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Happy Earth Week, Beauties!

Happy Earth Week, Beauties!

If you’re anything like us, as April 22nd rolls around you start making a mental list of all the practices you plan on putting in place during your day, aimed at helping the Earth.

Sadly, like New Year’s resolution, some of us tend to reach too high with grand visions of creating a more sustainable home, shopping only organic and reducing our waste. And what usually happens? These resolutions fall by the wayside.

Why? Because, it can be too much!

The problem with greening our entire life is there can be too many options and tasks for an overnight transformation. We shouldn’t feel  guilty because we weren’t able to stick to our laundry list of resolutions.

So this Earth Day, break the pattern. Pick one small area to focus on that’s an attainable goal you can commit to and stick with it. The sum total of these simple and attainable resolutions will outdo the effect the forgotten resolutions have yielded in years past.

Remember, it’s not a resolution, it’s evolution! Start to slowly evolve the practices in your daily routine and you’ll find living a greener life to be more attainable and within your reach.

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Evolution, Not Resolution

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