Environmental Commitment

Afterglow Cosmetics is a leader in removing potentially dangerous pollutants from cosmetics, but our mission does not stop there. We are dedicated to continually improving business practices to help the environment by increasing our sustainability and reducing potential waste destined for landfills.


Afterglow Cosmetics is a proud partner of The Conservation Fund’s Business Partnerships Program. Together, we’re helping to offset the CO2 emissions associated with shipping each order.

With each donation, you can help plant trees to clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and create beautiful places to enjoy for people and wildlife alike. One hundred percent of donations go to The Conservation Fund’s Business Partnerships Program to restore habitat for wildlife in the U.S. and slow climate change. What’s more? Your donation will be matched! We promise to match all donations made on our site by you during checkout.

The contribution of just $2 helps The Conservation Fund restore forests that absorb thousands of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. On average, each new tree planted by the Fund can absorb more than one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. That’s enough to offset the emissions resulting from shipping a 200-pound package from Los Angeles to New York.

To participate, simply check the box in your Shopping Cart to add a $2 donation to your order!

100% of your donation goes directly to The Conservation Fund — the nation’s top-rated environmental charity for low administrative costs — to restore habitat for wildlife and address climate change.

Interested in zeroing out your carbon footprint? Visit the Fund’s Business Partnerships Program to find out how! Connect with us on Facebook for updates on the Conservation Fund, the Program, and our tree-planting process.


When packaging our products, it is our goal to ensure containers are made of sustainable and recyclable materials. With the determination to provide quality and sterile containers in mind, our main materials include recyclable plastics and aluminum. So please reuse or recycle your empty Afterglow containers!


Afterglow Cosmetics strives to be as paperless as possible. The minimal printing we do uses the FSC printing standards and soy inks whenever possible.


You’ll notice our products are shipped to you with minimal packaging, which cuts down on excess waste from discarded packaging material. Both the box your products are shipped in and the tissue paper used are made of recycled materials. We always encourage you to reuse the box your cosmetics arrive in.


We seek out and are happy to support sustainably progressive companies such as the United States Postal Service and FedEx. Both these companies have instituted policies and methods aimed at reducing their carbon footprint and global warming.


Internally, we repurpose virtually all our incoming packing material and paper by either reusing it or recycling it directly.

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