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Why Organic?

It’s our goal to deliver gorgeous, insanely natural, synthetic chemical-free makeup. This is why we choose to formulate with certified organic ingredients.

True natural makeup derives its amazing color and coverage from inert minerals like Mica, Iron oxides, Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxides. As a compliment to all the color that nature provides, our makeup’s buttery organic bases and the botanical skin conditioning extract and oils come from certified organic plants.

We choose to source high vibration, certified organic botanical butters, oils and extracts whenever possible for one simple reason; it’s in alignment with our sustainable world view and moral compass. We believe that everything is connected. What’s most vital and beautiful for you is also most vital and beautiful for this planet.

There are over 600 active pesticide chemicals approved for use in American agriculture alone. Most of those chemicals were approved for use before the EPA’s extensive safety testing. As a company, we would prefer to opt-out of the pesticide driven agriculture model and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future based on organic and bio-dynamic farming models. We vote for our future with our wallets and we invite you to do the same!

We also believe that certified organic cosmetic ingredients insure a higher level of purity and peace of mind for our customers. Many of our most sensitive customers also prefer cosmetics made with as many organic ingredients as possible because the organic certification removes the risk of concentrated pesticide residue as a potential irritant.

As a company, we believe in choosing certified organic ingredients whenever possible is most aligned and in integrity with our moral compass and the beautiful, healthy future we want to see for everyone.