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Vegan Angled Liner Brush

These brushes are made from the highest quality synthetic taklon and are 100% vegan, extremely soft and ideal for applying loose minerals evenly, to quickly create a flawless finish.


There’s nothing better than applying makeup with the right brush.

The quality of the brush you use to apply our powders will directly impact the results.

Our Vegan Angled Liner Brush is extremely soft and ideal for applying both loose and pressed eye shadows, brow powders, and both powder and creamy eye liners evenly, to quickly create a gorgeous finish. We carefully select each handmade, super soft brush to be durable. Each brush is built with the right amount of bristles for optimal application of a specific product.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have that aren’t addressed here.

How To Use

The Afterglow Vegan Angled Liner Brush is best used with our Afterglow Infused Eco Eye Shadow Refills.

How to use your Vegan Angled Liner Brush:

Wet Eye Liner Application:  Apply a beautifully refined line to your lash line using this Vegan Angled Liner Brush. This brush will help you apply the powders wet or dry. Many of our deeper Infused Eco Eye Shadow Refill shades work very well as powder liners.
1) Wet your Vegan Angled Liner Brush and swirl it into the eye shadow or eye liner pigment or creme of your choice.
2) Apply in a line as close as you can to your eye lashes.

Dry Powder Eye Liner Application:  To achieve a softer eye liner look, apply your deeper powder to the lash line dry.
1) Sweep up some powder eye shadow or eye liner pigment with your Vegan Angled Liner Brush.
2) Apply in a line as close as you can to your eye lashes.

Brow Filling and Shaping Application: Our Infused Eco Eye Shadow Refill powders also serve as very natural looking brow fillers. Check out these Infused Eco Eye Shadow shades, Horizon, Elevation and Still Life, for filling your brows.
1) Dip your Vegan Angled Liner Brush into the powder and sweep on the brows filling in the more sparse spots to create a fuller, more defined brow.
2) If you require a more intense coverage, wet your Vegan Angled Liner Brush and apply the powder wet.

Caution! Dirty cosmetic brushes can harbor bacteria. Washing your vegan cosmetic brushes often is critical to ensuring bacteria-free brushes and healthy skin!

How to clean your Afterglow Vegan Angled Liner Brush:
Easily clean all of your vegan cosmetic brushes quickly with our Lavender Brush Cleanser spray or, for a deeper clean, wash them with a gentle shampoo or soap. Lay the brushes flat on a clean towel or with the brush bristles facing down to dry. Do not dry wet brushes with the bristles facing up as the moisture from the bristles will move down the ferrule (the metal connection with the handle) and weaken (or rot) the handle and the brush bristle ties.


7 reviews for Vegan Angled Liner Brush

  1. Tiffany M.

    Excellent high quality brush! Would have given 5 stars but the tip of the brush fell off of the wooden stick & I had to glue it back on.

  2. Diana G.

    Very pleased with the brush.

  3. Laura H.

    This is my second vegan angled brush. I believe I had my first one for 2 or 3 years. I loved it so much I have purchased a 2nd one. I use it for my eyebrows, and like how I can do very fine lines, and make my eyebrows look natural. Highly recommend it!

  4. Brooke B.

    I use this on my brows and to get a line of makeup like shadow liner and it’s stiff enough to be a clean line and soft enough to be very comfortable. Very nice quality brush.

  5. Jeannette K.

    Even when working as a cosmetics sales person, I never used an eye liner brush. I used an eyeshadow sponge applicator, or similar item within reach. Now having this vegan brush, I will only use it. It truly gives a controlled application, without the pulling I was experiencing before. Who knew a brush could make one smile 🙂 ?

  6. Abbey O.

    I use your Angled Liner Brush for that perfectly thin line at my lashes.

  7. Allison Hunt

    My eye liner does exactly what I want with the Angled Liner Brush.

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Brush Bristles: 100% vegan, Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, synthetic, artist-quality Taklon fiber.