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Vegan Concealer Brush

The Afterglow Vegan Concealer Brush is best used with our Infused Aloe Concealers and Infused Total Cover Concealers.


There is nothing better than applying makeup with the right brush, so brush on botanicals with our Professional Vegan Cosmetic Brushes.

These brushes are extremely soft and ideal for applying loose minerals evenly, to quickly create a flawless finish. Afterglow carefully selects each handmade, super soft, brush to be durable and dense, giving you optimal results when applying our products. The quality of the brush you use to apply Afterglow’s powders will directly impact the results.

Each brush can be easily cleaned with shampoo or gentle soap to keep them beautiful and help prevent common skin issues like acne. So indulge in the luxurious application and flawless coverage with Afterglow’s hand-tied brushes made of the softest synthetic taklon.

You should know:

  • Our ingredient lists are fully transparent. We disclose 100% of the ingredients in our products.

We always formulate WITHOUT:

How To Use

The Afterglow Vegan Concealer Brush is best used with our Infused Aloe Concealers and Infused Total Cover Concealers.

How to use your Afterglow Vegan Concealer Brush:

  1. Dip your Vegan Concealer Brush into the concealer gel or powder.
  2. Press or sweep the concealer directly on top of the area you wish to conceal using your Vegan Concealer Brush.
  3. Lightly feather blend the edges of the concealer spot with your Vegan Concealer Brush to blend into the surrounding skin.

Caution! Dirty cosmetic brushes can harbor bacteria. Washing your vegan cosmetic brushes often is critical to ensuring bacteria-free brushes and healthy skin!

How to clean your Afterglow Vegan Concealer Brush:
Easily clean all of your vegan cosmetic brushes quickly with our Lavender Brush Cleanser spray or, for a deeper clean, wash them with a gentle shampoo or soap. Lay the brushes flat on a clean towel or with the brush bristles facing down to dry. Do not dry wet brushes with the bristles facing up as the moisture from the bristles will move down the ferrule (the metal connection with the handle) and weaken (or rot) the handle and the brush bristle ties.

19 reviews for Vegan Concealer Brush

  1. Jan

    I love your brushes but please make a travel set in a case. I can’t find a good way to transport this long brush. Thanks.

  2. Ana W.


  3. Olya C.

    This brush is so great for applying a concealer under my eyes. And even though I usually prefer to do it with a sponge, I am trading it for the brush as I love how perfect for blending under my eyes it is. -)

  4. Azra C.

    Absolutely love this concealer and brush, has such great coverage and the brush is smooth and doesn’t leave streaks.

  5. Detra B.

    This vegan concealer brush works great with the perfecting under eye concealer in the shade shortcake. It applies the creamy formula evenly. The brush feels soft to the touch. Loving it!

  6. Lei B.

    I love how soft this brush is and it blends my concealer so easy and perfect :heart_eyes:

  7. Cassie P.

    Amazing product !!! Really love the quality.

  8. Irene C.

    I’m loving this conclear and brush both work great together! I like how easy the concealer blends out, conceals and brightens my under eyes . The brush helps with application so effortlessly as well!

  9. Noon K.

    Absolutely love it!!! Works great with the under eye concealer

  10. April C.

    I love the coverage of this eye concealer, I always been known for having a baggy eyes, but when afterglow came in everything changed. Will diff stick to this one.

  11. Vannie C.

    I have been using this brush along with the concealer (Color “Shortcake”) ever since I got it. The brush us super soft and gets really good in the corners, something I always had a problem with other concealer brushes. As a Vegan, I love that it is Vegan & Cruelty free. I am so pleased with this product and have decided to make it my number one, and go to concealer & brush.

  12. Adriana P.

    To achieve my flawless make over look I had this new friend by @afterglowcosmetics covering my always-there darkness under eyes. Perfect Under Eye Concealer helps to tackle my big issue and I love it because its natural, organic, vegan and smells so good! In addition it can take care of dark circles and blemishes once it has antioxidants like organic white tea extracts which is really good for our skin. This concealer its a tad tacky but you can build powder on top and a little goes a long way. I’ll be always trying new goodies for my under eyes and this one has a reserved room in my vanity yet.

  13. Yaritza M.

    I love how easy it helps me to apply my concealer, is very soft and pick up very well the product.

  14. Michele S.

    First eye makeup I’ve used that does not make my eyes water….love, love, love your products!

  15. Stephanie P.

    I bought the vegan concealer brush to go along with the concealer. I’ve never found an under eye concealer that I liked so I figured if I’m going to give this another try I might as well have to proper tools for application. All I can say is wow. The concealer doesn’t sit in my fine lines and the brush blends perfectly. Now my eyes look brighter because the dark circles aren’t as prominent but they look natural.

  16. Caitlin C.

    This tool is not necessary. It does not place a thick enough coat on. I wish I had just spent the money on another concealer instead.

  17. Donna W.

    I love it , wish I had purchased it a long time ago .

  18. JoAnn S.

    This works great, but it is so long that it doesn’t fit in any case I have – i end up just setting it loose in the drawer, which means it will not last as long as it should. I think the handle could easily be 2 inches shorter and still be a great brush.

  19. Emily Jackson

    I threw away my old concealer because when using the concealer brush, I could apply the Organic Infused Foundation under my eyes for total coverage of my semi-dark circles.

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Brush Bristles: 100% vegan, Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, synthetic, artist-quality Taklon fiber.