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How to Apply: Natural Calm Cover Concealer

Natural Calm Cover Concealer Makeup Application Tutorial Video

In this video, I’m going to show you how to use our very special redness color corrector concealer, our Infused Calm Cover: Balancing Redness Solution.

This concealer is a highly concentrated loose powder, with a special yellow tint that literally cancels out the appearance of redness caused by irritation, acne, and rosacea.  

Think of it as color therapy for those red, irritated, angry patches of your face.

This natural powder concealer contains Zinc oxide, organic tamarind extract and gluten-free, natural vitamin E,  to create the appearance of calmer, smoother and less inflamed skin by reducing the physical appearance of redness through color correction.   

It’s the combination of the Zinc oxide which adds coverage and the natural, light yellow pigment helps cancel out this appearance of redness in lighter skin tones.

Before you dive into your makeup application…

Pause for a moment.

The act of applying makeup can be the perfect moment for mindfulness and self-love.

Before you begin to apply your Infused Calm Cover… close your eyes and take a deep breath…. and as you take that breath fill your body with the awareness of your magnetic, beautiful being.

As you slowly exhale… imagine that you’re are exhaling that beauty that’s inside of you into the entire world.

Our makeup is all about play and accentuating the positive of YOUR natural beauty.

As you apply your Infused Calm Cover to those areas you wish you didn’t see… thank your body for everything it does to support you,

and send lots of love and gratitude to the area that you are gently concealing.

Ok – let’s get started!

Now, start with a clean, moisturized face.

Make sure that your moisturizer has fully absorbed into your skin before you begin your makeup application.

If your face is damp, it will be hard to apply and blend the powder… and the overall look will be muddy.

Tap out a fingernail amount of powder into the natural Calm Cover concealer cap.

Dip your Afterglow Vegan Concealer Brush into the powder and directly apply to the areas of your face with redness.

I don’t have rosacea in this video, so I’m applying my natural Calm Cover concealer to my acne red spots and a few broken blood vessels on my cheeks and around my nose.

If you have rosacea, apply the Infused Calm Cover directly to all affected areas.

Since my little challenge is acne, and the visible redness during the healing process, I generally spot apply all areas of my face first and then circle back to blend them with my concealer brush.

If you’re applying with a concealer brush you can very gently blend the edges of the spot concealed with the brush.

If you have larger areas of redness on the cheeks or nose, you may also use our Afterglow Vegan Kabuki Brush to apply the Infused Calm Cover for greater all-over coverage.

I’m also going to apply my natural Calm Cover concealer with our Vegan Kabuki Brush to some reddish acne scars I have on my jawline and neck.

I would also suggest experimenting with brightening up around your nose and the corners of your mouth as well.

Brightening up those areas around your nose and mouth can set the stage for a much more even complexion and polished final look.

Now that we’ve calmed down all that redness, you can move onto the next step!  

Foundation is an important follow-up step to achieving an even skin tone.  

Get that perfect, natural glow by applying our Afterglow Infused Mineral Foundation next!

Thanks for watching!

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