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Makeup as an Extension of Skin Care


I’m on my way to see Maroon 5 live in concert and I just thought I’d share my makeup routine day dreaming with you!

It’s hot outside here in North Carolina. With temperatures still in the 80s, it’s hard to think about the upcoming temperature change, but it’s inevitable. What does that mean for us women? When the season changes so should our makeup colors and your skin care routine!

Did you know the Afterglow Cosmetics line was formulated with skin care in mind? Our products are full of serious ingredients found in skin care products, including organic jojoba, organic pomegranate seed extract, organic grape seed extract, organic coconut oil, and organic cocoa butter. These beautiful ingredients have extraordinary restorative, balancing, and anti-aging properties.

My reason behind including these ingredients was simple. These products sit on your face all day long, and they should be made to help improve your skin.

So whether you’re still braving the late summer heat, or starting to transition into milder temperatures, make sure your makeup is an extension of your skin care!

Be well ladies!

CEO and Creator, Afterglow Cosmetics

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