Here’s a hint to our secret!

  Hello again! In my last videos I mentioned I had a really big secret, but I’m not going to tell you what it is just yet. I’m just going to tease you a bit more. Have you heard of a class of herbs called adaptogens? You may be familiar with licorice root extract, holy […]

I Have A Secret!

  I’m appearing in your inbox today to let you know I’m going to make a big announcement in seven short days! This announcement will take your beauty routine to the next level. This has been my passion project over the last two years and I’m so excited to be days away from sharing it […]

Makeup as an Extension of Skin Care

  I’m on my way to see Maroon 5 live in concert and I just thought I’d share my makeup routine day dreaming with you! It’s hot outside here in North Carolina. With temperatures still in the 80s, it’s hard to think about the upcoming temperature change, but it’s inevitable. What does that mean for […]

Kristin’s Insider Secrets Professional-Grade Vegan Brushes

Kristin’s Insider Secrets: Professional-Grade Vegan Brushes

  Here’s a makeup artist secret that can mean the difference between a so-so application experience and a beautiful one… regardless of the makeup you use. What makes the difference? The quality of the brushes you’re applying it with! Regardless of the makeup product, the higher quality your brushes the better they will pickup, apply […]

Random Acts of Beauty Adventure

Random Acts of Beauty Adventure

Happy Earth Day! Here at Afterglow Cosmetics we’ve been celebrating this entire month with the launch of a new sustainable partnership and an eco option for eye shadows! But through it all we weren’t too busy to take our Earth Day efforts outside our office! Watch our video to see our team’s Random Acts of […]

Your Skin's Favorite Succulent

Your Skin’s Favorite Succulent!

The aloe vera plant is rich in nutrients and has an extensive history in skin care and cosmetics. It is said notable Egyptians including Cleopatra and Nefertiti used aloe vera to protect their skin from the sun and to maintain their skin’s health.   So what’s all the fuss about this succulent plant? Aloe vera gel is […]

Easy Meditation

Easy Meditation

A few of us here at Afterglow agree our first inkling of meditation and its power came from the 1984 movie The Karate Kid. “Better learn balance,” Mr. Miyagi says. “Balance is key. Balance good, karate good. Everything good. Balance bad, better pack up. Go home. Lesson not just karate only. Lesson for whole life.” […]

Sugar Not So Sweet

Sugar: Not So Sweet

What’s the saying? You’re as sweet as sugar? But is sugar acting sweet to our bodies? Currently, the average American’s diet consists of nearly 22 tsp. of added sugar per day, roughly 355 calories. The American Heart Association guidelines suggest that women should not consume more than 6 tsp. of added sugar per day, while […]

Remember to Use Rosemary

Remember to Use Rosemary

During Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia says, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance: pray you love, remember.” This beautiful quote illustrates the belief that rosemary has long been thought to improve memory. But did you know it can also work wonders on rejuvenating your skin? Due to its high content of carnosic acid and carnosol, this extract has strong […]

Don't know about nanos?

Don’t know about nanos?

How does the old adage go? The smaller the better? Not when it comes to the particle size in your beauty products! We’re always asked to explain what nano particles are and why we refuse to use them in our formulas. So here it is… the big dish on the tiny particle. First let’s explain […]

A Greener I Do

A Greener “I Do!”

With Spring just around the corner and the onslaught of wedding-season-wonder right behind it, eco brides-to-be comb through magazines, Pinterest and blogs to find the perfect eco necessities for the perfect green wedding. But why isn’t the eco wedding planning process as simple as “My Pinterest Wedding”? Fortunately for you, Eco Bride, you’ve come to […]

Pitching Your Old Products

Pitching Your Old Products!

It’s never too early to start your spring cleaning. As much as we may dread the task, we can’t deny the feeling of accomplishment is intoxicating.  So let’s not put it off any longer! This year, don’t stop your cleaning assault before you reach your bathroom! Do your beauty routine a favor and check in […]

Afterglow's ABC of Cosmetics

Afterglow’s ABC of Cosmetics

Antioxidant Rich: Expect more from your makeup. It should improve your skin much like a skin care product. That’s why we infuse powerful antioxidants into each of our products, which help to nourish, balance, improve tone, and reduce the signs of aging. Bismuth Oxychloride: A bio-cumulative metal that can be found in most mineral cosmetic […]

Kristin's Skin Care Recommendation

Kristin’s Skin Care Recommendation

As Afterglow’s CEO and Founder I’m constantly asked for my organic/gluten-free skin care recommendations, so I thought I’d take a second to tell you about Exuberance Beauty, an organic and gluten free skin care brand I’m really loving right now. Exuberance is based in Canada but they ship to the USA. It’s extremely fast and […]

Go Kindle Go Green

Go Kindle Go Green!

Do you ever watch a commercial and just fall in love with it? My guess is that a lot of people do. Right now we’re obsessed with the Kindle commercials. This particular commercial (above) grabbed our attention because it united three of our favorite things; being outside, reading, and being smoking hot! After having seen […]

Natural Male Care Products

Natural Male Care Products

Women aren’t the only gender seeking to lead a more natural, healthy lifestyle; men are catching on to the benefits of organic products and practices as well. But sometimes they need a women’s help, so here are a few tips for you women for your men. Skincare For Athletes This skincare line is designed to […]

Don't Gloss Over Details

Don’t Gloss Over Details

After two long years of research and development we’re proud to announce our new Organic Hydra Gloss formula has launched! We’re going to be perfectly honest; lip gloss is a hard natural product to produce. The laundry list of petro chemicals and synthetics used in traditional lip gloss is long and sorted. For the most […]

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Greening your makeup routine was easy. We know this because you found Afterglow! But greening your home cleaning routine can be a touch more difficult. So we’re bringing you some great natural cleaning tips and recipes from one of our favorite blogs, The Daily Green! Visit Cleaning Surfaces: Avoid bleach altogether. Instead mix 2 […]

Eco Baby Advice From An Afterglow Expert

Eco Baby Advice From An Afterglow Expert!

By Brittnie Skinner, Sales Executive and Licensed Esthetician Last Thanksgiving I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl. Working at Afterglow Cosmetics I’ve learned the in’s and out’s of natural and organic products, so you better believe my baby was about to get the same eco luxury my skin gets! I’m happy to […]

Face Forward to Fall 2011

Face Forward to Fall 2011

By Jen Murphy, Makeup Artist Straight from the runway, the Fall 2011 fashion season incorporates some beautiful makeup looks to complement its beautiful clothes. From the retro-styling of Jean Charles de Castelbajac, to the futurism of Alexander McQueen, Fall 2011 makeup is all about the interplay of light and drama. Pale faces with a focus […]

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