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Why We’re Taking 2 Weeks Off…

Even though we are a makeup company, there are three subjects more important to us than makeup….   Happiness, health, and sustainability take the (gluten-free) cake at Afterglow… because we know that there is no amount of makeup that can make you calm and glowing the way taking time to truly relax and reconnect with…Read More »

Is There Beetle Juice in Your Cosmetics?

It’s highly likely that some of your cosmetics have bugs in them, intentionally. I’m talking specifically about the extract from one little critter called a Cochineal beetle. This beetle extract is used in both traditional (petroleum-based) and natural makeup for the brilliant, cool-toned pinks and reds it imparts. This buggy dye is generally referred to…Read More »

Rejection Isn’t so Bad

Written by: Kristin Adams, Founder & CEO It’s hard not to take rejection personally.  We do take it very personally…in a good way. Here at Afterglow Cosmetics, we have a 30-day open container return policy, which means our customers may open and use their product and return it up to 30-days later if they’re not…Read More »

How to Hug a Tree

How To Hug A Tree By Afterglow Founder Kristin Adams Two summers ago, my dear friend and I went on a 500+ mile epic hike called Camino de Santiago across Spain.  We started on the French side of the Pyrenees Mountains in Saint Jean Pied de Port, hiked up and over the Pyrenees mountain range,…Read More »


Bamboo-zled By Afterglow Founder Kristin Adams Bamboo cosmetic containers have become really popular lately.  The suggestion often comes up that I should consider using bamboo cosmetic containers instead of the recyclable plastics we currently use. While I really do appreciate the sentiment, and the intent behind the request, it simultaneously makes me cringe. When I…Read More »

A Greener “I Do!”

With Spring just around the corner and the onslaught of wedding-season-wonder right behind it, eco brides-to-be comb through magazines, Pinterest and blogs to find the perfect eco necessities for the perfect green wedding. But why isn’t the eco wedding planning process as simple as “My Pinterest Wedding”? Fortunately for you, Eco Bride, you’ve come to…Read More »

Afterglow’s ABC of Cosmetics

Antioxidant Rich: Expect more from your makeup. It should improve your skin much like a skin care product. That’s why we infuse powerful antioxidants into each of our products, which help to nourish, balance, improve tone, and reduce the signs of aging. Bismuth Oxychloride: A bio-cumulative metal that can be found in most mineral cosmetic…Read More »

Go Kindle Go Green!

Do you ever watch a commercial and just fall in love with it? My guess is that a lot of people do. Right now we’re obsessed with the Kindle commercials. This particular commercial (above) grabbed our attention because it united three of our favorite things; being outside, reading, and being smoking hot! After having seen…Read More »

Green Cleaning

Greening your makeup routine was easy. We know this because you found Afterglow! But greening your home cleaning routine can be a touch more difficult. So we’re bringing you some great natural cleaning tips and recipes from one of our favorite blogs, The Daily Green! Visit Cleaning Surfaces: Avoid bleach altogether. Instead mix 2…Read More »

The Eco Expert’s Picks!

Fabulous products approved by the strict standards of Afterglow’s CEO and Founder Kristin Adams, and her team of Eco Experts. Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry Scrub from Pangea OrganicsIt may smell yummy and be natural, but we wouldn’t suggest eating it. However, this product is wonderful when applied to the skin. Suitable for…Read More »