 of what’s inspiring me and contributing to my adventure…

1. Recent Experience I’m Cherishing – I recently went to the beautiful island of Santorini, Greece for the week long spiritual retreat called LUMINOSITY, lead by the incredibly talented energy healers Baji Grace and Anne Hockett. Baji Grace’s energy healing sessions along with intense Complete Forgiveness program lead by Anne Hockett, with the support of incredibly fresh vegetarian fare and daily yoga, was truly an alchemical experience. If you are ready to dive deep into your own inner work, I highly recommend attending Baji Grace’s and Anne Hockett’s retreats. The experience IS transformational. Learn more about Baji’s upcoming Spring 2018 Catalyst retreat here and Anne Hockett’s world-wide healing retreat offerings here.

2. Reminding Myself of What I Already Know – What a beautiful song. Take a moment to sit, listen and remember THIS.

3. Quote I’m Integrating – “You can’t solve problems from the same level of consciousness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

4. Radical Thought I’m Having – Life truly begins when you realize everything is happening for you, not to you.

5. Recipe I’m Recommending – “Coquito” is the delicious Caribbean version of eggnog traditionally made with dairy and a LOT of sugar. This holiday season, try this delish, dairy-free Coquito recipe as a healthy alternative from Neurotic Mommy’s blog.

6. Interviewed by Dr. Tatiana Irvin! – Check out my interview with Dr. Tatiana Irvin of SolutionaryTV where we discuss natural cosmetics and “Voting With Your Dollars Fueling Highly Moral, Consciously Green, REGENERATIVE Consumers”

7. Our Most Popular Products are Still On Sale Our two best selling products during the Thanksgiving weekend are still on sale and would make great holiday gifts. Get our Best Seller Eye Shadow Pallet for $47 (regularly $104) and our Complete Brush & Tool Set for $69 (regularly $176). Our brushes even come with a lifetime guarantee!

Thank you for being!

Love & Light,

CEO & Founder | Afterglow Cosmetics

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