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Our Founder


Kristin’s curiosity for all things colorful and creative has been the driving force of her lifelong adventure. From an early age, she was entranced by make-up as a tool to accentuate the positive and transform the face and mood with color. Growing up her love of art and especially painting made this a focus of her studies and personal expression.

Her background and university education in fine art and museum studies gave her further knowledge of the aesthetic and color theory. After college, she worked in art galleries around the world, including Madrid and New York. Kristin believes that the ritual and transformative power of cosmetics are indeed a daily form of personal art and expression.

In 2004, Kristin’s own passions and family interests created a natural path to her work developing color cosmetics. Drawing on her own expertise in color and pigment mixing, her sister’s experience as a chemical engineer and her mother’s training as a nutritionist, Kristin began to develop safer, nurturing cosmetics with a beautiful range of colors that spoke to the artist and naturalist in her. Kristin has since teamed up with one of the foremost cosmetic experts in the world to continue to develop the Afterglow Cosmetics line with a focus on pure, natural, and organic ingredients.

Kristin has been interviewed as a guest expert for articles in such highly regarded publications as Scientific American, WebMD and The New York Daily News, among others.