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Infused Mineral Foundation

Naturally luminous skin has never been so easy to achieve. Effortlessly brush on our feather light, semi-matte Infused Mineral Foundation for a soft and naturally glowing finish.


0.35 oz. / 10 g        Made in the USA

Sun Protection: SPF 20
: semi-matte
Coverage: light to medium
Need More Coverage? Pair our Infused Mineral Foundation with our Infused Total Cover Concealer.

This unique mineral powder foundation formula works well for many skin types. It’s formulated with certified organic botanicals and vitamins known for their skin nourishing properties. The natural sun block in this formula offers an SPF 20, which protects skin and is perfect for the most sensitive complexions. Each natural mineral foundation shade allows for sheer or beautifully buildable coverage and a semi-matte finish.

You should know: Our ingredient lists are fully transparent. We disclose 100% of the ingredients in our products. If you have additional ingredient questions please contact us!

We always formulate WITHOUT many ingredients we know you want to remove from your beauty routine. For a complete list of ingredients we never use, please visit our Our No-Go List here.

Our cosmetics are always Paraben-freeBismuth oxychloride-free, SLS-free, Gluten-freeSoy-free, synthetic Fragrance-free, synthetic dye-free (examples: FD&C and Lake Dye), Petrochemical-free (examples: PEG, Dimethicone, Polybutene, Butylene Glycol, Paraffin), Nylon-free, Phthalate-free, Triclosan-free, Quaternium-free.

Please contact us with any ingredient concerns you may have that aren’t addressed here or on ‘Our No-Go List’.

How To Use

Easy Infused Mineral Foundation Application:

  1. Remove the sifter seal and replace the lid.
  2. Turn your closed Infused Mineral Foundation container upside down, and tap it against your palm.
  3. Flip the container right-side up and remove the cap.
  4. Swirl your Vegan Kabuki Brush around in the cap until you have picked up all the powder with your brush. Make sure that you swirl the brush into the powder with moderate pressure to ensure the powder sinks deep into the brush bristles. With the brush bristles facing up, tap on the brush handle on the side of the container to ensure the powder drops down into the bristles.
  5. Sweep your Vegan Kabuki Brush over your face in a circular, buffing motion, beginning at your jawline working inward.
  6. Repeat these steps until you achieve the coverage you desire.

Makeup Artist Trick: Our Infused Mineral Foundation can double as a concealer. Simply dip your Vegan Concealer Brush directly into your natural mineral foundation, and press it into the areas you wish to cover and conceal. Don’t sweep the product over your areas of concern, as it doesn’t apply it in a concentrated enough form. Then, feather the edges of the concealed spots to blend.

Tip: If you require a little extra coverage, try pairing our Infused Mineral Foundation with our Infused Aloe Concealer, Infused Total Cover Concealer or Infused Calm Cover for full coverage.

Finish With: Finish off your Infused Mineral Foundation application with our Infused Mineral Setting Powder for an airbrushed finish, minimizes pores and fine lines.

Learn more on our blog post: How to Choose the Right Foundation Shade

273 reviews for Infused Mineral Foundation

  1. Erin S.

    I absolutely love this foundation. I am incredibly sad that it will soon no longer be available for purchase and stocked up. The color blends in with my skin tone so well – better than anything else I’ve found. It’s very lightweight and truly feels like you have no foundation on. Love the combo of a feel like powder but full foundation coverage.

  2. Sathiya B.

    I LOVE the mineral foundation (Fawn)! Unfortunately, due to supply issues for this color a year ago, I had to look for other make-up brands that were as “clean” as possible. I found nice substitutes, but none as nice as AfterGlow!! You will be missed 🙁

  3. Vivian K.

    I love all your products, and wish you were not closing!

  4. Caryl S.

    I just bought two more foundations to last as long as possible. Again, so sorry for all of us that we can’t continue.

  5. Ann B.

    I love AfterGlos mineral foundation and blushes. My skin looks natural and light and glowing. Fabulous coverage without weight!!

  6. Giannina S.

    Before purchasing, I sent customer service a picture of me and description of my skin color and their suggestion worked out perfect! It takes a just a little powder to go a long way and it lasts. It feels light but the coverage is excellent. My only suggestion is please, consider using a different container because it gets messy during the application. My suggestion is maybe a double lid to dispense the product where we control the amount of powder at the top while the rest stays at the bottom. Other than that, excellent product!

  7. Linda T.

    Blush and powder are my favorites and match my skin tone perfectly. Thank you your care and sorry your line is going out of business.

  8. Yen D.

    I can’t believe they have to close the company. This was the only foundation my skin can tolerate after battling with acne years ago. I still keep using it because I can tell it makes my skin healthier. I tried to switch to different brands now and then but always coming back. When I heard about the company closing their door, I stocked up a lot of foundation. I don’t know what product I can use when my back-ups run out. I wish them the best. But I truly hope that someday Afterglow will come back, because all women deserve such great products. I introduced many people throughout the years about Afterglow Cosmetics and at some point, I really thought about being one of their distributers, because I believe in their products (and I hardly believe in anything!)

  9. Joyce R.

    My daugher in law recommended your foundation three years ago and I’ve been using it since then. I also use your concealer and was sorry to find out you will no longer carrying it. You need to come up with a replacement.

  10. Sandy W.

    i love the Afterglow mineral makeup. i have been using it for a few years. i love how smooth it goes on, covers well and does not look like you are wearing make up. excellent product. great customer service.

  11. Andrea K.

    I’ve been wearing this foundation for over a decade…it’s the best! and it has spf!!

  12. Vicki T.

    I’ve lived most of my adult life unable to wear makeup for more than a week due to increasing irritation with every subsequent day I worn it. With this foundation I’ve been able to wear makeup daily for over the past 2 months! Can’t recommend enough!

  13. Alyssa T.

    This foundation is the absolute best! It is very buildable and applies nicely! I have Celiac Disease and having makeup that is safe from gluten is a life changer! It also smells kind of like honey(:

  14. Carol M.

    There are so many good things to say about this mineral foundation. The foundation is so soft on your skin, smells wonderful and coverage is natural but will still hide redness/imperfections. You still look like you but flawless! If you have sensitive skin your skin will love the soothing qualities of this foundation. I have tried many foundations and this is my favorite. Try it-you have nothing to lose! The brush is awesome too!

  15. Janine F.

    I usually use Shell but with summer sun on my face I needed something a little darker so I didn’t have to put layers of bronzer on. I chose Camel which was a perfect neutral tan shade. Flawless as ever!

  16. Erin C.

    I wish it was unscented…It smells like baby powder

  17. Merlene M.

    Great product,I use it everyday!

  18. Ann B.

    Easy, smooth and fast, thanks…

  19. Noel I.

    It’s been 7 years since I last purchased this product and I’m happy to say the consistency of the product has not changed. I loved it then and I still love it. It blends well, covers well and for someone with allergy prone skin, this product has never given me any trouble. When I’m wearing it, I actually forget I have makeup on. It feels like nothing on the skin! I often buy foundations, try them out and end up having to take them back, but this product will not be going back. Thanks Afterglow!

  20. Jo F.

    All the foundation powders cover adequately and evenly. I was told to layer up the foundation to cover dark spots when the powder concealer stopped being available, but it does not work well for covering dark spots. The cream concealer is gone now as well. I loved both these products and may need to look for a new line of makeup. So sad.

  21. Charise S.

    I have been purchasing the Mineral Foundation for seven years due to allergic reaction to regular cosmetics. I was allergic to mascara, so I use this powder on my eyelids, too, before applying mascara and I no longer have an allergic reaction. When applied thicker into fine facial lines it also hides them. I use Shell in the winter months and mix Sunset with it in the summer for a more tanned look Thank You!

  22. LUCY P.

    This powder foundation offers the perfect finishing touch to my routine to give me a flawless look. I have scars and large pores, and I apply this powder foundation over my liquid base foundation for a beautiful finish. On days I want to appear more natural, I forego the liquid and just apply this powder and I’m off to the races. I have a very busy lifestyle, and I love the staying power of the product, too. Thanks for creating such natural products that are high-quality!

  23. Ashley S.

    Recently purchased the foundation, setting powder, mascara and brush in an effort to switch all of my everyday products to a natural version. I love everything! The powder goes on so smooth, a little goes along way and you can’t even tell you’re wearing any its so light feeling. You also don’t get that chemical smell when applying. The mascara is great if you are looking for a natural look. I wish the brush was a little fuller as I like a more dramatic lash look BUT I love the product and color. Thank you for making such great products I feel good about wearing!

  24. Mela R.

    This foundation requires minimal application and yet covers beautifully for a natural look.

  25. Krista S.

    I am so glad I found this powder! I love it!!

  26. Chandler P.

    I have searched far and wide for a natural, mineral-based foundation that gives me a beautiful GLOW and medium, buildable coverage. I have only been using this foundation for a few weeks but I’m extremely satisfied right now. I used Bare Minerals Original for 8+ years but realized the Bismuth Oxycloride was irritating my skin. I found it so difficult to find a product that gave a similar glow without the Bismuth Oxycloride. Afterglow’s foundation not only doesn’t have Bismuth but ALSO the ingredients are organic and GOOD for your skin! The foundation lasts all day, looks great, and it just feels so good to know that the product I’m putting on my largest organ is actually beneficial to my skin. Woohoo!

  27. Lynn M.

    Love Afterglow Cosmetics….The blush is awesome! Color and texture is great….natural, organic and safe too… Thank you so much!

  28. Rita K.

    My color matched on the first try. The coverage is about medium. I will buy again.

  29. Allison H.

    This powder foundation is amazing. Whenever I wear it, people have seriously asked me why my skin is glowing. It covers well for what I need – I have some redness on my cheek and dry skin.

  30. Christa

    This shade is perfect for my skin tone. I’m so happy to have found it! I love how I can wear just a touch for light coverage or layer it for full coverage. It’s a must for my makeup bag.

  31. Jennifer R.

    Finally something I am not allergic to. Goes on very easily

  32. Christina D.

    I continue to love the Afterglow mineral foundation. The infused foundation makes my skin look flawless! I am in my late sixties and it is such a joy to see my skin look less old than I actually am!

  33. Lisa T.

    I have a light complexion that is neutral with warm/golden undertones. It’s been very challenging finding a mineral foundation color that matches my skin. I tried the Bisque a while ago, but it was too light for me and I needed more golden undertones. Then I tried the Ivory, but that was too light also. Then I decided to try the Tan, but it was too dark. I still had the Ivory, so i mixed it with the Tan, but I couldn’t get the right ratio and it didn’t look right on my skin. I decided to use another mineral foundation for a while, but I still was searching for a different one. I kept the Tan to mix with another brand, so I decided to order the Bisque again and mix these two. I mixed three parts Bisque and one part Tan and it matches my skin beautifully.It is so natural and feels great on my skin. I Love it! I’m very happy that I decided to give Afterglow another try with mixing the Tan and Bisque. I’m going to order the eye shadow soon. I am so thankful that I found Afterglow Cosmetics!!! : )

  34. Delca S.

    I think this shade is almost perfect I do wish there was a shade with golden undertones between Beige and Fawn as I am somewhere in between. It seems many shades were eliminated… but I’m not sure. I trust the product line!!!

  35. Krystle S.

    Excellent coverage. Looks like my skin.

  36. Cherie W.

    Absolutely love it!

  37. Eva S.

    This foundation is so feathery soft that I can even use it around my eyes. I could never do that before with mineral makeup because other brands make my under-eyes look really dry and seem to magnify the fine lines. I’m thrilled!

  38. Katharine P.

    While on vacation, I realized I had forgotten my foundation at home. Ugh. My friend let me borrow her Afterglow Infused Mineral Foundation and told me all about it! She had me at vegan & animal cruelty free! I tried it, I loved it, I had to buy it! Woo hoo! 🙂

  39. Heidi D.

    I have used Afterglow foundation off and on for many years. For some reason, I’ll try a different foundation product that never performs as hoped, so I go right back to what I know works and looks the best. Depending on the season, I alternate between shell and tan, sometimes use both at the same time. This is the only product that requires a small amount, goes on without the telltale makeup line that requires blending out, doesn’t start melting as the day goes by and then get in my eyes and sting. Afterglow makes a great product that looks great, goes on beautifully, and doesn’t feel like a thick, gross mess as the day goes by.

  40. Amy H.

    Natural looking, build-able, weightless, gives the no-makeup look and a nice healthy glow to your overall complexion which I love! I’ve used this foundation on my sensitive, acne-prone skin for YEARS! It is the only foundation that gives me a coverage I am confident with while not giving me any new breakouts or further irritating my skin. I would recommend to anyone!

  41. Cathy L.

    I truly Love this mineral powder foundation!!!

  42. Sara S.

    I stumbled upon this brand after reading a blog review on vegan/cruelty free makeup. So glad I took a chance. I’m not sure how much more matte someone would want after reading some of the negative reviews. This coverage is perfect for me. Definitely buildable as they suggest. I guessed what my color might be and then took the quiz. I was correct and it is indeed the correct color for me after I got my hands on it. It doesn’t itch my face like bare minerals does when I get a little warm. I love that it doesn’t have silica. I do not have to use much to get great coverage.

  43. darla h.

    The product is amazing and I love it! The only three things I put on my face are… water, coconut oil and Afterglow mineral powder & blush.This mineral powder & blush makes my skin glow. Thanks Afterglow

  44. Little F.

    I wish I would have discovered Afterglow’s powder foundation ages ago. I am something of a skincare fanatic, and I always regretted smothering the complexion I worked so hard to maintain with layers of silicones, talc, etc. I started wearing makeup because it was fun to try new looks and experiment with color. But I noticed the more often I wore makeup, the more I needed to keep wearing it because my skin would react badly and I’d end up with blemishes to cover. I’m a redhead with super-pale skin, so any irritation really stood out. Now that I’ve tried Afterglow, I’ll never go back. To be honest, I didn’t expect much from this foundation. I wondered how a few swirls of powder could replace the mask of liquids I spent hours blending and blending in an attempt to look natural (though it never did because I couldn’t find a light enough match). But after my very first application of Afterglow in the shade Cameo, I became a believer. It does exactly what I’ve always wanted a foundation to do: even out my skin tone and reduce shine with minimal effort. The color match is perfect, my pores can breathe, and it truly looks like I’m not wearing a base at all. And my skin hasn’t been this healthy for a long time. I’ve noticed I no longer feel the need to find a mirror to check my makeup all the time and I don’t obsess over what other people might think of my look. The experience has been very freeing and I am incredibly grateful to have found this company.

  45. Stephanie B.

    I have very sensitive skin, and am allergic to gluten. I used to use bare minerals but began breaking out when I got older. This works just as good without iritating my skin :blush:

  46. sarah

    I’ve been ordering this for years and wouldn’t use any other product. It covers well but is incredibly lightweight.

  47. Stefanie H.

    I’ve bought this foundation for years and am never disappointed. This is a perfect color for me in the summer, and I buy a lighter shade for winter.

  48. Jelena R.

    I love this foundation. I have been using it for years. It provides sheer to medium coverage and SPF especially when paired with either coconut oil as a base, or natural badger sunscreen. I love to put the coconut oil on first, let it soak in a couple of minutes and then apply the foundation. It ‘sticks’ better this way and allows for more even and deeper coverage. I love knowing I’m not putting chemicals on my face, but can have the same results as using any other cosmetics. Thank you!

  49. Jessie B.

    I love that it’s organic and the coverage is amazing.

  50. Breanna F.

    As someone who has suffered from cystic acne for years, most likely from dedicating myself to other brands who claim to be “mineral-based” (ahem), after just one week of using this product, my skin feels more healthy than ever. I love that I can wear this makeup knowing that it won’t harm my skin and it gives me the coverage that I desire. Thank you, Afterglow!

  51. Tom M.

    Amazing!!!! This makeup has instantly improved the look of my skin. It’s lightweight & even during a breakout seems to not agitate it further. I originally ordered the wrong color of powder & u guys took care of it right away. Will definitely recommend this product.

  52. M C.

    After having an allergic reaction to gluten, my face was left with hyperpigmentation. Thanks covered it up with full coverage makeup. However, as I continue to treat my hyperpigmentation I wanted to use all natural (gluten free and vegan) products on my face. This does the trick. I must admit that I was hesitant to order since I am a medium/dark complexion. This along with my bronzer looks and feels like my natural skin. Will definitely order again.

  53. KC

    This is the best foundation I have been able to find that is light, gives smooth look and doesn’t make my face break out. I have been using Afterglow face products for at least a decade and would not think of using anything else! Thank you Kristin Adams for making such excellent products for those with sensitive skin!!

  54. Angelica U.

    I love the feel and look of this foundation. It covers beautifully & doesn’t look caky.

  55. Melanie K.


  56. laurie s.

    I received my Mineral Foundation, which I have been using for several years now. It makes my skin look moist and supple at the age of 65. It is light and I love how it goes on with the brush.. I love Afterglow’s products, would highly recommend. Laurie

  57. Denise H.

    The most natural looking of any foundation.

  58. STACEY B.

    Its so great to finally have gluten free foundation powder but im a one step kind of girl and this powder doesn’t blend as well as id hoped. It stays on the surface of the skin and looks really powdery. The physicians formula powder I used to use was hardly noticeable on my face but with this product everyone can tell im wearing makeup. Not exactly what im going for…

  59. Sue D.

    Color is too light. Need instructions on how to return

  60. DCracknell

    Love this foundation. Goes on effortlessly and stays on all day. I no longer have bad makeup days.

  61. Stephani N.


  62. Pauline O.

    I have been using the Infused Mineral Foundation – I use the Bisque shade – for several years and love it. It goes on so beautifully and I actually feel my skin transformed when I use it. It makes feel pretty. It also lasts a long time because you don’t have to use that much and looks good all day. Plus, it’s good for my skin since it is a clean product and also has sun protection. Thank you Afterglow for making such a pure wonderful product.

  63. Colleen B.


  64. Martha C.

    This is wonderful …not another powder goes on so smooth!

  65. Teresa M.

    I have been using the Mineral Powder for several years now. I love it! It goes on lightly but still does a great job of coverage. I primarily started using it due to the fact that it does not contain all the chemicals of other brands. I also wanted to not use the heavy liquid foundations. The mineral powder provides for a more natural coverage.

  66. Claire

    I love this powder! It goes on smoothly and has nice even coverage. In the summer, it gives a little bronzing glow to my skin.

  67. Madeline M.

    It is an ally for your face, it does not feel heavy or sticky. I just love it!!

  68. Jodi W.

    Love it! It’s tge only foundation I use!! :raised_hands:

  69. Jennifer J.

    Customer service is amazing and helpful!

  70. Maris S.

    I have been using this foundation for many years. I am 75 and of course have my share of brown spots and wrinkles. This foundation can be layered to cover brown spots and doesn’t make wrinkles more noticeable. I use a little of the concealer on darker spots for more coverage. I use several Afterglow products and many have dual purposes. As I am very careful about what I eat and put on my skin, I so appreciate all Afterglow toxin free products.

  71. Christy W.

    I love the foundation and customer service! First ordered the wrong shade and they were quick to help me find the right shade! Very helpful!

  72. Susan W.

    I love the coverage and smoothing effect of this product as it covers all my blemishes. Never thought my skin could look so good.

  73. Daniella

    As a person highly sensitive, I have found this foundation to be the ONLY GOOD foundation out there that delivers on promise. It is wonderful on the skin, feels light and gives an au natural glow to my face. I don’t go anywhere without my Afterglow. Highly recommend!

  74. Heather O.

    This foundation is light, but is buildable for fuller coverage without looking caked on. It stays on really well, even when I’m sweating or out for several hours, especially when I finish it with the setting powder!

  75. Andria O.

    Love the coverage. Love the lightness. Love that it’s organic.

  76. Caroline L.

    I love this stuff! I’ve been using this foundation excusively for 4 years. It never gets cakey or weird as the day goes on, it has beautiful, buildable coverage and looks so natural.

  77. Tracy M.

    I love how light the foundation feels on my face. My skin is sensitive and liquid foundation always made my skin itchy, dry and I just wanted to wash it off as soon as possible. With the mineral foundation, I am never in a hurry at the end of the day to wash off my makeup, because it is light and airy and never irritating. It also looks great and people compliment me on my skin.

  78. Heather h.

    I have been using Afterglow powder foundation for a long time. Love it.

  79. Natalie S.

    Great product! Even color well. My very reactive skin has been noticeably less red.

  80. Danielle B.

    I have sensitive skin and a tash on my face due to lupus and this product has not if rated my skin and has helped to hide the rash giving me back my confidence.

  81. Karen H.

    I absolutely love this foundation! Great coverage but not heavy on the skin! Best part, it’s chemical free!

  82. Danielle S.

    Conceals well, doesn’t feel chalky or bulky!

  83. christopher a.

    The only foundation that doesn’t make my skin breakout . I love it!

  84. Elizabeth H.

    It’s great that it has no animal products and is all hippie and everything. It is also so good of a product that I don’t really care about that. This stuff cleared up my skin better than the goopy foundation with acne fighting medication and paula’s choice foundation. They stopped selling it at my local store so I had to buy it online– shout out to rejuvinate spa in Astoria NY for teaching me about these great products! I use this company’s lipstick too– it’s fabulous. My lips are nice and moist even with the freezing, polluted NYC wind smacking me in the face daily.

  85. Leah S.

    This is my second year using this product. I have sensitive skin and this feels great and never irritates. I use Bisque in the later fall/winter months for my fair skin and red undertones.

  86. Megan M.

    This is my second order of the infused mineral foundation and I really love this product not only for how nice and even it makes my skin look but also for the fact it’s safe! I’m crazy about what I put on my skin, given it’s my biggest organ and absorbs whatever goes on it with seconds. So having the peace of mind that Afterglow is safe for my skin is huge for me. Thanks for a great product!

  87. Tobie J.

    Have been using Afterglow for 5 years now, I will buy nothing else! Not to mention the customer service is outstanding :thumbsup:

  88. Lori L.

    have been purchasing from Afterglow for many years… love the products and the quality.

  89. Marie

    Highly recommend this mineral foundation, plus other Afterglow products, especially for we sensitive skin types. This mineral foundation goes on like powder but sets like liquid. It also wears on your skin ‘au natural,’ whereas I never feel like I have caked on makeup but rather a flawless light-weight finish. I brush mineral foundation on every morning after my moisturizer. It sets extremely well. Have never found makeup so fabulous. With all the high quality ingredients too, everyday I now feel good from the inside out. I have made multiple purchases of this foundation, and with such ingredients, the mineral foundation seems to be making my skin better each time too. I will never go back to drug store brands, knowing Afterglow exists to make the world a better place too. Happy to spend my money here.

  90. Kristina B.

    I love that my skin loves the foundation! No irritation or break outs since using. Thank you!

    I do think coverage is too light. Doesnt cover all my issues,color range extremely limited. I think they used to have more options in the past but for some reason no longer. If there are any J Lo skin tones ( as I am) we are out of luck sadly
    Also it woukd be useful to offer a sample even just on occasion when asked w a order. I dont really want to buy a shade that probably wont work only to return snd refund Even iffree. Too much hassle !

  91. Kandice M.

    I have very sensitive skin and afterglow gives me the coverage I need without irritating my skin.

  92. Margaux H.

    Love the foundation!! I’ve been using it for years. It covers enough but still looks natural

  93. Kelly B.

    I went to a picnic in almost 100 degree heat for a few hours. Someone asked me if I had thrown a cup of water on my face to cool down. No, it was perspiration. I thought my makeup would be shot. When I got home I went to reapply my foundation but found I didn’t need to! It still looked pretty good! I was already in love with the product, but that experience several years ago made me a lifelong fan of Afterglow Cosmetics. And don’t worry, it’s easy to wash off with soap and water. 😉

  94. Kristi P.

    I’ve been using this for several years and love it.

  95. Rachel S.

    Love this product!

  96. Dawn M.

    Love the foundation!! I really is a nice coverage but not too heavy. I have some redness and it even helped some with that. Really like this product.

  97. Laurel H.

    This powder covers and doesn’t cake it also doesn’t make you break out.

  98. Victoria K.

    I love this loose mineral makeup. It gives me such nice coverage yet looks like I have nothing on. It also doesn’t irritate my extremely sensitive skin. Will be a repeat customer for years to come.

  99. Cherille B.

    This is one of the few cruelty free makeup without cacao or avocado. I love this foundation.

  100. Ana G.

    I absolutely love this product line as it provides a very natural look with natural ingredients. It’s a win win for everyone. I haven’t been able to find another product like it to date. I will continue to use this product line and know that I will be using a safe great product.

  101. Suzanne

    I am not a foundation lover, but this is just perfection. Super light on the skin and feels like just part of your face. Doesn’t look like a mask and just gives you a healthy look. I switch between two colors … the bisque and camel, depending on what season it is. Just a little goes a long way and it lasts forever. The kabuki brush makes for a perfect application.

  102. Sandra K.

    very good, would be better if it was “matte”

  103. Stephanie P.

    I bought the foundation in camel and beige so I can custom blend a shade that matches my skin year round when I don’t have a tan. I love it.

  104. Christina A.

    I needed a darker color for summer and this one worked out great!

  105. Tamarra J.

    Love the coverage!!

  106. Barbara L.

    I had tried many brands that claimed they were safe and good for your skin, but they would cause eczema, rosacea flair ups, breakouts and itching. I have sensitive skin and Afterglow doesn’t cause any of my skin issues to flair up. I am very happy with Afterglow products.

  107. Erin M.

    I was searching for a natural, healthy foundation to even out my skin tone and cover a rash that I occasionally get along my jawline. I have light skin with neutral to slightly yellow undertones, and purchased the Bisque color. It looks very natural and provides great coverage! I also have several post-acne marks and it covers those beautifully as well, without looking mask-like. Really liking this foundation!!

  108. Tracy J.

    Afterglow foundation gives very good coverage, and I don’t have to worry about putting harmful chemicals on my face.

  109. Brooke B.

    So, I was very surprised by this powder! I had high expectations and not only were they met, it exceeded them! I got the color tan because I have some color from the sun right now and it blends in and looks great! I also feel like it doesn’t make my skin look matte… I like a little bit of shine to keep the moisture but not too much and this works perfectly! It’s my new favorite!

  110. Christina J.

    I love the mineral foundation. I gave it a 4 stars only because sometimes it can look too shiny. I prefer more of a matte look. I do wish that you had a organic powder that absorbs the shine. I also love the spf that is in the foundation.
    Thank you!

  111. Linda C.

    Great foundation!

  112. Jordan

    Great coverage for being extremely hypoallergenic. Being a makeup queen, I didn’t know it was possible to find something that worked so well that was gluten and soy free. thank you afterglow for accommodating rising allergies for women.

  113. Andrea C.

    Second time buying this foundation. Love the color and texture of the foundation. Shipping was super fast!

  114. Tiffaney S.


  115. Sara D.

    This foundation is incredible. You can achieve as much or as little coverage as you like. I keep one in my purse and one in my bathroom. The Kabuki Brush is the perfect brush to apply the foundation. Love that I am using safe cosmetics that are good for my skin!

  116. Grace C.

    It was great experience to use this product.

  117. Leah S.

    I ordered a darker shade for the Spring/Summer and love it still! Online support helped me pick out the right color each time and let me know about their 30 day open container return policy! With sensitive skin and PD, this is by far my favorite foundation that doesn’t irritate, feels light weight, and covers.

  118. Gayle M.

    So glad to find a chemical free, gluten free product that feels good when applied.

  119. Kathie H.

    I really enjoy this product. It’s light on the skin, not too heavy. I have celiacs and look for beauty products that not only are safe for my skin and overall health but the company itself has an interest in the well being of others. I follow the owner’s blog and enjoy reading all of the comments. Also – a quick shout out to “Gluten Free MakeUp Gal” (huge fan!). I found your site through her annual beauty product list for those with allergies, specifically celiacs. Knowing there are affordable, safe and allergy free products definitely gives me peace of mind! Oh – and did I mention that I like the foundation a whole lot?

  120. Shanna H.

    This powder works great for me. I like a light finish. You can hardly feel it on your skin. Its not super long last. You need to accept it is fairly light coverage and wont last all day like some others. But it looks so natural! One thing I love is they have super light colors. Clinique’s lightest color is too dark for me. With Afterglow I wear Ivory which is a few steps up the spectrum.

  121. Gayle M

    So good to find a cosmetic this light-weight, fragrance free, and gluten free. Only used it for a week but am very happy.

  122. Jessica R.

    Good stuff

  123. susan g.

    I think it is very nice. I have sensitive skin and was glad to find this.

  124. Treena P.

    Nice coverage

  125. Karen H.

    I love this foundation! It covers beautifully and my skin doesn’t react negatively to it like it does to so many other foundations. I’ve been using it for 5 years and won’t use anything else

  126. Vonda H.

    I’ve tried several different brands of mineral foundation but this is by far the best. The company ships super fast too!

  127. Ellie H.

    Nice coverage, does not cake or feel heavy.

  128. Pat S.

    I’ve been using this and only this for a number of years and I really love it. It’s light on my face and gives me the all-over coverage I like.
    I’d like to try a cover-tick-like by Afterglow but I would like to have a sample to try. How about it, Kristin?

  129. Christina S.

    I have been using this foundation for years and have never strayed. I am always impressed with how easily it goes on with full coverage and doesn’t look like I’m wearing a thick layer of makeup. It feels light and looks magnificent!

  130. Shaunell S.

    I tried this foundation because it was contaminate free and therefore supposed to be good for my skin. I didn’t love the color or feel of my skin after I put it on throughout the day. My face felt greasiest and I actually could tell there was something on my skin.

  131. Morgan A.

    I can’t explain this totally – you have to just order it and experience it for yourself!! It goes on so smoothly, doesn’t look “cakey” or powdery at all. It blends with the skin so well and leaves a flawless finish!

  132. Penny K.

    Great irritation to my skin.

  133. Melissa S.

    The color was good but the product is full of sparkle, so at the age of 40 that’s not what I want all over my face.

  134. olga g.

    I’ve been using the foundation about a year and I love it. Doesn’t make me break out…

  135. Lynn W.

    I have been using this product for years. This is the best natural makeup I’ve ever used . Im 51 and get compliments on my skin and how people think that I’m in my 30′ or 40’s. I believe this makeup has worked to preserve my skin and prevent wrinkles

  136. Susan L.

    I have been allergic to all makeup for years. Absolutely no reaction to the foundation and I love the look. An added plus is it acts as a concealer for me. Would be lost without this foundation.

  137. Michelene B.

    Pretty much the best loose powder I have used. Its very light and it doesn’t clog my pores and I can wear it all day long without feeling like I’m wearing a mask.

  138. Cassie C.

    Great Coverage! Wish I could have a compressed version of it as well so I didn’t make a mess getting the loose powder out when I want a quick touch up while I’m out !

  139. Nicole C.


  140. Elizabeth H.

    Good product.

  141. Colleen B.

    Foundation powder

  142. Molly M.

    The powder foundation will certainly be my foundation main stay. It covers and blends beautifully and the match in skin tone is unrivaled from anything I’ve tried previously.

  143. Linda N.

    I have sensitive skin, some redness, occasional deep pustule acne.
    Even though I try to keep the foundation light I still see the powder on my face more than I want.

  144. Jessica S.

    Matches my skin tone quite well and goes on smoothly.

  145. Ashwini N.

    I ordered this in place of the Setting Powder because you no longer make the Deep Medium, which I absolutely loved, perfect coverage, perfect color and so light on my skin. The Foundation color is fine, it’s close to my skin tone but is nothing like the feel and look of the Setting Powder. Any chance you would consider bringing it back?

  146. Marianne T.

    I have been using this product for a while and love the way it does not dry my skin and does not appear flaky. I have tried mineral make up in the past with very poor results so I am so happy to have found this product.

  147. Terry S.

    The foundation is light and goes on nicely and blends with my natural skin color.

  148. Amy D.

    Best makeup for problem skin

  149. Lauren D.

    Love it!

  150. LAUREN S.

    Lovely product, quick shipping.

  151. Krista H.

    Initially, I wasn’t sure about this foundation, as I had not previously had good experiences with powdered foundations. At first, I wasn’t sure this was giving me the coverage I wanted, but as I have used it, I have really grown to love it and how it evens out my completion without feeling or looking like a mask.

  152. bridget e.

    this shade I got was too light, the color looked perfect online but when I got the product it was too light, I should have gotten a shade darker. I really like the feel of the product and the coverage but the color is wrong.

  153. Melanie K.

    I have been using this foundation for a few years now so it was a reorder. I love it very much and it lasts for quite sometime!

  154. Ji

    I recently purchased Organic Infused Foundation (Beige) from Afterglow. I want to say how much I love this product. In the past, whenever I use foundation, I always feel that I am doing something really horrible to my skin. As I have conspicuous acne marks on my skin, to me it always felt like making a choice between damaging my skin or not concealing my marks and having zero confidence about my complexion. Also as I am a student, make-up usually stays on me for more than 8 hours. At the end of a day, my skin would always feel terribly dry and flaky. I could almost feel that my pores are filled by dirt and make-up residue hard to remove. And whenever my face muscles move, I always feel that my skin would crack. It is absolutely unbelievable, as I was using products from renowned brands like Stila, Lancôme, and 3 Concept Eyes.

    I cannot believe how my skin feels at the of the first day I tried your foundation. It feels moisturized, and not even oily on my forehead! My face muscles can move as easily as I want to. Although it is easy to apply, it provides an amazing amount of coverage that would last all day! It never even comes off during my yoga practice when I am usually soaked in sweat. And the cherry on top is that it leaves my skin a beautiful, healthy matte finish. Although Beige is a bit darker than my natural skin tone, it gives my face an amazing tanned look that boosts my confidence in ways that I did not expect. This product exceeds my expectation in every way, and there is nothing that I want to change about it.

    Thank you so much for making me feel like there is hope in having beautiful skin! I really appreciate your effort in developing this product, and making it as organic as it is!

  155. Takisha H.

    I just received my foundation today in Sepia. I was nervous about purchasing the foundation online without samples, but I used your color guide and made a selection.  I was worried that the foundation was too dark when I received it, but I applied it to my skin anyway.  And, I am so happy I did! I have never had a mineral foundation match my skin tone so perfectly.  I have a ton of mineral powders in my drawer, and Sepia is by far the best match I have ever had.  I may need to switch to Fawn in the winter, but Sepia is spot on right now.   It went on very lightly, so I didn’t have that caked on powdery look. And, the foundation stayed put all day without sliding on my oily skin or oxidizing.  I wish I had tried your foundation years ago. I really need to thank you. Thank you for making such a variety of shades for darker skin tones. I have a deep skin tone with a yellow/golden undertone.  Most mineral makeup companies do not make deeper shades with yellow or golden tones.  Also, thank you for making darker shades of foundation that doesn’t have gray or “ashy” tones.  I truly love your foundation, and I can’t wait to try more products.  

  156. Marcy J.

    I was thrilled to find a safe place to purchase gluten-free organic makeup.  I have liked the mascara and the mineral foundation is good, I just need to try a different shade as the one I chose is a little too orange for my skin. I have been using organic cosmetics for several years now, but to know that yours is safe for celiacs is a real blessing. I’m mixing the mineral foundation with another one to make it a little more neutral, but once I use that up I will try to see if I can colour match my skin with another shade.

  157. Barbara C.

    I am very satisfied with all the products that I purchased.  I blend 2 of the Organic Infused Foundations – Shell and Beige –  to create my own shade.  I like the Kabuki and Eye Shadow brushes. I wish that the pouch for the Kabuki brush were a little deeper since I keep on catching the bristles in the zipper.  The Eco Eye shadow in Perspective is very versatile and not too shimmery.  Eye shadows that are too shimmery are not suitable for me.  I would like to see a larger color selection in eye shadows preferably in a matte finish.

  158. Sarah O.

    I am actually loving the Afterglow foundation that I ordered and was planning on reordering today. Before trying out your product, I had been using Bare Minerals, which did not work well at all. Even with just a light application, the foundation would cake and appear mask-like, making me look older than my 35 years… far from ideal.  But the amount of coverage of the Afterglow foundation looks to be just right; I love how natural it looks while still evening out my skin-tone. 

  159. Amanda R.

    I am so happy with this product. I have it in two colors. It give me a nice light color that evens out the look of my skin. Iâ€:tm:ve tried many brands of powder foundation and I am so happy to say that this product is fantastic. I will buy this again and again.

  160. Tresa G.

    Made my face itch from Mica

  161. Bonni G.

    My clients and I love it! Light coverage that can always handle a second application if a bit heavier coverage is desired. For ladies with very sensitive skin, this is the go to product. My clients and I have been using it and loving it for years.

  162. Amber C.

    Love it

  163. Brooke D.

    I have extremely sensitive skin including eczema and allergies to most products. Afterglow Cosmetics allows for me to wear makeup and not have any side effects. It’s beautiful, light, and does not irritate my skin. Thank you for making makeup for those of us who are sensitive to harsh chemicals and just have delicate skin!

  164. Sally J.

    Like the foundation very much.

  165. Trena M.

    Love it

  166. Holly H.

    Applies beautifully.. makes my skin flawless.

  167. Teri V.

    I’ve been looking for a mineral foundation that really covers without gluten for years! So glad I found Afterglow. Highly recommend.

  168. Sarah B.

    Blends very well. Not drying or irritating to my skin.

  169. Kelly G.

    Love my powder! I’ve been using it for years. I love that it covers without feeling heavy or cakey

  170. Pamela S.

    I’m so glad I discovered Afterglow this summer. I was looking for a lightweight comfortable foundation for hot humid days. The natural ingredients were a plus for me–not on my must have list–but good to have. Beige turned out to be perfect color match for my skin and the foundation buffs to a completely natural finish. It feels like nothing on and the coverage and finish last all day. This is my dream foundation–it covers some pigmented areas without looking like makeup. The true test of satisfaction? I liked it enough to reorder the foundation and added a lipstick and mascara. Happy, happy! Oh, and customer service is amazing.

  171. Denise C.

    This makes my skin feel and LOOK so healthy. I love this product.

  172. Linda C.

    This powder foundation is very nice, it goes on easily and has great coverage. Iâ€:tm:m still figuring out my shade color so I bought 3 different shades, they are easy to blend together.

  173. Christina C.

    I would love to give this product more stars, but it is yet another foundation I cannot use. It felt light, covered well, and I had no breakouts due to it. Unfortunately, even putting it on in very small amounts, by the end of the day I’m sneezing and have nasal/chest congestion. The product doesn’t contain anything I’m allergic to, to my knowledge. A little disappointed, but would recommend to others that don’t have as many sensitivities as I do.

  174. Carla C.

    Great products !

  175. Bobbi D.


  176. Susan P.

    I have peace of mind that the product is natural and gluten free. I use the Camel Color during the winter months and the Sunset Shade during the summer.

  177. Eloise M.

    Love your product!

  178. Anne F.

    Great coverage. I feel like the powder calms my skin and is actually therapeutic in terms of my acne.

  179. Deanne M.

    Love the foundation. I have sensitive mature skin and this foundation goes on so smooth and pretty. I love that it doesn’t have the chemicals other foundations have. It is definitely good for my skin.

  180. Jeanette C.

    I ordered this blindly as I was looking for natural cosmetics. I was surprised to see how it matched my color and do like the product. I noticed it’s better if I apply without any sort of primer. It will look too heavy. The key is to apply one layer and then use 2nd layer for touch-ups so it’s not too heavy.

  181. Christie U.

    This Is the best foundation Iâ€:tm:ve ever used!! Iâ€:tm:ve been using it for 3 years now and believe me when I say.. I would not ever go back to what I was using before God sent I love it so happy I found this foundation because I have many allergies and I also have celiac disease . It also lasts me such a long time, at least a 6 month supply sometimes longer.

  182. Patricia M.

    Why I love organic infused

  183. Patricia G.

    This foundation layers easily without caking – so I use it with medium to light coverage for everyday wear and also for special occasions, over primer, with full coverage. It doesn’t clog pores and doesn’t settle into lines. And there are several shades to choose from. I’ve been wearing Afterglow foundation for about 8 years and have loved it!

  184. Hazel I.

    I love the ingredients on this foundation. It’s not too harsh for my face and I don’t feel bad wearing it. The coverage is medium and it makes my face feel soft. It doesn’t irritate my face and doesn’t cause me to breakout. Great for on the go! It doesn’t take a long time to apply it.


    I absolutely love this foundation! I have mature sensitive skin, and this line works perfectly, without looking cakey or settling into lines and wrinkles. This is far superior to any other mineral foundation I have tried and because I have wheat allergies and Celiac disease I can feel safe using it.

  186. Rebecca

    Wow, this is an awesome foundation. I wear the Bisque color for my winter complexion. I’ve enjoyed the light to medium coverage this foundation provides. I can build it if I need too and it covers my red spots. It also glides over my dry spots without flaking during the day. I use the Perfecting Under Eye Concealer in the Meringue color to cover the darkness under my eyes, which has a creamy sheen. Then, I put this foundation on top to balance the brightening of the concealer. It looks so smooth and pretty. I’m very happy. As a side note, it can sometimes be hard to spread, but I found that a clean brush makes blending much easier.

  187. Lara Gano

    I have had severe acne for over 10 years, since I was 14 years old. I have tried other mineral foundations, but none of them worked for my dry skin, so I always went back to liquid. It took me a couple days to get used to the Afterglow makeup, but in that amount of time, my face started to clear up and adjust to the mineral makeup. I can’t believe how beautiful this makeup is and how much it has done to clear my skin. After just 3 weeks, I don’t have a zit on my face, which is unheard of! I love that this makeup isn’t drying at all. It gives you a beautiful healthy glow, but controls shine at the same time. I will never switch away from this makeup! I highly recommend for those with acne/skin issues. The foundation itself has light-medium coverage, so the mineral concealer is a must, and it provides excellent full coverage.

  188. Roxanne

    This stuff right here… Amazing. I’ve tried so many other powders and foundations and always end up back to this (I have a bit of a makeup fetish). This is the only foundation that looks like it is my skin. There’s no powdery look, no drying or streaking. It makes my pores disappear. Just flawless. This is always one of the few brands that actually has a shade that matches my skin tone. I am pale with neither pink nor yellow undertone, my veins go from looking blue, purple or green. Thanks for making something perfect!!

  189. Susan

    This foundation is better than BareMinerals or others because it stays on longer and is so smooth. I was quite happy to find this product after many years of searching.

  190. ykent

    Love this powder mineral foundation – got Bisque and it is a perfect match, goes on easily, blends well into skin and covers rosacea well without having to apply much. Time will tell if it works well in winter as that drier time of year I find this type of product usually to make my skin feel too dry and tight.

  191. Petra Schumann

    I love their foundation!

  192. Lindsey James

    This Organic Infused Foundation is the first I’ve found that keeps my skin feeling soft and moisturized.

  193. Amanda de Souza

    I absolutely love my loose powder foundation! It’s the best I’ve ever used. 🙂 Definitely going to buy it again. I think it’s the best because it doesn’t irritate my skin. I would recommend it to all my girlfriends!

  194. Robyn Graham-Bear

    Just wanted to send a quick note that I started using your products about 8 months ago. I have tried everything and it always broke out my skin. Once I started using your foundation my skin cleared up. My 12 year old also started using your mineral foundation since she is having some break outs and we notice when she uses it, she doesn’t break out. Thanks

  195. Kathy Bachstarber

    Even though the transition from liquid to powder foundation was a pain at first…I can now say I have found my ‘true-love-makeup’…, Afterglow Cosmetics! MAC, you are dead to me.

  196. Edica Tello

    I received my Organic Infused Foundation, Organic Infused Aloe Concealer, and Perfecting Under Eye Concealer. I am wearing them today and I love them all! The shades match my skin tone perfectly and blended so well. The best organic makeup I have tried yet! Thank you Afterglow!!!

  197. Meaghen Cunningham

    When I was first introduced to Afterglow Cosmetics, I thought the company was too good to be real! No animal testing, all natural, non-toxic — it was a dream come true. I ordered the Organic Infused Foundation in the shade, Ivory. I was very excited when the package arrived at my door. I ripped open the box and was pleasantly surprised to see recyclable brown paper wrapping rather than styrofoam packing peanuts. I wanted to try the foundation right away, so I whipped out my kabuki brush and buffed the powder into my skin in circular motions. Immediate transformation! My skin looked flawless; the foundation concealed my blemishes and even my dark under-eye circles while still letting my natural beauty shine through. I’ve never been able to find a light, natural-feeling foundation that actually concealed imperfections until Afterglow. I was surprised that the powder did not feel heavy on my skin at all; it felt very natural, and I didn’t have to reapply all day! Not only that, but after a week of using the foundation I found that it had been increasing my skin’s clarity. Thank you so much, Afterglow for boosting my confidence! This is truly a miracle product.

  198. Keri Patterson

    This truly is a love letter! I found Afterglow in my search for an organic alternative to [Bare Escentuals], which intrigued me but have questionable ingredients and am so glad I did! After never having much of a problem with breakouts, now in my early fifties I’m finding them to be a frustrating nightmare! I decided to try the Mineral Cosmetic Starter Kit (light) and love the Organic Infused Foundation in Bisque, perfect for my face tone. But I am AMAZED at how the foundation actually conceals those breakouts! I now go out in confidence and feel beautiful, in spite of what those hormones are throwing at me!

    Thank you for your WONDERFUL products – keep up the great work!!

  199. Mabel Ames

    First & foremost I love your products! I’m a licensed esthetician with very sensitive, reactive & rosacea prone skin. Before finding Afterglow, I tried dozens of foundations… all claiming to be hypoallergenic & great for sensitive skin. None of them worked for me, most caused acne, irritation, redness & my skin looked horrible. I started researching & learned about the side effects of talc, bismuth oxychloride & all the other irritating ingredients in most makeup *even high end/name brands. When I discovered your website, I fell in love & prayed this was the right makeup for me. I started with your kit. Your foundation is AMAZING! My skin glows and it feels good. No more irritation!!! I’ve continued to order full size foundations, bronzer & I absolutely love First Blush on my pale skin, just the perfect shade of pink & shimmer. I get compliments where ever I go. I’m constantly referring my clients to your site. I love that its great for your skin & you stand behind your products. Thank you for making a wonderful makeup that is safe and beneficial for the skin. Afterglow is truly an outstanding product line. If only we could get the word out to EVERYONE the importance of healthy makeup. I am a customer for life!!!

  200. Kristina Lotz

    This past year I found out that most of my health issues stem from allergies – most notably gluten, corn, dairy, and soy. What many people do not realize, is that this not only affects what I eat, but also what I use and put on my body. Today, most cosmetics use harsh chemicals and allergens that wreck havoc on a person’s skin. I am turning 30 this year and my face was breaking out worse than when I was in high school.

    When I found out about my allergies, I spent a long time looking up scientific words and finding that most products contained one or more of my allergens – or turned out be a very harsh chemical that probably should not be put on skin. So, I started a Google search – scared I would have to go makeup-less for the rest of my life. That’s when I came across Afterglow cosmetics. Your gluten-free, all natural and organic infused foundation was exactly what I was looking for! It covers up my acne scars and any current breakouts and looks great on! Even better, the price is no more than the harsh, chemical-ridden foundations out there. I am a dog trainer so I have a dirty job, and your foundation lasts through my dirtiest days!

    I haven’t been able to try your other products, due to money restrictions, but when can extend my makeup collection, I won’t be buying any brand but Afterglow! Thanks for giving me back my confidence that not being able to wear make-up had lost.

  201. Emily Jackson

    I was recently diagnosed with a wheat allergy. This was an ah-ha moment for me because it explained so many strange symptoms that I was having. In addition to the more serious complications, my face was constantly itchy, my eyes were constantly bloodshot, and even reapplying lipstick during the day was making me sick. I did a simple google search for wheat free cosmetics and am so thankful that Afterglow was the first company that I found. I instantly ordered a starter kit and trashed all of my old makeup. I’ll admit that I was very nervous about ditching my full coverage liquid foundation for a powder mineral foundation that I was so sure would be less concealing and not last throughout the day. As skeptical as I was I knew I had to try it. Upon the first application of the Organic Infused Foundation I was in love. It covered so well and completely and blended perfectly. I even threw away my old concealer b/c using the concealer brush I could apply the Organic Infused Foundation under my eyes for total coverage of my semi-dark circles. The Organic Infused Foundation lasts all day long and even conceals all day long. Besides loving how it applies so easily and wears so well, the absolute best part is that my skin no longer itches and my eyes are no longer red. I get compliments all the time now from friends and co-workers about how my skin looks so great and how I look so energized. Afterglows Organic Infused Foundation has done this for me. My face looks and feels the best that it has in years. I can’t imagine ever going back and I am certain that Afterglows Organic Infused Foundation will be a product that I keep in my makeup bag indefinitely !!

  202. Angelika Batista

    I have used regular makeup products from multiple brands until I started getting severe migraine headaches and developed rosacea. My skin became reactive to everything from moisturizers to makeup. For the last couple of years I have not been able to tolerate any makeup even the so called natural. I started to do some searching and came across your company and decided to give it a try. I purchased the foundation and the concealer. Your product changed my life. I no longer get migraines from applying foundation. And I can’t thank you enough for having such a wonderful product available for someone who is chemically sensitive. I love your foundation because I can wear it without being miserable. Thank you so much!

  203. Gretchen Gridley

    It wasn’t surprising that I was skeptical when I read about the surpassing beautiful results that the Organic Infused Foundation gives. I’m a sensitive person in many ways, and my skin is no exception. It knows very quickly when it meets a product it doesn’t like. Redness, itching, burning, breakouts- you name it. When you’ve been let down so many times before, finding only empty promises from even the most trusted of brands, the highest of retail, the sleekest of saleswomen, you stop believing that any product could ever be the life-changing one you’ve been searching for. You start to believe that to go on hoping is futile. You nearly decide to settle. Yes, to settle with a product that doesn’t take your breath away, doesn’t make you happier every morning when you put it on, and doesn’t leave you feeling confident all day long.

    The fact is that even though I was weary with disappointment, I still hoped. You see, I love hope.

    From the moment I put it on, I felt the difference. Smooth, radiant powder that sweeps across your face, erasing imperfections like a dream. But it was far more than an amazing first impression. It wasn’t like some gorgeous guy you catch smiling at you only to realize he’s looking at the 5’10” blond behind you. No, this foundation is smiling right at you and keeps smiling all day. And it’s not like some gorgeous guy who is actually smiling at you while across the room his wife is glaring. No illusions. Not only does my skin look and feel incredible, but my skin is happier and calmer than its ever been, it actually loves it! This is the real deal. The one I’ve been waiting for. In other words its the gorgeous guy who is single and smiling at you, who keeps you laughing but never makes you cry. A keeper in every sense of the word. This foundation is actually, somehow, not too-good-to-be-true. I’m in love and I’m committed. This is my forever foundation.

    So with heart, I’d like to say, dare to dream because sometimes wishes really do come true.

  204. Yvette Allen

    To the lovely and brilliant people at Afterglow Cosmetics,

    I am very new to Afterglow thus I do not yet have experience with many products (which I hope will soon change), however I received my first Afterglow product a few months ago and I think I’m in love. I have tried SOOO many foundations in the past and none of them looked so flawlessly natural (unless it didn’t do anything) and don’t even get me started about the pain in trying to find one that matches! I had given up. I tried mixing and matching and adding gold colored powder to try and match my ‘yellow’skin. And then it came. The mother of all foundations – the holy grail of mineral bases: Organic Infused Foundation in Honey. I use it daily for a soft base helping to conceal imperfections and it sweeps on effortlessly and beautifully for a radiant finish. I can’t imagine how great it would be if I used the Afterglow Kabuki brush and it is so wonderful to see and know that I am also doing good to my skin. I never EVER thought I we see the day that a foundation would touch my face that actually matches it and makes my skin look and feel better!!! Thank you Afterglow. I don’t know if I could ever live without you again:-)!

    I am excited to try the Organic Infused Foundation in Fawn for the summer and the Light Organic Infused Aloe Concealer. Not to mention the blushes and bronzers as well as mascara, eyeliner and lipstick in Muse.

  205. Michelle Oprea

    Love is the proper word when my face feels the Organic Infused Foundation from Afterglow Cosmetics on it. Having a very sensitive, oily and dehydrated face all my life I have sought and experienced different brands of make-up but useless. I have met Afterglow Cosmetics and once I have applied it, my face it has been happy than ever. Why? Because my face loves the ingredients, doesn_��t feel heavy, the pores are not clogged any more, it is not shiny during the day even the T zone. My skin decided: the Organic Infused Foundation from Afterglow Cosmetics met its expectations and I wouldn_��t conceive the life without this make-up. I have got three types of foundations, concealer, mascara and other few things from Afterglow Cosmetics. I take them with me, use them all the time, in each season: during the summer on the seashore in Europe, where I have been, even now in winter time, because my face needs a good, healthy protection and a beautiful ,matte covering, because she just love it. Thank you Afterglow Cosmetics for being into my life.

  206. Hilda Lee

    I love using the Organic Infused Foundation (Beige) for many reasons: the 20 SPF helps to protect my skin in the sun, it has a creamy texture on my face when swirled on, takes only a few minutes to apply, and the makeup looks natural without looking heavily made-up. I am allergic to the regular sunscreen products that would make my skin feel itchy, irritated, and red… so I adore the 20 SPF factor!

  207. Tracy Wong

    My ultimate favorite product from Afterglow Cosmetics would be the Organic Mineral Foundation. It offers a great variety of shades and SPF of 20 which is convenient, makes it available for all people throughout the season.

    Best of all, it is 100% natural and organic which caught my attention in the first place.

    The formula of this product is fabulous for all skin types. Even for my oily and combination skin, it never drys up my face nor makes my face oily.

    As a teenager, I’m prone to breakouts and compared to all the other mineral foundations I’ve tried on the market, Afterglow’s Organic Mineral Foundation never broke me out.

    I’ve been using this product for almost over a year now. As a result, my skin texture improved while my skin definitely broke out less.

    This product is phenomenal! It never makes my face look cakey while covering my impurities.

    I fell in LOVE with this product immediately. I recommended it for many of my friends and families. This is absolutely a great product to spend money on.

  208. Martha Simmons

    I love your Organic Infused Foundation! I have a very light complexion. It is often difficult for me to find a shade that doesn’t make me look too pale and washed out. I get my Afterglow foundation in Cameo, and it has the perfect amount of pinkness to make me glow, while still matching my natural shade. I also have very sensitive skin, with eczema on my cheeks. It has been very difficult to find a foundation that is gentle enough for me. My previous makeup – I won’t name names! – some times burned a little when I put it on, and had a funny chemical smell. When I decided to shop for a natural mineral makeup, thank goodness I found you! Your Organic Mineral Foundation doesn’t burn my sensitive skin, is fragrance-free, and, unlike many other mineral makeups that I looked at, Afterglow doesn’t use bismuth oxychloride, which would irritate me even more. Added to all of that goodness, I love the smooth, radiant look that the foundation gives me! It doesn’t cake up, and I can tell that it’s not junking up my pores. Plus, I appreciate the added sun protection. You didn’t leave anything out (and didn’t put anything nasty in)! I love it!

  209. Alicia Banks

    Two years ago, my entire life changed. I was a 31-year-old wife and mother, 80 pounds overweight, with both adult acne and a mild case of rosacea. I was sick of looking at myself in the mirror. I was tired of being stuck in a rut. And then two things happened… I started my weight loss journey and I found Afterglow Cosmetics.

    They happened simultaneously, and my world seemed to shift. Here I am, two years later, 60 pounds lighter with beautiful, CLEAR skin. My acne has disappeared, and while I still have rosacea, Afterglow’s foundation, bronzer, and finishing powder make it appear as if I don’t.

    I had tried so many different makeup products over the years that I was just ready to go out makeup-less and deal with the pimples and the redness. Then one day I realized that there had to be something out there, something for those of us with crazy sensitive skin. I googled for days. Days and days and days. And then I stumbled across the concept of Vegan makeup. Vegan Makeup? You don’t eat it! Why does it need to be Vegan?

    Then I found the Afterglow website, and read up. Then I searched for reviews by customers. It looked too good to be true, but I decided to give it a shot and ordered a starter kit. Within a week, I was hooked. My skin looked SO good. Nearly flawless. After a week went by, my acne was gone. Completely gone.

    I have used Afterglow every day ever since. I never leave the house without it on. This is for two reasons: my skin looks great with it on, AND it has the built-in natural sunscreen. It’s the first sunscreen product I’ve used that doesn’t feel as if my face is being burnt off. Ew, right?

    My favorite product in the line by far is the Organic Infused Mineral Foundation in Shell. Talk about true color match. It’s as if it was made for me and me alone (which apparently it’s not because it was sold out for a while!). I love this foundation. I’ve found that I can even wear it by itself without the bronzer and finishing powder. It’s that good.

    I’ve been singing Afterglow’s praises to anyone who will listen. I’ve written about it on my blog ( too. I can’t say enough good things about it.

    So thank you, Afterglow. You’ve made this girl very happy.

  210. Lindsey Magaoay

    I am 26 years old, and I have used Afterglow’s mineral foundation for about 4 years now. Growing up, I’ve dealt with numerous skin problems and have only recently found a product that not only helps me look flawless, but also saved my skin from years of damage from other makeup lines.

    Because of my success with this product, I am constantly spreading the word about how amazing Afterglow Cosmetics is and how I’ve found everything I’ve been searching for in a foundation. I try to only use organic “good for your skin” products and with every compliment I get, I tend rave about your product line the most. My only wish is there were more… I want more!!! From SPF moisturizer to liquid foundation–I would use it!

    Now as an adult, I’ve dabbled in other products to help my skin be the best it can be but honestly, I find others to disappoint. My latest skin detriment is cystic acne, which I have never had before but tend to occur when I use other products other than Afterglow. After the numerous breakouts, I’ve pinpointed the problem and the solution, which is to not change what works..and Afterglow foundation works for me! Once I am back on my Afterglow regiment, my skin has less breakouts and the coverage is almost flawless (the cystic acne scars are brutal on my skin).

    So with that said, I truly love Afterglow Cosmetics and all that you do. My only wish is that you had more to offer me! I know that in the future there will be so many more options to choose from to add to my flawless skin routine. I’ve watched the company grow from simple mineral foundation to many types of concealers for every occasion.
    I’ve convinced my mom and best friend to trust your product and I know that anyone else I meet and thinks I have amazing skin will also be a loyal follower. I recently told my cousin about it, and she asked if I received commission for selling your product because I spoke of Afterglow Cosmetics with such passion and excitement.

    Afterglow Cosmetics, you have changed my life.

  211. Camille Sanchez

    I love the Organic Mineral Foundation in Bisque. When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease I freaked. I was worried about eating the wrong foods and putting the wrong lotions and makeup on. My computer became my best friend, and I started to search for makeup that didn’t contain any gluten ingredients. When I found Afterglow Cosmetics I was so happy. I finally found cosmetics that I didn’t have to worry about. I bought at least six lipsticks and the foundation. I love the way the foundation feels on my skin. It is weightless and covers evenly. It feels like I have no makeup on. It is so easy to use and looks perfect on my skin every time. It has changed my beauty routine because I don’t have to worry about gluten in the product. I could just put it on and go. I don’t have to close or cover my mouth when using the foundation because I know that it will not harm me. The same goes for the lipsticks. I can’t wait to try the lip gloss also. Thank you Afterglow Cosmetics for making my life easier and worry free.

  212. Yen Dao

    I love the Organic Mineral Foundation! I always start my day with a clean face, then put a little of foundation on the jar lid, using the kabuki brush to gently take the powder and apply to my face in a circular motion. I do exactly how the Tips and Tricks recommended and never failed to have a perfect skin.

    There are too many things I like about this little jar. I could start with the day my skin was ruined by overused acne treatments. It became extremely sensitive, and I couldn’t use any product on my face without breaking out. I tried M.A.C, Lancome, Guerlain, Chanel …and skincare of Murad, Proactiv, SK II, LA MER, CLINIQUE….And nothing worked. Until I gave my last hope for Afterglow and my face was saved since then! It not only covered all my acne, dark circles and scars, but also gentle to the skin, cleared my acne and makes my skin healthier. My boyfriend always compliments how good my skin looks, not how good my makeup looks because it looks so natural on the skin and the color matches my skintone perfectly (which is not easy because I am Asian with yellow undertone). My confidence had been restored and everyone noticed it! The beauty of this foundation is that I don’t need a lot to do the work and a jar can last at least 6 months using daily and correctly. I never had to apply sunblock while using this because it has SPF 20 already, and I also don’t need to touch up at all in 9 hours and my face still looks perfect!

    Mineral Foundation did not only change my beauty routine but my life as well! I used to believe that busy women wouldn’t have a chance to be pretty because every minute counts and a process of 15 minutes or more wouldn’t be an option. But since I started using Afterglow Mineral Foundation, I realized it only takes 1 minute to have a flawless skin and 5 minutes max if I need extra time for mascara, blush, lip gloss. I am a full-time student and a part-time worker, and I also need to take 3 hours at least for lab every day. My day always starts in morning and ends at 9:30pm, sometimes much later or even midnight. But with the Mineral Foundation, I found it so fun doing makeup every morning and feel pretty at every single minute. Thank you Afterglow Cosmetics, to let me be a woman I always wanted to be!

  213. Crystal Poor

    XOXO to Afterglow!

    I sincerely want to express my loyalty to you. I love the products so much that I tell EVERYONE about them. Love for my mom, sisters and friends helped me convince them to try Afterglow for their health.

    It’s hard to pick just one Afterglow product that I love but if I had to choose, it would be the Organic Mineral Foundation.

    Let me explain why:

    I have always been into organic food and skin care, but since I have become pregnant with my first child, I began to research what was in my cosmetics. I was horrified to learn how the chemicals in cosmetics affect a growing fetus, so I went on the hunt for the best replacement. I tried Bare Escentuals but was unhappy with the”caked look” and poor customer service (I’m not exaggerating, it was bad.)

    Then I stumbled upon Afterglow online. I expected to “settle” for minimal coverage and weak color pigments but to my surprise it’s perfect! From the personal attention the salesperson gave me to the makeup itself, I had such a good experience. I love, love, love my mak-up now, and I will never go back to chemical cosmetics.

    Now 8 months pregnant, if I have to choose just one thing it’s the product that covers most of my face – anything that will touch that much of my skin right now needs to be good for me & baby.

    Much love to you for taking good care of us ladies (and our unborn babies) and promoting not only beauty but good health too. XOXO

  214. Angela Boultinghouse

    Since I was 10 years old, I have suffered from terrible acne, and I have endured 16 years of pain and suffering. I have tried everything that was suggested and anything I could get my hands on. In addition to the numerous creams, cleansing systems, pills, and diets, I also tried what seemed like hundreds of different cosmetics to hide my embarrassing and very painful acne.

    In November of 2010, I received my first order of Afterglow foundation, and I was pleased to find that it covered well and did not irritate my skin. If I had only known then what I know now! One month after beginning to use Aafterglow foundation my skin felt amazing! I had only three small pimples and my skin looked and felt better than I could ever remember. Two months after my initial purchase I noticed that my skin was completely cleared, and I was only experiencing a few hormonal (PMS) pimples, which healed and vanished in a matter of days.

    I was so excited with the results that I recently purchased and began using your Perfecting Under Eye Concealer. Everything I have described thus far is wonderful, but the part of my story that literally brings tears to my eyes is this: I work at a fine dining restaurant, and I see hundreds of guests every day, six days a week. Last week I was in the process of greeting a table, covering our featured wines and was stopped and told that I have beautiful skin!!! This woman then continued to complement the smoothness, tone, and clarity of MY SKIN!

    Needless to say, I was speechless. I’m sure this woman thinks I am as dense as mud because all I could do was give her a deer in the headlights look before smiling and quietly saying thank you. I could feel my cheeks blush as I quickly walked away from the table. I wanted to jump up and down like a little girl and shout to anyone who could hear, “she was talking about ME, ME and MY beautiful skin.”

  215. Adrienne Wollitzer

    There are not enough words in the English language to describe how amazing this line is! When I received the foundation and blush I put it on immediately as I was so excited to try it and for once I was not disappointed. I have extremely sensitive acne prone skin so I am always cautious but the only reaction I had from this product was flawless looking skin. I recently heard about this paraben ingredient and its possible effects and I emptied my entire makeup case and will only use Afterglow from now on. It’s amazing to know that these high-end companies are saving money at the risk of hurting the consumer, the whole thing sickens me. Thanks afterglow, now all we have to do is find a spot for you in Macy’s and Lord and Taylor.

  216. Shelley Helton

    I just wanted you to know what a blessing your products have been. I recently developed a severe allergy to bismuth oxychloride, which my doctor struggled to diagnose. This, of course, meant that I had to discontinue using Bare Escentuals. I found your website and decided to try your products. I must confess that I had pretty low expectations. Boy was I wrong. Your products are spectacular! After using your products for just a few days, my skin looks better than it has in years. Thank you so much for great products!

  217. Jodi Porta

    I’ve just recently started using your makeup after being diagnosed with Celiac disease. I had been using another mineral makeup foundation for many, many years so I was used to the routine of powder makeup. Your makeup is far superior to the mineral makeup I had used for 15 years. It goes on much lighter and never looks cakey or fake. I have “older” skin, and I can really see a difference after using Afterglow for even a short time.

  218. Jenny Sterling

    The foundation, setting powder and blush look so much more natural on my skin and it actually feels like it can breathe. I’ll NEVER go back to liquid foundation masking my face! I also wanted to say thank you for everything you put into your makeup that is healthy (organic extracts) and for refraining from the use of harmful and even the questionable substances. I am very concerned with what can be put into makeup and personal hygiene products. Mercury, petrochemicals, etc are just totally unacceptable, and I’m happy I found a company that thinks so, too. I would’ve continued to use your makeup, honestly, even if it hadn’t been my absolute favorite (for health reasons), but I can say they truly are the best I’ve tried. I was very happy to find you had embraced the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics a long time ago. The makeup company I used previously had refused to sign the compact.

    I also wanted to tell you that it means a lot to support a company with environmentally friendly and greener practices. Knowing I support organic agriculture is more than knowing what isn’t going on my face & in my body, but what pesticides and chemicals aren’t being put into the earth on my behalf when I buy a product. Thank you again for the makeup I can feel good about and enjoy wearing!

  219. Angela Wade

    I received my Starter Kit yesterday and tried it out this morning. I am in complete awe here! I’ve always been intimidated by mineral makeup, and the one time I tried it (a few years ago…a different company) I ended up looking ghostly thanks to the white cast of the powder. My skin is extremely sensitive, so it’s very difficult to find products that don’t irritate. Your products are INCREDIBLE! They were easy to put on (The instruction sheet was clear and concise), and my skin looks natural, fresh and covered! That the Foundation has an SPF 20 is just icing on the cake 🙂 Many thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  220. Thanh

    My medium starter kit arrived today. The Kabuki brush is the softest brush I have ever owned. More importantly, I am quite impressed by how well Beige matches my yellow-tinted Asian skin! The coverage is wonderful! I only needed a little powder. Shell, with its pinkish undertone, is actually a great concealer for my under eye circles as well as acne scars. My face looks absolutely flawless. The blush that is included in this kit goes on very naturally – just a soft whisk of color without sparkles or streakiness. I absolutely love it. One thing I notice is it doesn’t have the dew-y finish that Bare Escentuals mineral foundation impart. However, I’m hooked, since your products have good-for-my-skin-natural fruit extracts/anti-oxidants. Thank you!

  221. Sydni

    I have two words to say about your foundation: thank you.

    It’s pure and works better than anything out there. Believe me, I’ve tried just about every brand of “mineral” makeup you can imagine. Your cosmetics have helped me look good and FEEL good about my face during times of of both severe cystic acne and healing from the scars left over. Looking at pictures before and after application of foundation is truly amazing– even when my acne was at its worst, I was still able to create a smooth look with foundation. The powders also continue to do wonders for the dark circles under my eyes. As an artist and photographer, I appreciate not only how well the products work with the skin, but how well the colors work to create a truly natural appearance.

    I now feel so confident in how my skin looks. Thank you again for years of beautiful products.

  222. Mercedes Arnao

    My goodness!! I think I’ve got it! It looks like the Afterglow foundation in Fawn is a perfect match for me! Thanks for the speedy shipment. I received the foundation yesterday. I used it this morning both as a concealer and foundation and it looks and feels so good!!! Well, actually I can’t even feel it and that’s the whole point! I am very happy! At last, PERFECTION in my makeup!

    I feel blessed to have found Afterglow Cosmetics! I am hooked and can’t wait to try more of your cosmetics! Can’t wait to get my family and friends hooked! Thanks so much for all your help.

  223. Brandi Rucke

    I really like this foundation and it has really helped my skin look clear.

  224. Michelle Fitzpatrick

    I would like to suggest more before and after pictures or short clips with women applying the foundation themselves. The results look too good to be true, but they aren’t!

    I can’t believe how happy my troubled skin is. I can’t believe how natural I look after years of settling for colors that were barely close to my skin tone. I feel pretty! I wish I could sell Afterglow like Avon. I haven’t seen any mineral product in Connecticut that measures up to Afterglow. I tried a few for convenience sake and the colors just don’t cut it, especially if you are of mixed racial heritage.

    I think I write to thank you like once a year, but I am still so thrilled I can’t help it.

  225. DeVonne Ridley

    I am in LOVE with the foundation I have from you guys! The color is absolutely perfect & it feels like I have nothing on! Thank you so much for all of your help! I look forward to buying the bronzer and blush next! Have a great day!

  226. Kristin Sanders

    First let me say, I love love love your foundation and your cosmetic brushes are amazing. I haven’t tried all of your products yet, but I defiantly plan on it. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product without bismuth oxycloride. I never new wearing mineral makeup or makeup at all could be so good till I found your product.

  227. Sharon Wetherby

    Thank you for your suggestion to try the Porcelain foundation. I would never have selected it based upon the pictures on the web, but it is a perfect match for my skin tone. Not too “white” nor too “orange,” not so translucent that it doesn’t do anything for my skin tone nor so opaque that it looks like a Japanese mask, etc. For a long time now, I’ve been whining to the gal who cuts my hair about how flustered and unhappy I’ve been with my makeup; I’m finally a happy camper. I’ve ordered the Peachy blush and hope it is as complimentary as the foundation. I’m cleaning out under my sink today and throwing out all those partially-used containers of makeup that just didn’t work for me.

    I’ve always used loose powder, so that is not a problem for me. Some powders (even some loose mineral foundations), however, settle in WRINKLES or, heaven forbid, look like death warmed over. I am really impressed that your product brightens my skin tone as well as hides the redness so secretly.

  228. Anonymous

    From my own personal experience, Afterglow is a wonderful product line, truly earth-conscious and, Kristin, you sound passionate about what you do. I appreciate you caring so much for women. After recently switching to your mineral foundation, I asked a family member if my face seemed especially clear (I suffer from acne and sensitive skin) and did she think it had to do with my new makeup. She said that the lack of chemicals and purity of your product probably was a strong contributing factor to my skin clearing up. Now I can always put my best face forward with your amazing foundation and not feel like I am wearing a liquid mask (as I had for years before). I am really excited to try more of your products and recommend the line to those I care about.

  229. Anonymous

    I am 47 years old, have dry skin and live at altitude… so mineral makeups have never worked for me… they just made my flaky skin more noticeable. But, I reconsidered when I found your product since they are gluten-free (and I have to avoid eating gluten)… your products’ purity got me interested and your return policy made me feel safe in trying the mineral makeup. Well, I bought the foundation (along with the concealer and brush) and I LOVE it… my skin looks healthier than it has in years. Thank you so much… I will spread the word. 🙂 happy happy customer

  230. Annie

    I just wanted to send you a little message of praise. Your foundation is the only one I’ve ever worn where people have made comments on how great my skin looked, NOT my makeup! They had no idea I was wearing any makeup and were surprised when I told them what I was indeed wearing. I know I have found a staple in my collection of products! I have wasted so much money, though, trying to find a cheaper or drugstore product to top this… it can’t be done! Alima Pure can’t even touch this… Made me look so dry and ashy! As soon as I switched to the Alima foundation, the complexion compliments ceased… So sad! Well, I’ve decided to stay with what works. I just hope there are coupon/discount offers to come so I can eat as well as look beautiful!

  231. Beverly

    I just tried my Afterglow Cosmetics, and I absolutely LOVE them! I really like the light feel of the foundation and the smoothness of the lipsticks; the colors are bright, fresh, and beautiful! I have already received many compliments on how pretty the cosmetics look on me, and I have been spreading the message of Afterglow Cosmetics rapidly to everyone as I am delighted to promote this amazing certified gluten-free makeup! 🙂 I’m really excited about trying the other colors soon and about ordering some more new shades down-the-line, too. Thanks again! I am thoroughly pleased with my new purchase! 🙂

    And thank you again for helping me to pick out such perfect colors……the Bisque foundation that you suggested worked out perfectly! You have a great sense of style and an excellent eye for color matching!

  232. Theresa K.

    I just ordered some foundation from you. I love how this stuff feels on my skin. I have tried some other companies and yours is by far the best I have tried. I have tried finding companies that do not use bismuth oxychloride and have tested several….the others tend to dry out my oily skin, which is rare for me. Yours does not, and I assume this is because of the jojoba.

  233. S. Montana

    I have never sent in a product review. This is the first time I have been compelled to do so. I LOVE THIS MAKEUP! I think what I love the most is the color. My heritage is a combination of Irish, Spanish and Native American so I have a very difficult time finding a color match with all the different undertones and my unusual complexion. I have tried almost every single brand out there and this is the first one that I have found that offers colors for those of us who are not the typical beiges, browns and pinks. I use “Tan” and it has the perfect balance of yellows to really compliment my skin. It feels and looks great. I don’t even feel like I have makeup on. I finally found a product that offers a color that compliments my skin instead of covering it up. Also, you have great Customer Service people to help you figure out what color to get! Thank you!

  234. Christina Dean

    Just wanted to let you know how much my daughter and I LOVE our new Afterglow Cosmetics!! They are absolutely wonderful!!! The colors are so beautiful and the texture and look of the foundation is beyond my wildest dreams!!! I am 58 years young and I get SO many compliments on my youthful skin! Yeh!!!!!!!! It is so much fun applying my makeup in the morning; it’s given me such a lift. I wish you all the best with it in the future. Thank you for all the help and guidance you have given me choosing products and colors.

  235. Michelle W.

    I made the switch to Afterglow after another infomercial mineral brand made my skin itch. A little internet surfing showed me that many other brands also use this itch causing bismuth oxychloride ingredient. I liked that you clearly state what is in your products and the fact that they contain certified organic ingredients is a real bonus. I have been complimented on how good my skin looks while I am wearing Afterglow, something that doesn’t happen when bare.

  236. Diane A.

    There are not enough words in the English language to describe how amazing this line is!

    When I received the foundation and blush, I put it on immediately as I was so excited to try it and for once I was not disappointed. I have extremely sensitive acne prone skin so I am always cautious, but the only reaction I had from this product was flawless looking skin. I recently heard about this paraben ingredient and its possible effects, and I emptied my entire makeup case and will only use Afterglow from now on.

    Thanks Afterglow, now all we have to do is find a spot for you at my local department store!

  237. Nyissia S.

    First and foremost, thank you. Your mineral foundation has revolutionized my life and my skin.

    I don’t have to wear concealer anymore because the foundation protected and nourished my skin so that my past acne scars healed. Speaking of acne, it’s gone! No more acne medications! My breakouts have reduced drastically since I have begun using this makeup line. Occasional pimples disappear in a couple of days. The organic ingredients and soothing botanicals improve my skin and leave me with a healthy natural glow. I can tell that it protects my skin from the sun because I notice fewer sunspots on my face. Also, my skin shade is usually impossible to match. Even MAC makeup, which is renowned for its many shades, did not have a color match for me. The Afterglow Organic Mineral Foundation in Sunset blends so well with my skin and with my other Afterglow makeup that it does not even look like I am wearing makeup. I have never received so many compliments about my skin in my life. And it translates onto pictures taken in natural sunlight, too! I adore this foundation, and want to have it forever and ever! Afterglow truly makes my oily, acne-prone skin an after-thought!

  238. Samantha G.

    I love, love, love Afterglow’s foundation! It is the only foundation that I have found that doesn’t break me out. The foundation made my skin look flawless without looking caked on. I didn’t have to use much at all, but it covered my acne and scars perfectly. The color was perfect and you couldn’t even tell that I was wearing any foundation at all. It is definitely my Holy Grail foundation, and I won’t veer from it again.

  239. Ina P.

    I am a Cancer Survivor and am very interested in using only ALL NATURAL products because of the chemicals that are in most of them. I read about Afterglow in ‘Alternative Medicine’ magazine. I could not find any cosmetics that were totally natural, even though some companies said they had the approval of the Cancer Society, until I read about yours. I ordered the foundation and love the coverage and the natural look of my skin after I applied it. I am going to replace all my other cosmetics with ALL & ONLY your products. We can never be too aware & careful of what we put on our body. Thank you so much!

  240. Ashley H.

    I read about Afterglow products in an article in Alternative Medicine Magazine. Because I was fed up with the use of chemicals by many companies in the cosmetics industry, I decided to give Afterglow a try. I threw away all of my old makeup and decided to make a fresh start. I was thrilled when I received my order. What was more exciting, however, was the compliments that I received from so many people such as: “Your skin looks great.” I also love the way the products feel on my skin. The foundation feels so light, almost as if I don’t have on any makeup. In addition, the eye shadow colors are beautiful and really bring out the color of my eyes. Even though I love the quality of the products, what I like more, however, is that I am not harming my body with dangerous chemicals found in the majority of cosmetics. I would like to thank Afterglow for putting the safety of women as a priority. As such, I plan to continue buying Afterglow products from now on.

  241. Shannon S.

    I just recently received my Afterglow products in the mail. I must say I am quite impressed with the quality of the products. Certainly a little goes a long way. I do have quality brushes and have been using loose powder foundation for a very long time. However, with your product, application is different. You do not need to use the amount of foundation you would typically use with other loose powder products. I really find your cosmetics superb.

  242. Martica H.

    I love Afterglow Cosmetics. Your products give me a natural glow and make my pores appear smaller. My sister was down from North Carolina, and she commented about my skin. She wanted to know if I had Botox injections because her words – “you look younger than me”- and she is three years younger than me! You can imagine how good her comments made me feel. Also she took some my Organic Infused Foundation. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

  243. Jill W.

    I began using Afterglow Cosmetics after a life-changing decision to ‘go organic’ in diet, cosmetics and hair care. I am thrilled with this makeup. It goes on so light and leaves me with a satin glow that I have never had with any other makeup. It gives me a natural tan look…not fake or rubbed on. I have no more shiny oil spots, and it doesn’t irritate my skin like some make-up does. It looks ‘fresh’ all day, but is easy to remove at night. I will never use ordinary cosmetics again!

  244. Rachel B.

    This is the best makeup I have ever used, without exception! No one has noticed that I have changed my makeup, but so many people at work have complimented at how great I look, how fresh and glowing my complexion is. It’s truly remarkable that simple switch in makeup has elicited such lovely comments! And it looks so natural that my husband didn’t even think I was wearing make-up! Thank you so much!

  245. Melissa D.

    I love this site! It’s amazing that I have settled so long for very expensive, department store makeup. After using your products, I am kicking myself for not ordering earlier! I am really astonished at the fact that the application of the foundation, blush and glow is flawless. No need to blend or touch up. It looks so good and natural. I was expecting it to do what every other foundation does at my age – sink into my laugh lines by mid-morning. It didn’t it stayed put and looked great all day. Quite amazing! Thank you so much for this makeup!

  246. Victoria L.

    Iâ€:tm:ve used this foundation for several years. Itâ€:tm:s the only kind Iâ€:tm:ll put on my face. It has not caused any of the allergic reactions or break outs that other kinds always have. It also is a perfect match for my fair but slightly yellow toned skin.

  247. olga g.

    I love my the foundation. I use to buy other products and made me break out. But after glow foundation doesn’t. I will continue buy it. Thanks :heart_eyes:

  248. Sara H.

    Was looking for a more natural alternative to bareminerals and this works wonderfully. The Tan color is slightly lighter than what the swatch shows but works well on light-medium toned skin. I have hazel eyes & light brown hair, might go with a shade darker for summer time. Great product!

  249. Kat

    OMG! It took me forever to find everyday foundation that works for my skin tone. I’m Filipino on the medium to dark spectrum and all mainstream products seem to make me look pink or grey and cakey+oily. I’m so happy my search is over! I love this mineral foundation. The “Honey” shade works perfectly. I just discovered today too that it has SPF 20. Whaaat?! So so happy.

  250. Merlene M.

    Afterglow Cosmetics are awesome! Have been a loyal customer for over six years now. Mrs. Morris

  251. christie u.

    I really love love this makeup. I’ve been using It for a few years now and I still love it. I use it In color Bisque. Thank you Kristen for taking the time to create such great products. I found out about 5years ago that I am 90% Celiac, so It was exciting to learn all the great Ingredients In your products especially all the bad ones left out of the product…

  252. Sarah S.

    Awesome foundation, nice and light but gives the cover up that I need. Love that it’s organic and no chemicals.


    I have had severe acne for over 10 years, since I was 14 years old. I have tried other mineral foundations, but none of them worked for my dry skin, so I always went back to liquid. It took me a couple days to get used to the Afterglow makeup, but in that amount of time, my face started to clear up and adjust to the mineral makeup. I can’t believe how beautiful this makeup is, and how much it has done to clear my skin. After just 3 weeks, I don’t have a zit on my face, which is unheard of! I love that this makeup isn’t drying at all. It gives you a beautiful healthy glow, but controls shine at the same time. I will never switch away from this makeup! I highly recommend for those with acne/skin issues. The foundation itself has light-medium coverage, so the mineral concealer is a must, and it provides excellent full coverage.

  254. Merlene Morris

    Afterglow staff, I’m in love with my Afterglow products. A person who was in the hair business and working for about twelve years around toxic chemicals I was amazed and very excited to know that you can actually buy pharmaceutical grade organic make up. When I would use liquid foundation and sun screen my throat would ache, it is from the toxins. It started out with acrylic nail products then went into bleach and ammonia and many derivatives found in chemicals for hair and cleaning products. I just love my foundation powder. My favorite color is Bisque. The powder is also nice because you don’t see the lines in your face as much as when you use a liquid foundation. I also love that I’m being good to my body. We only have one , so we need to take care of it.

  255. Felicia Mayfield

    In January 2009, during a Daniel Fast encouraged by my church, I discovered a sensitivity to gluten. When I stopped consuming foods containing flour, barley, rye–primary foods with gluten I ended a lifetime of depression! …well almost. It puzzled me for the next months that the reactions associated with gluten would mysteriously appear from time to time to a lesser degree even though I had modified my diet. The culprits were…Downtown Brown lipstick from Mary Kay, and the Estee Lauder foundation. That was when I went to the web to search for high quality GLUTEN-free makeup. I thank God for Afterglow! Since using your products, I have been able to live without the debilitating effects of (life threatening)depression and (dangerous) brain fog.

    I am a different person now. Sometimes, I find myself in total amazement of the journey out of the dark slippery slope of the depression pit.

    Thank you, Afterglow. I love you because you were a significant contributor toward my joy and clarity. May you flourish as a business for being a pure option for all like me who have sensitivities and allergies.

  256. Katie Turturici

    A year ago I was on a journey to find a new 100% natural, non-nano, mineral makeup that covered and was safe for my newly sensitive skin. And one without Bismuth Oxychloride. For about a year I have struggled with skin issues. When I would have flare ups, my skin peel, be extremely red, irritable, and eyes would swell. My holistic doctor had thought it was linked to stress. I found Afterglow online, and was stunned at how amazing it sounded. I ordered, and began to use the Organic Infused Foundation in Cameo first. I couldn’t believe that not only did the foundation cover my skin problems but it looked like I had clear skin, not makeup on. Clients of mine complimented me on my “beautiful skin” again. This gave me my confidence back. My skin actually felt soothed with the foundation on. The pink undertones are even a perfect match to my skin!

    My favorite part is that I can use my foundation as my concealer by using a concealer brush and dabbing where I need more coverage. I love multitasking products! Once I apply my makeup in the morning, I don’t need touch ups throughout the day. Even if I am going out after work, I can count on my makeup staying put. Even after dancing, or on a hot day. I can vary the coverage, and even when I put a few layers on. It never looks cakey. It just looks like me. This product has simplified my beauty routine! Finally a makeup that loves me back!

    I cannot tell you how much Afterglow has changed my life. I have always had good skin, and was not sure I would ever have that again. Afterglow Cosmetics proved that it was possible. Right now my skin is better, and I’m still in love with my foundation. Since then I have purchased many more products, and have referred family and friends. I would like to share an acrostic poem I wrote to show my appreciation. Thank you again for all that your company has done and the outstanding customer service you have shown my friends and I.

    A dmirable skin
    F riendly to the environment
    T ransform
    E verlasting
    R eliable
    G entle on my skin
    L oyal
    O rganic
    W ithout synthetic ingredients

  257. Sarah Kline

    Thank you so much for being available to answer questions and match my make up colors. I called last week and the adviser that took my call was very helpful. I have Celiac Disease and I have never before found a customer service representative that was able to answer questions, let alone know what I was talking about!

  258. Yen Dao

    It was really hard for me picking one product to write about because I love all the products of Afterglow Cosmetics that I had a chance to try. But my top favorite would be Organic Mineral Foundation. I always start my day with a clean face, then put a little of foundation on the jar lid, using the kabuki brush to gentle take the powder and apply to my face in a circular motion. I do exactly how the Tips and Tricks recommended and never failed to have a perfect skin.

    There are too many things I like about this little jar. It could be start with the day my skin is ruined by overused acne treatments. It became extremely sensitive and I couldn’t use any product on my face without breaking out. I tried M.A.C, Lancome, Guerlain, Chanel …and skincare of Murad, Proactiv, SK II, LA MER, CLINIQUE….And nothing worked. Until I gave my last hope for Afterglow and my face was saved since then! It was not only cover all my acne, dark circles and scars, but also gentle to the skin, cleared my acne and makes my skin healthier. My boyfriend always compliments how good my skin looks, not how good my makeup looks because it looks so natural on the skin and the color matches my skintone perfectly (which is not easy because I am Asian with yellow undertone). My confidence had been restored and everyone noticed it! The beauty of this foundation is that I don’t need a lot to do the work and a jar can last at least 6 months using daily and correctly. I never had to apply sunblock while using this because it has SPF 20 already, and I also don’t need to touch up at all in 9 hours and my face still looks perfect!

    Mineral Foundation did not only change my beauty routine but my life as well! I used to believe that busy women wouldn’t have a chance to be pretty because we counts every minute and a process of 15 minutes or more wouldn’t be an option. But since I started using Afterglow Mineral Foundation, I realized it only takes 1 minute to have a flawless skin and 5 minutes max if I need extra time for mascara, blush, lip gloss. I am a full-time student and a part-time worker, and I also need to take 3 hours at least for lab every day. My day always starts in morning and end at 9:30pm, sometimes much later or even midnight. But with the Mineral Foundation, I found it so happy doing makeup every morning and feel pretty at every single minute. Thank you Afterglow Cosmetics, to let me be a woman I always wanted to be!

  259. Diane

    I love Afterglow Cosmetics! I’ve never been able to use make-up very well, so I love how easy the mineral make-up is to apply. It’s great too to feel good about what you’re putting on your skin everyday. I would recommend it to anyone.

  260. Cheryl Rigerman

    I want to say how much I really love your products. The foundation is great, and the lipstick is fantastic.

  261. DeVonne Ridley

    I am in LOVE with the foundation I have from you guys! The color is absolutely perfect & it feels like I have nothing on! Thank you so much for all of your help! I look forward to buying the bronzer and blush next! Have a great day!

  262. Kristin Sanders

    First let me say I love love love your foundation and your cosmetic brushes are amazing. I haven’t tried all of your products yet but I defiantly plan on it. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product without Bismuth Oxycloride. I never new wearing mineral makeup or makeup at all could be so good till I found your product.

  263. Nareh Yaghoubian

    Drear Kristin,

    I am a long time user Afterglow’s onyx mascara, raven eyeliner, light concealer, bamboo concealer, camel foundation, and translucent powder. I can not tell you how excited I was when I first discovered that your cosmetics actually work! I had been searching for truly chemical-free cosmetics for months and every company I came across was ether ridiculously expensive, looked chalky and caked up on my skin, or claimed to be organic, yet listed irritating and some harmful ingredients such as talc, bismuth oxychloride, parabens, and other petro-chemicals on their products. I accidentally came across one day, and found out about Afterglow. Ever since my very first order from Afterglow, I have fallen in love with the quality of you cosmetics. I want to thank you for creating a line of healthy beauty enhancers at an affordable price.

  264. Rita Liegl

    I am very anxious to start using your product for another video shoot I am doing on Nov. 4th. I recently used my personal stash of Afterglow to make up my co-star in the movie “Being Custer” which you can see the trailer for on youtube by searching the movie title. We filmed in July and it was extremely hot and my male co-star, Alan Canning, was turning red very fast. I used my own organic skin care spf 30 called ONE and then I needed to cover up his sunburn. I used my own supply of Afterglow on him and he went from rock lobster to handsome leading man instantly. I want to change the stock of Lady Byrd and other makeup in my professional makeup bag to yours exclusively. I love your product and want to use it on all future shoots.

  265. Tristin Engles

    My aunt has Celiac. She went undiagnosed for 11 years. During that time, all of her makeup, shampoo, lotions, etc were not gluten-free and she was losing her hair, her skin was cracking open, her nails were brittle… When I forwarded this to her she was beside herself with joy that she could wear makeup again. I must agree, thank you so much for providing products that empowered my aunt, and many other women again.

  266. Elizabeth Smalls

    I wanted to say I LOVE LOVE love your products. I have Celiac disease and a soy allergy and could never find makeup I could wear and as a girl who loves to wear makeup it was devastating, and your products have allowed me to feel like a woman again and I love it. The customer service is so great and I was sent a face calming tonic and a card apologizing for a mix up with an order and no other company has done something like that for me before so keep up the good work, I will be buying your makeup forever!

  267. Darcie M.

    I was finally able to apply my new Afterglow makeup. I look five years younger somehow! Needless to say, I will be making another purchase soon! I’m so excited to have discovered Afterglow! Wonderful product! Warmest regards, A picky consumer.

  268. S. Montana

    I have never sent in a product review. This is the first time I have been compelled to do so. I LOVE THIS MAKEUP! I think what I love the most is the color. My heritage is a combination of Irish, Spanish and Native American so I have a very difficult time finding a color match with all the different undertones and my unusual complexion. I have tried almost every single brand out there and this is the first one that I have found that offers colors for those of us who are not the typical beiges, brown and pinks. I use “Tan” and it has the perfect balance of yellows to really compliment my skin. It feels and looks great. I don’t even feel like I have make up on. I finally found a product that offers a color that compliments my skin instead of covering it up. Also, you have great Customer Service people to help you figure out what color to get! Thank you!

  269. Beth Ann S.

    I am a professional cosmetologist who has tried countless name brand cosmetics. After finding out about the harmful ingredients in virtually all the makeup I have ever used, I decided to switch to healthier products. After several years and several wasted dollars, I was about ready to give up. By chance I saw an article in ‘Alternative Medicine’ magazine about dangerous additives in cosmetics. Afterglow Cosmetics was listed as a viable resource. The website was well designed and user friendly. I also greatly appreciated the opportunity to purchase samples because I did not want to invest more money in products I might not be pleased with. However, when my products arrived, I was thrilled to have finally found healthy cosmetics that also looked great and were easy to use. I have had more compliments telling me how nice my makeup looks than ever before. I plan to be a life-long customer! Thanks for your dedication regarding healthy cosmetics!

  270. Tammy H.

    I recently have switched to Afterglow and so far I love it. Three years ago my now 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and then less than a year later scleroderma. Since then I have been searching and learning! Learning to use less chemicals in our environment, safer products in our home in a variety of areas such as safer cleaning products for our home, our bodies, choosing to buy less processed foods, and have recently considered cosmetics, too. Thank you for making a safe more natural product.

  271. JANELLE H.

    I was skeptical if Afterglow would work for me. Boy was I wrong! The very first day I used Afterglow I was lecturing my son, age 11, about being nice to his younger sister. I noticed he was looking at my face… not at me, if you know what I mean. Then he said ‘Mom you look pretty’. Now how can I rage on after that? I have to agree with my son. I do look pretty and am so glad I went out on a limb to try something new. Keep up the great work and fab product that makes all us mommies pretty!

  272. Brianna C.

    Great Product! I love this makeup! I’ve used a lot of other products, this is the first to actually make my skin look and feel good. Thank You!

  273. Nikki

    Love ALL your products! Thanks for making such fabulous products that are good for the skin as well as the environment!

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