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Kristin’s Saturday 7 – 18 Feb 17

Kristin's Saturday 7

Hey Beautiful!

Here’s my list of little treasures I’ve uncovered recently that are making me happy, healthy, and more beautiful inside and out this week. Please note that some of the links below may randomly be affiliates. Enjoy!

1. Addressing Dry Lips from the Inside – I’ll be the first to admit that a lip balm will not cure your chronic dry lips. I say this even though we make an amazing, luxury organic lip balm. Regardless of the brand, lip balm simply soothes the superficial manifestation of your dry lips… but it doesn’t cure it. I’ve noticed that since I went on my hormone shifting diet guided by the amazing online program, Cooking for Balance by Magdalena Wszelaki, all my “dry issues” have disappeared. I attribute this to eating more healthy fats and healing my gut, which has allowed me to fully absorb more nutrients.

2. Podcast That’s Inspiring Me – Dear Sugar: How Do I Find The Courage To Be My Own Guide?

3. Falling in Love with Hemp – If you haven’t started using hemp hearts (aka hemp seeds) and hemp milk as an upgraded, healthy alternative to dairy and nut milk, they are worth trying. Gluten-free, sugar-free and nut-free, hemp hearts and hemp milk are mild in flavor and their benefits exceed the benefits of many other proteins. In fact, hemp’s a complete protein, and provides more digestible protein than eggs, cheese and meat. They are insanely nutritious and rich in Vitamin E, healthy fats and minerals. If my comment about being “dry on the inside” resonated with you, you may be interested to know that they’re also an excellent source of essential fatty acids including the perfect balance of Omega 3, 6 and GLA. Even though hemp is associated with its medicinal cousin, marijuana, commercial hemp has undetectable amounts of THC and is legal to consume in every state in the USA. I get my hemp milk from Whole Foods and my organic hemp hearts for my smoothies and salads here.

4. Quote I’m Integrating – “Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror.” – Byron Katie

5. Radical thought I’m Having – It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.

6. Feeling the Love Every year we hold a Love Letters Contest asking you to write a love letter to your favorite Afterglow product for Valentine’s Day. The first 100 thoughtful entries automatically win a full size product. We choose ten love letters that kept us blushing to win $100 gift certificates. We love hearing your stories and seeing your beautiful creativity shine through. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  We will be announcing the winners and their letters over the next few weeks. Here’s the first winner…

7. Love Letter Winner #1 

Dear Shortcake (under eye concealer),

You are my love, my light for the darkness under my eyes. All those late nights up doing homework or sick from Celiac, you are right there to comfort my tired eyes. My eyes brighten as soon as you touch my skin with your silky presence. So soft, gentle and beautiful.

My days brighten when I know I can count on you, my shortcake, to put the light on the dark so my preschool students are not scared.

I can also count on you to be easy on my eyes and prevent me from getting sick. You are not like the other concealers, oh no, you don’t hide your ingredients and you are faithful all day helping me look my best. Other concealers boast of natural ingredients but you don’t have to boast. The proof is immediate, right when you are under my eye.

I know being gluten free, like me, we will always be great together in any kind of weather. I tell my gluten free group about you because I know they would love you like I do. I shout out to the world how much I love you because I want everyone else to know how lovely you are.

My shortcake, I can never do without you. One day without you would be miserable which is why I keep you close to my makeup bag. You will always be near me and I near you.

Shortcake, thank you for holding my hand through the darkness under my eye. Thank you for lighting up my life.

With much love, 

Christina Griffin aka Your Valentine   

Check out the love of which she writes here.

Thanks for staying present!

Love & Light,

CEO & Founder | Afterglow Cosmetics

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