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Go Kindle Go Green!

Go Kindle Go Green

Do you ever watch a commercial and just fall in love with it? My guess is that a lot of people do. Right now we’re obsessed with the Kindle commercials. This particular commercial (above) grabbed our attention because it united three of our favorite things; being outside, reading, and being smoking hot! After having seen various Kindle commercials we were motivated to do a little research on this e-reader.

Pro’s from a Kindle owner, Afterglow’s own Sally Claire Griffith

  • lightweight
  • no-glare technology, (which means that it’s easy to read let’s say outside, in a park, on a rock, by a stream)
  • battery life of two months
  • stores up to 3,500 books in one place, and it only takes 60 seconds to download a novel
  • includes a PDF reader, which allows you to look up words in a dictionary, make notes, and highlight your favorite selections

For all of my nerds/brethren out there, owning the Kindle means that you will no longer have to worry about the following:

  • waking up at 5 a.m. with the imprint of a heavy novel on your face
  • losing your place because your book mark is too small
  • buying more bookshelves because there is never enough room for storage
  • no more standing in lines at midnight release parties for your favorite books

The most captivating information we found about the Kindle is that it is a green product. There are hundreds of articles floating around on the World Wide Web debating the environmentally friendliness of this product. Personally, we enjoyed reading an article released by Cleantech Group titled, The Environmental Impact of Amazon Kindle.

Emma Ritche, the author of this piece writes, “E-readers will have a staggering impact on improving the sustainability and environmental impact on one of the world’s most polluting industries: the publishing of books, newspapers and magazines.”

For us it’s crazy to think that human sustainability can be significantly effected by just one product. Currently, over one million e-readers have been sold. As these sales escalate so will the product’s impact on our environment. Being environmentally conscious starts by making just one change…could be your makeup…could be the way you read.

It’s not just the Kindle we love! Other eReaders like the Nook, or ever-popular iPad also help perpetuate the green reading world.

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