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Kristin’s Saturday 7 – 4 Mar 17

Kristin's Saturday 7

Hey Beautiful!

Here’s my list of little treasures I’ve uncovered recently that are making me happy, healthy, and more beautiful inside and out this week. Please note that some of the links below may randomly be affiliates. Enjoy!

1. Gracefully receiving and gifting compliments – When someone gives you a compliment it’s a gift. Why don’t we receive compliments as the gifts they are? How many times have you rejected a compliment by minimizing it or denying the amazing observation of an aspect that is YOU?  What would it take for you to gift and receive compliments with pure intentioned love for yourself and others?

2. Why Thinking You’re Ugly is Bad for You – This video. As women we can all participate in shifting this for every generation.

3. Diversifying my healthy lunch menu with – Nori! I’m always looking for a new way to mix up my lunch menu. I’ve found nori sheets (the same stuff your sushi rolls use) help me make the most delicious rolls with what I have in my fridge. I make a filling of the random veggies I have on hand, and dress it with avocado, ferments, chicken or fish if you eat meat, sprouts and a drizzle of toasted sesame seed oil and red onion. You can get nori sheets in the Asian food isle at many grocery stores or here online.

4. Quote I’m Integrating – “Cada patada en el culo es un paso ‘pa delante.” (Every kick in the ass is a step forward.)

5. Radical Thought I’m Having – I can reinvent the best version of me in every moment. I’m continuing to ask myself, “Who do I want to be in this moment? What is my most helpful response?”

6. Natural Makeup Product I’m Loving The unseasonably warm weather has inspired me to break out my favorite shade of Organic Infused Glow Bronzer, Exotic.  In celebration of the warmth… I’m applying liberally! This is an amazing shade if you’re pale to medium skin toned and looking to naturally add more true warmth and sunny highlights to your complexion.

7. Love Letter Winner #2 – Here’s our second grand prize winner of our Love Letter contest. Thank you Christina!

❤️ Love at Fist Sight ❤️
Infused with botanicals,
you blend right in.
Allowing MY beauty
to shine from within.
And, your natural sunblock?
Well, it’s a No Brainer!!
For, I live in the desert?
And SPF keeps me saner.
I ❤️ you, Organic Infused Foundation!
My heart and face are yours!!!

– Christina

Check out the love of which she writes here.

Thanks for staying present!

Love & Light,

CEO & Founder | Afterglow Cosmetics

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