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A Greener “I Do!”

A Greener I Do

With Spring just around the corner and the onslaught of wedding-season-wonder right behind it, eco brides-to-be comb through magazines, Pinterest and blogs to find the perfect eco necessities for the perfect green wedding.

But why isn’t the eco wedding planning process as simple as “My Pinterest Wedding”? Fortunately for you, Eco Bride, you’ve come to a place where Pinterest meets practical in these five green wedding tips.

Pictures from OnceWed and The Cotton Bride.

5 Easy Ways to Green Your Wedding

  1. The Dress

  2. The Travel Plans: One of the greatest ways to conserve is in the amount of travel required for guests to attend.

    • Picking a destination central to both of your families will subsequently decrease your carbon footprint. If travelling is a must, visit for a free carbon emission calculator as well as opportunities to carbon offset certificates.
    • Choose a ceremony and reception venue within walking distances of each other. Better yet, select a venue which can house both!
  3. The Venue

    • Some of the best green wedding spots are found in nature. Look for gardens, beaches, backyards and national or state parks.
    • Avoid buying new or disposable items for decorations. Try:
      • great recycled finds
      • offers hundreds of centerpiece and reception ideas that are either hand-crafted or made from repurposed materials.
  4. The Bridal Party

    • For the groomsmen, tuxedo rentals are always a great way to go.
    • For bridesmaids, is an excellent way for them to recycle their gowns and get a “new” little black dress in the process.
  5. Invitations and Registry

    • Send out plantable or recycled paper invitations and favor boxes from the Green Field Paper Company. Additionally, Green Field Paper offsets 100% of their electricity use by purchasing wind energy credits!
    • Gift a donation of their choice to your guests, or raise money for charity on all registry purchases from partner stores. The I Do, Foundation is a one-stop-shop for many of your wedding woes, and serves our society at the same time.

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