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Hypoallergenic Mineral Makeup: Allergy-Free and Beautiful

Best Hypoallergenic Makeup

Are you still on the search for the best hypoallergenic makeup for your sensitive skin? Having sensitive, allergy-prone skin is hard. You must always be careful about the products you’re using on your skin to prevent painful and embarrassing reactions. You’ve probably also spent hours staring at labels trying to decode the long list of chemical names to determine if it will be safe for your reactive body.

 You are not alone. Many women suffer through symptoms like redness, itching, burning, swelling, and breakouts when using certain makeup products. It’s not unusual for many to become so frustrated that they stop wearing makeup entirely. You don’t have to restrict yourself to that kind of lifestyle anymore. There are natural makeup brands that formulate hypoallergenicly with your sensitive skin in mind.

 Hypoallergenic Makeup  

 Your skin is your body’s largest organ. When it comes to makeup, foundation is the cornerstone for most women’s makeup look. Many of the most popular traditionally formulated makeup brands include a long list of synthetic chemicals and potentially irritating preservatives. They may even use natural botanical extracts that could be fine for a more resilient consumer, but can provoke a reaction in someone with more sensitive skin.

 For people with allergies, a single application can set off painful reactions. What’s worse, your body absorbs a certain amount of the product you put on your skin, so your symptoms could possibly reach beyond surface irritation.

 Hypoallergenic mineral foundation such as Infused Mineral Foundations that are free of Talc, Bismuth oxychloride and Aluminum are the best way to get the coverage you need without the adverse side effects of a traditional foundation with a longer ingredient list to discern.
Another wonderful benefit of mineral foundation is how much money you will save. First and foremost, you’ll be able to stop shopping around for other brands that don’t irritate your allergies. Second, mineral makeup never dries out and doesn’t go bad as quickly because it’s in powder form.

 Hypoallergenic Eye Makeup 

 Even if you can tolerate most traditional foundations, your eyes may be especially sensitive. The skin on the eyelids is thinner than anywhere else on the body, and the eyes themselves are very delicate. Applying products with synthetic chemicals and preservatives can cause redness, dry eyes, watering eyes, and even discharge. Not only do those ingredients irritate the eyes, once applied, those chemical ingredients go through a process of “gassing-off” which means that the chemicals in your cosmetic are releasing chemical gasses right into your eyes. This gas-off process is often the origin of many eye irritations.

 Your vision is very important, so you want to keep your eyes as safe as possible. Choosing a hypoallergenic natural mineral eye makeup is a great way to do so. You’ll get natural pigment without risking irritation.

 Another benefit of hypoallergenic mineral eye makeup? It provides pure pigments. A truly hypoallergenic mineral makeup is made of natural pigments and never uses synthetic FD&C or Lake Dyes. You get gorgeous, unaltered color that will stand out in a crowd without dipping into a pool of synthetic dyes and colorants.

 Hypoallergenic mineral eye makeup is also a wonderful choice if you have daughters who like to play with beauty products. Because the eyeshadows, liners, and mascaras are so gentle, you can let kids share in the fun without worrying about them having adverse reactions as their bodies, endocrine and immune systems develop.

 Allergy-Free Lips

 Mineral makeup isn’t restricted to foundation and eyeshadow anymore. You can also enjoy the same incredible look and benefits for your lips with hypoallergenic lip makeup! The best thing about these natural choices is that they include an all-natural, smaller ingredient list that even eliminates many natural ingredients that may be known irritants. This attention and sensitivity to formulation detail, considering the specific concerns and needs of reactive customers, is what a truly hypoallergenic makeup brand does.

 Other Hypoallergenic Makeup Products

 Mineral makeup has a lot of choices to offer these days. You can do a full face with natural, hypoallergenic products. Regardless of which hypoallergenic natural makeup brand you choose, be sure to look for the following ingredients on your ingredient list and avoid products that include these ingredients all together.

  • Quaternium-15
  • Sulfates / SLS
  • Bismuth oxychloride
  • Fragrance/Parfum
  • FD&C and Lake Dyes
  • PEG

 You don’t need to let your sensitive and allergy prone skin keep you from enjoying the artistry and fun of makeup. With a few smart purchases you’ll be able to put your best face forward (literally!) without worrying about painful or embarrassing reactions.

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