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A Comprehensive Review of the CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle

Lumivitae Hydrogen Water Bottle
Above: LumiVitae CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle  – This blog contains affiliate links.


Can this Bottle Slow Down the Aging Process?

When the topic of anti-aging comes up, one of the first recommendations you probably hear to maintain youthful, glowing skin and a healthy body is to “drink more water.” 

This is good advice on the surface, but if you glance around, you’ll see a sea of health-conscious people slurping on 1-gallon water jugs and oversized Stanley Cups, still struggling with aging, dry skin, and claiming to be dehydrated. What’s going on? Why are we drinking more water than ever before and still struggling with dehydration and the effects this has on accelerated aging?

Hydration is more complex than chugging as much water as possible. It is more about the kind of water you’re consuming and how optimized that water is to fully hydrate your body at the cellular level.

Hydration extends beyond mere water consumption; it encompasses the intricate process of water penetration into our cells. This phenomenon, known as cellular hydration, is intricately regulated by the body, involving factors such as blood osmolarity, osmotic gradient, and aquaporin expression. Those are three technical terms for how the body interacts with and optimizes the water you’ve consumed for the health and hydration of your cells. 

Hydrogen water bottle devices enter the conversation with built-in technology to restructure your filtered water to optimize it for cellular hydration. Studies show that those who consume hydrogen water report less muscle fatigue, less inflammation, improved endurance, and feelings of overall well-being. It’s also shown to reduce edema and improve overall energy.

Looking to elevate your hydration with a hydrogen water bottle? You’re not alone. The CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle claims to bring you the benefits of hydrogen-enriched water with leading technology. The best bottle I’ve found on the market is LumiVitae’s CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle introduced to me by my registered nurse friend Kelsey Rudzinsky. 

When Kelsey first found this hydrogen water device she told me, “This bottle is the best hydrogen device on the market and is truly shifting the paradigm of health and business. I’ve been drinking this water exclusively for 2 months now and feel massive shifts in my energy levels, my digestion and my sleep.”

Energy levels, sleep quality and digestion quality are are cornerstones for a healthy body and a long life.

The specific hydrogen water bottle device Kelsey raved above is Lumivitae’s CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle. In this in-depth hydrogen water bottle device review we will cut through the hype to reveal the real performance of this bottle, its features, and its value, helping you decide if it’s the right choice for your lifestyle.

Key Takeaways

  • The CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle uses advanced PEM technology to generate pure hydrogen-rich water, is designed for portability and durability, and integrates chromotherapy for holistic benefits.
  • A spectrum of hydrogen water bottles offers various price points and technological features, providing consumers with multiple options to meet their specific health needs and budget constraints. However, buyer beware. As with most products, quality materials and devices are more expensive than their cheaper counterparts.
  • The price of the Lumivitae hydrogen water bottle is higher than others on the market due to the medical grade metals used and the therapeutic quantity of hydrogen the device produces. 
  • This specific bottle device works by electrolysis (the process that produces molecular hydrogen). They use very high quality materials to ensure the cleanest process possible as this is inherently a “dirty process”. 
  • Less expensive bottle devices without the highest quality materials put consumers at risk of consuming harmful byproducts and metals. 
  • The CellPower bottles are highly durable due to the triton material that was intentionally chosen as it is medical grade material that is much more durable than glass.  
  • In addition to producing the highest quantities of therapeutic molecular hydrogen, what sets this bottle apart from others is the frequency device in the lid that informs the water with your choice of three different frequencies.  If you’re familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, modern science is now uncovering water’s capacity to store and transmit information.
  • To support and promote the natural process of oxidation and reduction of our cells, you have the option to infuse your water with the Energy (for the morning), recovery (for the afternoon/ evening or after a workout) and a third frequency “Lumi Vitae” which is the same frequency as the sun. 
  • The idea behind this concept has to do with humans as electrical beings (think EKG or EEG- measuring the electrical current in the heart and brain). By informing your water with one of these three frequencies, you can customize your hydration experience by selecting a frequency that resonates with you. 

Unveiling the CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle

The CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle represents an innovative fusion of scientific advancement and alternative medicine. It features a specialized membrane for hydrogen generation, the alignment of magnetic fields, the three frequency programs, and color therapy for additional therapeutic benefits. This synergy between advanced technology and holistic approaches is conveniently available in a portable bottle form, allowing you to access hydrogen-rich water wherever you go.

Utilizing a built-in hydrogen water generator, this bottle infuses molecular hydrogen into your drinking water to achieve a high concentration of hydrogen. The device runs on a rechargeable battery and PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology to ensure that only pure hydrogen gas is produced while excluding all unwanted impurities from the drinking water—including excess water molecules.

By offering hydration at the cellular level, this bottle aims to deliver not just reinvigoration but also health-enhancing properties attributed to enriched levels of energy-giving molecular hydrogen.

Bold Claims and Reality

The CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle purports to deliver several advantages.

  • It consistently retains a high level of molecular hydrogen in the water, ranging from 1.2 to 1.4 parts per million (ppm).
  • The pH value of the drinking water remains unaffected by its operation.
  • It guarantees that the drinking water is both pure and safe for consumption.
  • Reviews of the CellPower Bottle call out that water infused with molecular hydrogen using this bottle doesn’t impart any taste or smell—a feature considered advantageous by those who prefer their drinking water free from sensory alterations.

LumiVitae bottle details

What does a hydrogen water bottle do?

A water bottle designed to produce hydrogen-rich water can rapidly create a highly concentrated solution that may stimulate metabolism, boost immune function, and offer anti-inflammatory benefits along with antioxidant properties. This type of hydrogen-infused water potentially helps in elevating energy levels, decelerating the aging process, and aiding muscle recovery after exercise.

Does this hydrogen water bottle filter and purify water? 

The LumiVitae hydrogen water bottle device is not a water purifier. You must add spring water or filtered water to the bottle to start the hydrogen process. 

How does the CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle work?

The CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle enriches your drinking water with molecular hydrogen using a hydrogen water generator and ensures high hydrogen concentration through PEM technology, producing pure hydrogen gas and impurity-free water.

Setting Up the CellPower Bottle

The setup process for the CellPower Bottle is quite simple. Begin by charging the USB rechargeable electrolysis generator using the included USB cable.

It’s essential to clean the bottle before filling it with water. Cleanse by detaching the silicone plug from the generator and rinsing thoroughly with purified or distilled water, making sure that both device body and generator base are securely fastened to avoid any leakage.

Once cleaned, proceed by pouring filtered or bottled drinking water into the bottle until it reaches the marked level which is ideal for producing hydrogen efficiently.

Activating hydrogen generation involves a few steps.

  1. Push the power button to start off electrolysis.
  2. Confirm that there’s ample water in your bottle since operating without liquid can result in damage.
  3. Await completion as indicated by an LED signal noting when hydrogen creation has finished.

For tailor-made hydration options, select between Energy, Recovery, or LumiVitae programs through pressing the mode button — each setting offers different lengths and concentrations of hydrogen tailored specifically for various needs.

Safety Precautions & Tests

The CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle prioritizes safety by incorporating top-tier electrodes and membranes. This guarantees that the electrolysis method used to produce hydrogen water is secure, yielding a pure product devoid of metal residues or any undesirable secondary substances.

Distinguishing features of the CellPower Bottle include:

  • A unique membrane developed exclusively for producing safe and effective hydrogen-rich water
  • A focus on delivering superior hydration coupled with antioxidant advantages

This bottle is crafted from BPA-free Tritan material to ensure that no harmful chemicals compromise the quality of hydration it provides.

Lumivitae water bottle

Aesthetics and Durability of the CellPower Bottle

Aesthetically the CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle is gorgeous. However to call it a “bottle” is not exactly accurate, this is a device.

Its contemporary bottle appearance makes it an elegant addition to anyone’s water bottle collection, and lightyears more functional from a health perspective.  

This bottle’s Tritan plastic is medical grade, highly durable and resistant against breakage as it’s wrapped in an aluminum shell for added strength and longevity. This blend ensures that not only does the bottle look extremely classy, it is also built to withstand constant use.

Outside of the cellular hydration benefits, I love the chromotherapy concept integrated into the design —leveraging color therapy believed to impart healing properties on both mind and body. 

By combining aesthetics with functionality, this hydrogen water bottle is crafted not just for hydrating purposes, but also as a comprehensive instrument dedicated to enhancing overall health and vitality.

User-Friendly Functionality

The CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle provides an effortless integration into daily life, designed for user convenience. The features of this bottle include:

  • A specialized lid that generates a frequency field with three selectable programs to synchronize with your day-to-day cycle and enhance the water by imbuing it with solar energy.
  • It combines precisely tuned magnets, color therapy, and three unique programmed frequencies.
  • The hydrogen infusion process in the water is customizable through varied cycles which can be tailored according to personal preference.
  • An application is available for monitoring hydrogen levels within the bottle and altering settings as desired.

This customized approach amplifies the hydration experience provided by the bottle.

Hydration and Health Benefits

The CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle delivers a range of advantages including enhanced hydration and the possibility of improved health. It infuses water with readily absorbable molecular hydrogen, elevating cellular hydration and promoting the body’s natural antioxidant generation. It may also help regulate inflammation.

Water produced by this bottle is rich in hydrogen and infused with trace minerals, exhibiting strong antioxidant characteristics through its ability to neutralize hydroxyl radicals. This property extends beyond just the initial hydrogen infusion and could play a role in mitigating oxidative stress as well as heart disease by counteracting both damaging free radicals and harmful microbes.

Utilizing the CellPower bottle for your daily intake of hydrogen water has been associated with numerous wellness benefits that include reducing blood glucose levels, enhancing markers for diabetes management and alleviating muscle fatigue during physical activities.

CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle emerges as an innovative union of holistic health principles and advanced technology, aimed at enhancing cellular hydration to its utmost potential. This bottle distinguishes itself with the ability to generate water rich in hydrogen, along with incorporating magnetic field alignment and color therapy for additional therapeutic effects.

Despite its premium cost, the performance of the CellPower Bottle in practice is matched by its ease of use and prospective health advantages that make it more than just a mere container—it’s an enhancement to one’s lifestyle promoting overall well-being. It has relevance for everyone from sports enthusiasts to seniors—essentially anyone seeking a transformative shift in their daily hydration habits could consider this hydrogen water bottle as a significant addition to their life regimen.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Hydrogen Water Bottle?

Now is a perfect time to buy your hydrogen water bottle device, as Lumivitae will begin an 88 day conscious container starting soon (which includes over $25,000 worth of coaching sessions in business, consciousness and regenerative medicine from some of the top practitioners and conscious millionaires in the world). With the purchase of a bottle you qualify for the 88 day challenge.

Where Can I Buy CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle?

I highly suggest you reach out to Kelsey directly to ask any additional questions and purchase your Lumivitae bottle from her. She has a great background as a registered nurse and a wealth of knowledge about this specific device and the health benefits.

Place your CellPower bottle order here. 

Contact for Further Questions

Kelsey Rudzinsky 

This blog post contains affiliate links and all compensation goes to registered nurse Kelsey Rudzinsky, who will receive an affiliate commission for any sales through the affiliate links in this post. The owners of this website and blog do not receive any monetary compensation for this article.  


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