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Eco Baby Advice From An Afterglow Expert!

Eco Baby Advice From An Afterglow Expert

By Brittnie Skinner, Sales Executive and Licensed Esthetician

Last Thanksgiving I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl. Working at Afterglow Cosmetics I’ve learned the in’s and out’s of natural and organic products, so you better believe my baby was about to get the same eco luxury my skin gets! I’m happy to share my favorite products with other eco mommy-to-be’s out there.


Nausea, anxiety, and heartburn are familiar and unwelcome symptoms of pregnancy. Mama-To-Be Tea Samplerby Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics is a wonderful remedy to drink when enduring these symptoms, as well as helping you stay away from medications that may hurt the little one growing in your belly.$5.97
My must-have product during pregnancy is Earth Mama Baby Angel Body Butter. I started a long search for a body butter that was natural, organic, and not overly oily. Ta-Da! I used the Earth Mama Baby Angel Body Butter every morning and I love it!$10.95


My baby was a mover and a shaker, wiggling all day and night! Lavender is great natural ingredient that helps with soothing, calming and reducing tension. I found Pangea Organics Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Body Lotion, which really helped to sooth the baby as well as the tension I had built up in my lower back.$18.00


Attracting the unfortunate pregnancy acne?

I always leaned on our Organic Aloe Concealer. This formula really helped to dry out my blemishes as well as conceal throughout the day. I may be a little biased, but I do love
this concealer!$28.00
For my first (but not last) baby purchase,
I decided to give her a little fashion. I visited, which sells adorable 100% organic Baby Tees. This way she’s wearing stylish outfits, which are both chemical and pesticide FREE!
Photo: Brittnie SkinnerBrittnie Skinner is a Sales Executive and Licensed Esthetician with Afterglow Cosmetics, as well as a mommy-to-be! Brittnie’s beautiful baby girl is due in August and the Afterglow Team is excited to welcome this eco cutie into our family!

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