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Make any day feel like Christmas with the Glow Starter Kit that perfectly matches your skin tone! Each product in your Starter Kit will work with the others to help you create an impeccable canvas. Packaged together in ideal shades for your skin tone, each kit also comes with the optimal brushes for each makeup item.

We designed these Starter Kits for you using the Three C’s: conceal, create, and color. The Aloe Concealer with Concealer Brush works to effortlessly cover any trouble spots, our Foundation applied with the Kabuki Brush creates a perfect base on which you can build color combinations, and the Blush with Blush Brush brings life to create the perfect rosy glow on your cheeks.

Glow Starter Kits include:

If you're not sure what shade is right for you, our Beauty Advisors are here to help! Click here for your color consultation.

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