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Rejection Isn’t so Bad

Rejection Isn’t so Bad

Written by: Kristin Adams, Founder & CEO

It’s hard not to take rejection personally.  We do take it very personally…in a good way.

Here at Afterglow Cosmetics, we have a 30-day open container return policy, which means our customers may open and use their product and return it up to 30-days later if they’re not satisfied. Our return policy gives you an amazing opportunity to experience our products for a few weeks before committing to them. Usually, you fall in love, but we know tastes change and products are occasionally sent back. We want to make the return process a win-win for everyone and many of you want to know exactly what we do with returned or damaged items once we receive them.

We’re glad you asked! We never reshelf our returned products. When we receive returns, they are separated into two categories: unopened and used. In keeping with our vision of being environmentally sound and community-minded, we do one of the following two things with your return or exchanged product.

1. Recycle: We recycle as many of the cosmetic components as we can from the used items. The packaging is recycled as much as possible as well. This leaves only a minimal amount of waste produced.

2. Donate: We have many uses for returned products that are unopened. Our team gladly distributes them to a number of charitable, non-profit organizations. This year we are donating all unopened, new returns to:

  • Teen Programs – So far this year, we have donated cosmetics to ‘Bell of the Ball’ in support of 300 deserving teens, providing the young ladies with a day to remember and life-long lessons for success. ‘Bell of the Ball’ is an event that provides low-income, at-risk teens and foster youth in Orange County, CA a day of cost-free prom shopping and essential self-empowerment workshops focused on self-image, body awareness and employment readiness.  Learn more and get involved here.
  • Women’s Shelters – Afterglow also donates unopened returns to the local women’s shelters. Sadly, domestic violence and homelessness are rampant in today’s society. Women of every socio-economic level are affected by domestic violence and homelessness. Those women who find themselves in this situation often battle low self-esteem along with their economic struggles. Afterglow donations provide women with basic beauty necessities during times when self-care and beauty is forgotten.  Not only do our products help meet this need, but they are also safe and healthy. Learn more about women’s shelters in your area and get involved here.

The mission of Afterglow Cosmetics is to enhance beauty and inspire creativity through effective natural, organic, and safe cosmetics. We fulfill this mission not only through the products themselves, but by the way we support the environment and our community. We are proud of the work we do, and we intend to continue fulfilling this vision in the future.

See, rejection isn’t so bad!

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