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About Us

Since 2004, Afterglow has been dedicated to enhancing women’s health, beauty, and happiness with sensitive skin and bodies.

Kristin Adams, Afterglow Cosmetics founder and CEO from 2004-2019, led the Afterglow Cosmetics brand retail expansion online and into salons, spas, and eco boutiques throughout North America and international markets in Europe.

The Afterglow Cosmetics beauty brand and line of natural color cosmetics closed in 2019. This site remains to live as a beauty and wellness blog to continue an intelligent, open dialogue to educate and highlight the very best alternative beauty and wellness products for women who want to make conscious choices for their health and beauty.

Afterglow founder Kristin Adams brings decades of cosmetics, health, and wellness industry and product development experience to this blog’s product and service recommendations. She has developed over 250 natural makeup, skincare, and lifestyle products during her tenure at Afterglow and later as a consultant to other beauty and wellness brands. She draws on her breadth of knowledge and insight, working at every level of the cosmetics supply chain, from natural cosmetics ingredient development to beauty brand building.

We look forward to hearing from you in the blog comments and helping you step into your natural Afterglow!

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