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Redefining Standards of Beauty

Redefining Standards of Beauty

Image Source: everMaya / Graham Cowan

What makes a woman beautiful? Madeline Stuart, an 18-year-old aspiring model from Brisbane, Australia, thinks beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and she’s aspiring to redefine the world’s beauty standards.

Maddy has Down syndrome, and she’s struggled with her weight for years. She has been getting healthy and dreamt of becoming a model, giving her the platform to challenge and change the way the world defines beauty. She’s been swimming, dancing and cheerleading to lose 40 pounds, gain energy and build her confidence. Despite doctors telling her mom that she would never achieve anything, Maddy is showing the world that a person with Down syndrome can be sexy, beautiful and celebrated as she redefines the beauty standard. Fitness wear brands Manifesta and everMaya agree and just signed Madeline to modeling contracts.

Maddy wrote on her Facebook wall, “I hope that I can … change the world’s views on beauty and help everyone to feel beautiful in themselves and [to feel] included.”

At Afterglow Cosmetics, we agree with Maddy. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and appearances, and it ultimately shines from the inside out.  While Maddy has worked on her health and changed her hair and makeup, her confidence and inclusive intention around her modeling ambitions send a message to the world.

Sure, makeup can enhance a woman’s beauty. While most women look beautiful without makeup, the right color and makeup application enhances a woman’s facial features and accentuates cheekbones, brightens eyes and evens out skin tone. Like the right cut of cloth on your favorite dress, makeup serves as a tool to accentuate your most beautiful features while minimizing the appearance of blemishes, fine lines and uneven skin. Makeup is fun, too, with the ability to transform your look or mood with the sweep of a brush or swipe of lipstick.

Interestingly, makeup has the ability to bring out a woman’s inner beauty. By accentuating the most beautiful and positive features on your face, while minimizing areas of concern, makeup opens the space within us to step out with our most confident self. When we are confident, head-up and eyes shining, we are often more comfortable allowing our inner beauty to shine through.

Wearing makeup doesn’t make you a better woman, but it can shift your mood, improve your confidence and contribute an aspect of fun and creativity to your daily routine. Like Madeline Stuart, you can choose to accept a new standard of beauty, that you create for yourself. Start like Madeline did by getting healthy, setting exciting positive goals for yourself that give you joy to pursue and accentuate the positive at every level.

What’s YOUR new standard of beauty? Tell us below!


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