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Makeup Artists

We offer a discount on all our products for all qualified, working makeup artists.

You will need to email any certifications, licenses, or a resume to our Pro Account Department. After the information submitted is reviewed, someone will contact you directly. Two of the following will be accepted:

  • A copy of your Union Card, TV, or film crew list credits confirming that you were a makeup artist on set.
  • Agency Confirmation – your representing agency can fax a roster list on the Agency’s letter head with your name on the roster. The letter must include the Agency’s contact information and website.
  • State Esthetician or Make-Up Artist license

This discount is only accepted after your request and ID have been approved. All professional discount orders must be placed over the phone by calling 866.630.4569. Products purchased with your discount may only be used for professional purposes and may not, under any circumstance be resold. Your discount is non-transferrable.

Please look over our product line and have questions ready when your Pro Account Manager contacts you.

We love to see the beautiful art you create for clients using Afterglow makeup! Please email us photos of any Afterglow looks.