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Magnetic Eye Shadow Palette

Want to save some space in your makeup bag? Stay beautifully organized and eco-friendly with our Magnetic Eye Shadow Palette.


Want to save some space in your makeup bag? Stay beautifully organized and eco-friendly with our Magnetic Eye Shadow Palette. This empty palette contains five magnetic wells, a beautiful mirror and a vegan, double-ended eye shadow brush. It travels well and makes a great gift. This sleek, refillable compact is compatible with any of our Afterglow Infused Eco Eye Shadow Refills as well as many of your other favorite natural cosmetic brands’ eye shadows of the same eye shadow pan size.

Our Magnetic Eye Shadow Palette is sold empty and does not include the eye shadow shades shown in the images above. Visit our Infused Eco Eye Shadow Refills page to select the shades that work for you.

How To Use

Mix and match your favorite Infused Eco Eye Shadow Refills and place them in the empty palette. The metal from your refill pan will automatically adhere to the magnetic well of the Eye Shadow Palette. When you have finished the eye shadow shade, simply remove the pan with your finger and replace it with a fresh pan.

16 reviews for Magnetic Eye Shadow Palette

  1. Marcella

    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post.

  2. Linda C.

    Great for eyeshadow refills. I have only put in previous individual eyeshadows in their own compact so I added little labels on the bottom to remind me what the names are.

  3. Yewande I.

    This afterglow eye shadow palette fit in my wallet and is great for travel.
    It’s fashionable and very functional. Tip for make up artists, Use one palette for your highlighter eyeshadows and one for contour eyeshadows.

  4. Rachel K.

    After years of never really using eye shadows because either the product made my eyes burn, or the color combinations were dull, or I got tired of spending money on sets where I only used one of the colors…..I LOVED creating my own eye shadow palette with colors that I use now every day! For the first time in my life I’m having fun with eye shadow and its adding such a new dimension to my makeup. Thank you Afterglow!

  5. Sarah A.

    This eyeshadow compact is a great way to organize your Afterglow eyeshadow. I love that it includes a mirror and application brush. It’s a solid accessory for your makeup and it’s great that the shadows are replaceable. This is an excellent investment.

  6. Tatiana I.

    I am so thrilled to see a shadow/brow combination like this provided so seamlessly. Taking my favorite shades while traveling just became effortless and the construction is so sturdy and sleek… thanks for stepping up and hearing the call!

  7. lenore H.

    Great for travel and I am able to mix and match the choices. Would be great to have one space to accommodate the blush size.

  8. Katie T.

    I love that you can interchange the shadows you want in this pallette. It snaps securly shut, and the mirror seems to magnify. I can see as I do my makeup with out my glasses! Brushes are fantastic too, love that they are synthetic so easily be washed. My only qualm is that I have a hard time pulling the brush out. I donâ€:tm:t like touching the brush ends with my fingers but I think its the only way. Highly recommend 🙂

  9. Teresa K.

    Great quality, and works perfectly with the eye shadow refills! I purchased this and Gild, Aquarelle, and Lustre and love them all!

  10. Amy R.

    I like this product because I can choose which colors of eye shadows I want and replace them as needed without having to buy another palette.

  11. Linda T.

    It is nice except that I find it a little hard to open.

  12. Marlene M.

    I like the colors I received this time, all matte colors. I have to keep brushing on to get the coverage I like. Sometimes I add a bit of water to the brush before dipping into the color pot. The colors with glittery shine do not work for me. They irritate my eyes for some reason.

  13. Katie R.

    I love it!!!!

  14. Donna A.

    We like the compact and the idea that you can take out and put in shades. Do you carry any type of eye liner?

  15. Caryn M.

    I really love this palette! It is very well made. It is thin and easy to take with me. I love that it has a mirror and the dual sided eye shadow brush is one of the best I have used! The eyeshadow colors are really pretty! I highly recommend this product!

  16. Sara D.

    I love that Afterglow came out with an eye shadow palette! Now I can store all of my favorite Organic Infused Eco Eye Shadows in one spot. The brush that comes with the palette is super soft – the same amazing quality of the other Afterglow brushes. I cannot wait to purchase another Eco Eye Shadow Refill to add to my collection.

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