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Travel Swirler

A compact travel container for loose minerals when you’re on the go, also perfect for mixing shades.


A compact travel container for loose minerals when you’re on the go, also perfect for mixing shades.

You should know:

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How To Use

  • Fill the Travel Swirler with your favorite Organic Infused Foundation, Organic Infused Setting Powder, or any of our other loose mineral products.
  • Bring with you for on the go touch-ups throughout the day or your trip.

Makeup Artist Trick: Our Travel Swirler can also be used to mix shades to create a custom blend for your skin tone.

11 reviews for Travel Swirler

  1. Nancy K.

    This helps gather powder leftovers from blush compacts where the blush has broken into small pieces.. it’s a little hard to open but otherwise is convenient.

  2. Laurel H.

    I have not used it yet because I want to have it for traveling – but looks great!

  3. Holly B.

    It was larger than I expected. My blush broke up in its case during travel and I dumped it into the swirler to salvage what I had.

  4. Rachele V.

    I use these on a daily basis, not just for travel! I own several. Love how compact they are. They stack well too!

  5. Celina L.

    Lovely! Secure and compact!

  6. Marceil H.

    Gloss chapstick lemon

  7. Weiji W.

    Easy to use

  8. dancingcat

    These are very handy for mixing different shades together. I go from light to medium complexion depending on the season and I use these to adjust my powder foundation accordingly. I also use one for blush.

  9. Katie

    I’m excited to have a swirler to carry in my purse and for travel.

  10. Linda C.

    These are great for mixing different shades together or using just one shade. Tap a little into it and swirl until rush is evenly saturated, tap and apply.

  11. Mary M.

    Love it thanks! Great for on the go.

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